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I dont think we can get enough people to agree on a makeup and commit to actually ordering.
I still want a camel Lang coat like the one @ghostface has.
Those look like a different last than the usual sidezips. Report back when you receive them?
MargielaETA: details [[SPOILER]]
I've kind of avoided trying those flannels on becuase I think I'll want one and that's stupid money to pay for that kind of shirt.
They have Helion Openstack etc, but yeah.
There's already quite a few brands making cheap approximations of Viberg/Visvim footwear.
B!CD, I doubt Everlane will ever make a blazer for you to add to your collection.
HP has a lot of more conservative enterprise clients. Shrug.
Pretty sure CM is several orders of magnitude bigger than SW&D whether it's about readers, B&S, etc. PS I know some people who work at nastygal (0) and they've been there for quite some time now FWIW.
New Posts  All Forums: