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There's a shearling 5-zip for
This Regis knit showed up back on Yoox.
If you want something and your size is available, buy it. If not, don't whine when it's gone when some kid running scripts to check for sale updates kops your jawn at 4AM while you're sleeping (and saves 10% more).
I remember you bought the last one on Yoox in our size.
I won't be allowed to wear T-shirts to work anymore. Sad story, I know.
Was just really oddly proportioned. I'm 5 ft 9ish and 155, typically EU50 in fashion stuff.
15/16 is a bit heavy for Silicon Valley weather isn't it (ie Mountain View, San Jose, etc.)? I handled a few options at the trunk show, which were all quite nice.
Some things go down in price. Some things go up in price. Nashville shirts are becoming part of permanent collection.
I think I might put SW kops on hold for a bit to pick up a Formosa suit. Now the question becomes which.
New Posts  All Forums: