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F5ing intensifies.
MMM GATs are by far and away the most comfortable sneakers I have ever owned. Even my nubuck ones have held up pretty well over the last 2+ years. Good enough for me for sneakers. My CP tournament lows are indestructible. Coachella, raves, whatever.
I went TTS. Some people size down, YMMV. I like a little wiggle room and I don't wear super thick socks with these.
I don't think most people outside of hardcore Ep customers see those particular Ep products and think must have. They turn to it after not being able to afford/buy before selling out the "luxe" versions. For white and other safe colors YMMV. Get whatever you like as long as you truly like it
Epaulet is joining the "cheaper approximations of X" model pretty fierce. I dunno, I like all the work basics and suiting, but with clothes they have the kamigata (Aka vis lhama knockoff) and I guess women's has splattered clutch a la Margiela. Now they got the CP/Gat/whatever else. You're generally better off just buying what you wanted in the first place.
FWIW @DLester, you'd rock it just fine.
Someone else here had one for sale and reached out to me. Feel free to kop that one from e-bay!
Margiela, silk.
Nice fit.
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