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Regis, the Scarface mansion is for sale. Go forth and kop. PS I remember the first time I heard that I'm the same height as SvB. It still blows my mind.
This actually exists. There's also a thread in CM about it I think, generally critiquing the awful fit and cut of various items.
Well, they have your billing information - I'm sure it can be arranged once the money clears.
http://i.imgur.com/3MBC1LW.gifvThe .gif is too big.
Someone rec a lightweight baller duvet or comforter for moderate bay area climes. Light down blanket that doesn't shed like crazy?
! What was available on the sheet front?
Want. So. Badly. (in pretty much any of its iterations)
Need Rach pics in OG Helmut Lang and Jil. For some reason I periodically forget about your mentions of old designer stuff and often associate you more with CM.
When not posting fits, a quarter zip + popped polo collar + square toed shoe wearing protector.
It's a running joke. The GM of my company will give me shit from time to time for dressing too casually - often times invoking some "rule" about how I should be dressing instead. One involved collared shirts (which I pretty much wear M-Th now, with the occasional knit mixed in). Meanwhile... company shirts and square toed Rockports or whatever.
New Posts  All Forums: