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Probably tried on in store or returned. There's not many units left, so it's probably going to be a take it or leave it situation.
Surpass wool even?
Regarding the non-technical Master Piece backpacks... how will they handle some light rain? May be carrying a laptop.
All of the stuff you're seeing is from Hedi or his team. SS '17 will be repeats as a transition.
Wait, @Noctone is from the bay??
Material and construction in most fashion items is pretty shit. That's ok - I would hope that most buy while knowing this. If they pass a minimum threshold and I truly like the item I'll buy. YMMV.
When's the deadline? Might have to get that beige shirt.
Some of the boots didn't even have real welting
Vass construction >>> SLP construction, but it's not like any of my SLP boots have fallen apart. Disclaimer: I topy + heel tap every pair immediately.
Color and pricing
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