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I mean, they're no Miele or Riccar...
I mean they pretty clearly steal from some much larger brands, so who knows.
There's a lightly used VC for sale that I'm very tempted to pull the trigger on. It's more than 40% off of retail price...
https://www.instagram.com/p/BIEGImxgFKe/?hl=en Zara stealing from some independent artist and then saying that the artist isn't famous enough to matter. Should be interesting to see how this plays out.
This is true. Buy some random scrap leather and problem solved...
The SF consumer cycle: wow this item is awesome! oh wait, retail on it is a lot not awesome enough to buy it at retail not awesome enough to buy it at first round of sales wait, how come nobody stocks the more "interesting" stuff anymore?!? Not directed at anyone in particular. The difference between Geller shows and stock in stores seems like a good example though. Pre-orders seem to be helping all parties a bit, but I don't know if that's sustainable.
Someone asked if they could price match/return with free shipping a final sale item that they already wore out?
Drew had some nice 5 zip fits
Trying to put something together for the Stylefarmer IG. I was thinking that I'd try to pick "best of" fits and then some fits that include SW&D iconic items. Sifting through mountains of fits, but I was thinking of including some or all of the following: 5-zip Schneider merino SNS stark or Ervell pocket sweater Margiela GAT or CP achiles (heh) Rick stooges or scuba or dunks Miharayasuhiro rose camo RG brick bomber Helmut Lang bondage (either pants or a vest or bomber) OL...
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