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Stop posting those dada abominations, thanks. All Saints is like a quasi goth drapy Forever 21.
That sounds awful.
Infrared 6s would be nice still, or just get another pair of SLPs/Balenciaga... nevermind no more baller sneakers for a bit.
Both of those colors are restocking at select boutiques at the end of the month.
anything more than 15-20% over retail and I'd rather just get some actual quality shoes.
TIL royals selling for $650 at Flight Club.
Orly? I'll have to check. ETA: can't find there's a DKRSHDW one with a "slight tear" in the lining NWT on E-bay. Also, there's this
Dibs if you pass!
Finishline too right? Eastbay is awful from my limited experience, site goes down hard.
Holy shit. Too bad I'll be in Napa. Wanna kop for me? Royals, breds, 6s in 9.5 pls - that order of priority. Wishful thinking- I know.
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