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Not sure if trolling or never been part of an online community before...
Bathroom pics continue. VISVIM/Epx2/CP
I want a dope camel toned coat.
Sorry for advertisement is becoming this forum's version of "no offense".
MAC and Archive would be worth a look for @nicelynice I think. Food is better than the shopping though for sure.
You can apply this logic to many industries. Cars, guns, etc. Attention to detail, even when it may not be seen/used is worth paying a premium for. It won't magically change your mind if you don't love it otherwise, but it matters when you get into top tier products.
Is there really more of a market for OCBDS or other non-fashunz button down shirts? If I need beaters I go to Uniqlo. If I want something dressier I go to Kamakura. Beefier I go to WvG or Epaulet or BBBF. Baller I go to Thom Browne or CM brands (the Mazzarelli shirts I picked up from NMWA are noticeably nicer than anything else I own shirt wise). Don't even bother with Gitman or BoO anymore.
Saint Laurent did something similar this season too.
The bummy bathroom pic parade continues. Inverallan/WvG/JE/MMM.
To clarify: of course there's tons of restaurants doing various riffs on poutine - I was referring to a "legitimate" Canadian import.
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