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@1969 how'd you size it? I'm a 48 in Formosa and a 50 in most Geller/SW&D stuff.
I had the long version (40L IIRC) and I ended up selling it for fit reasons. I'm slightly shorter than eazye.
Hmm I need more warm weather lightweight outerwear/shackets. Camoshita PJ perhaps?
Went to Uniqlo for the first time in a while to stock up on some random beater stuff for vacation/work. Somehow ended up spending $150. I regret nothing. What I came for: White linen shirt (these are super underrated for summer) Dry active (or whatever they're called) shorts A bunch of no-show socks What I picked up in addition to the above: Liberty x Uniqlo shirt Keith Haring T Dark blue lightweight water resistant parka Also, I really regret not picking up the Dior...
Bad pic is bad SS/MMM/SLP
If anyone's interested in this in gray, charcoal or black (46 48 and 50 depending on the color) for cheap let me know. I have one myself and it's nice enough.
I've never understood why business in general can be so short sighted to try and nickel and dime on random shit.
I should've proxy'ed I guess. Owell.
DH knitwear >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SLP knitwear. Not even close.
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