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I'd be surprised if there were any significant discounts barring samples or overstock items, just based on brand positioning etc., but who knows. Anyway, x-post from Friday WAYWT. Nimbus wash.
Just buy Uniqlo and call it a day in that budget. Maybe if your body type is such that it happens to fit Brooks Brothers, you might find a few decent options during corporate sale times. $500 is a no mans land when it comes to suiting... waiting for a lucky e-bay thrift find is not sustainable.
The private sale ended. I don't think there's an active code.
It's mostly because of the hordes of affiliate link spammers.
I don't really love the shirt collar shape with the jacket, but colors etc.are nice. Furniture score > the clothing.
I go for a half cup or so? Baking soda should work too. Just be careful not to get whatever you use on your clothing. ETA: these are awesome and are probably much better made than any fashion equivalent inc DH.
Good chance to pick up Hender Scheme AF1's if you're into that.
Hm almost out of Tuscan Leather. Should I add something new to the rotation or replace? Also have Creed Aventus (yeah yeah I know), Chanel Sycomore and a few Mona Di Orio decants.
Find a spare dry cleaning bag. Place garment on hanger inside the bag and lie flat. Carefully add some activated charcoal or coffee grounds to the bottom opening area. Seal shut with tape. Hang up for a day or two, then air out. Sort of depends on the origin/nature of the odor without getting too gross. The above method is my go-to for cigarette smoke / food odors (provided not coming from grease or spills directly onto the clothing).
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