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CM is an amazing place.
Well if you take a look at that other thread... $30 Fedex fees result in complete ruination.
They make an XL. Source: I tried on an XL.
Style regression: coat (or knit) + T + jeans + boots every day for me this winter.
Hmmm any hopes for a camel kinda chesterfield or coat similar to the older LBM but not casentino?
2010's wash?
The patch bomber fit me pretty weirdly FWIW. Really long sleeves and cropped. I also have a much older S/S weight bomber (50) that fits well except for slightly long sleeves. I wear 48 or 50 in most Geller stuff.
I sold my roughout Vibergs. I still have my suede Virgils. They're nice, but I picked the Virgils. Also have the latest kangaroo virgils.
Unless you upload to the site early EST and I lose out!
New Posts  All Forums: