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Anywhere have a decent selection of MasterPiece (or similarly interesting non-full leather) backpacks on discount?
DBF coach jacket? And how to size it?
How great would it be if you were out here in the bay area instead of NYC right now and having a trunk show?? It's nearly 80 today...
@beepbop coming through with the protagonist (tm) coat.
I have 5 pairs of SLP boots. 3 different sizes total. It's a crapshoot.
IIRC the logo is embroidered. Also pretty sure most of the men's stuff is still being done by Hedi's old team.
plus calf L17
Kinda wish the hospital coat was longer a la Visvim Mies. Still looks nice though - might get more wear out of it than the ring coat. It's already pushing 70 F here...
IIT a lot of people with distorted ideas of what constitutes formal clothing. I really hope JE goes full on wide leg or flares just for the tears and rage.
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