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Crummy pic, but it's been a while. SS/JE/MMM
No, they're all gone. Nothing to see here.
Prorsum is more interesting anyway.
MAC in San Francisco carries Dries, but you'll have to call in orders. Haven't stopped in for a while, so not sure what their buy looked like.
Hey Mike, I don't follow this thread as much as I used to, but all my suiting + various pants/shirts are still going strong and I've been happy with all of my Ep stuff... "A lot of our initial sales were from guys who wanted "the look" at a cheaper price." and "Being a cheaper version of other things is not a sustainable model - at least not for a small business. There will always be someone who can be cheaper than you. You have to be special and create things that...
Just strikes me as odd that you need to wear a tie, but are wearing sneakers? I figured you would be in pre-long weekend casual mode, even at the office. If you must wear a collared shirt, I think still think white is a better choice.
Stanley, y u no t-shirt instead OCBD + tie?? Or a poplin white shirt with top 2 buttons undone?
Price includes CONUS shipping. They are brand new and unworn. Slightly tight on me and they probably won't get that much wear considering my current rotation of boots. About sizing: I am usually a US9 in most things, but I prefer a bit of room in my footwear. I have 42 in CP tournament and achilles lows, 42.5/43 in MMM sneakers of various types, 42 in MMM side zips, 42 in SLP boots and sneakers etc. YMMV
They're not a bad shoe, but to say you will replace your MMM/CP/SLP/Raf/whatever with it is kind of silly.
Stingray is pretty cool, although I've only ever seen it on small leather goods (sheaths, holsters, belts, mag holders).
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