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Keep in mind the black western with floral is satin though if that matters to you.
Yeah I got the beige one.
Got my Eo To To henley in - gf hates it, but apparently Kyle loves me. Yay.
1. Prices posted2. Ease of transaction
There's a private sale link.
Did you order from the same place we ordered from last time?
I haven't seen it. Y'all got some weird ideas of what constitutes a "tech startup". Crowdfunding or selling things online does not a tech startup make.
Sure there's BS in tech or startups like any other industry, but knee-jerk reactions that people in tech don't actually create anything meaningful are pretty funny.
To be fair, the old Rolex triple calendars and chronographs are painfully more beautiful than anything they're making today.
Santa Clara County median house price $1 million. San Mateo County median house price $1.2 million. Vintage watch bubble, vintage car bubble, etc.- a majority of those buyers/traders will be just fine. Every time a recession hits, tons of studies/articles come out showing that people will skimp on the little things and still spend on luxury items when possible.
New Posts  All Forums: