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To be fair, the old Rolex triple calendars and chronographs are painfully more beautiful than anything they're making today.
Santa Clara County median house price $1 million. San Mateo County median house price $1.2 million. Vintage watch bubble, vintage car bubble, etc.- a majority of those buyers/traders will be just fine. Every time a recession hits, tons of studies/articles come out showing that people will skimp on the little things and still spend on luxury items when possible.
I really wish this didn't cost quite so much. Will have to go the 47111 route.
Sales associate. Bonus tip: work consistently with (only) the same person.
You shouldn't ever request to see the buy book and you really shouldn't post it anywhere. Boutique private pre-sale events are already happening and people should be able to put deposits on items. How do you get access to this? There's no secret society, just buy from your SA and don't be a dick.
No, those go in the marketplace.
@Fycus how are you liking the Kapital?
If someone here picked up that 103 from Grilled and doesn't like it, let me know.
If your size is available and you're happy with the current price, does it matter if it might get a bit cheaper?
Niche florals are awesome. I have 2.
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