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Can't wait for the herringbone peacoat to be done. There's still a duffle left in my size too
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MHL turtleneck
MHL/ts(s) textural interest
@penanceroyaltea New Zealand. Wore ts(s) charcoal today. Thanks @conceptual 4est, @willy cheesesteak, @gdl203. Really versatile jacket, especially when packing relatively light. NR would've been good for this trip
Left a sweltering SFO like that. No room in luggage for merino.Scheider/Ervell/JE/CP
Belated airport fit. Bunch of SWD classics.
Rick stuff would probably draw SWD interest depending on model.
The online store is a seperate (Yoox) entity FWIW.
Gonna be nonstop rain for my trip. No idea what shoes to bring. probably not the Visvim boots. Margiela rubber soles camper side zips I guess?
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