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@Synthese, maybe I misremember, but I recall you mentioning something about a comparison to Harnden way back when all of this was first teased.
I have a Drake's navy pindot shantung tie that I like. (I also picked it up in black). Either wears just fine IMO with a medium gray suit (I don't own a light gray).
With Vass oxfords? AS? Also, when clicking the UPS tracking code in e-mails, I get the below error. Finally, this gave me a bit of a sad. A late UPS trailer arrival has caused a delay. We're adjusting plans to deliver your package as quickly as possible.
Olive homespun? Would love to see a better pic... is this a case of kop blindly via the phone? Should be priced similar to the brown homespun in the low $500s?
FTFY. PC master race.
Radioshack is probably going under. They have less than $100 million left in the bank... something like $6000 for every store.
I dunno, it's always struck me as a "okay" Michelin starred restaurant. Like an old standby? I dunno. Ms. CWI got reservations for my upcoming birthday. They're on the same reservation schedule as French Laundry...
Gary Danko this weekend. As a lifetime bay area resident, I've never been - kind of gone out of my way to avoid it TBH. Anyone been recently? I'll probably pick a 3 items a la carte as the reservation is late in the evening. http://www.garydanko.com/flash/menu_print.html If I'm really missing out on the tasting menu, I'm not opposed, but yeah. The wine list is also highway robbery, so I'll probably just bring some champagne and call it a day.
So uhhhh Gary Danko this weekend. For a lifetime Bay Area resident, I've actually gone out of my way to avoid this particular place in favor of the many other options in the city and its surrounding areas. Anyone have recommendations? Late reservation, so I'll probably opt for 3 courses a la carte. Their wine list is borderline highway robbery, so I'll probably just bring a bottle of bubbly and call it a day.
I'm not terribly impressed, but then again, I don't use Apple products to begin with. Source: I have people working at Apple who have them already so I got to take a looky see.
New Posts  All Forums: