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They got Lanvin at Costco now.
Type 3 hem is somewhere around 19cm for size 32 right?
It fits short even by fashunz standards, much less CM standards.
That seersucker is
TFW a package "left NYC" according to USPS over a week ago and still hasn't arrived.
Sell it to me Or the one from the powder bomb incident
Is there a reason why there are so few watches with applied Breguet numerals from the big houses sub $30k? This is the best non-brand specific knit thread, but it doesn't really match your criteria.
Margiela campus boots or something.
Might do black or charcoal suede Chelseas or side zips next. From when I was reorganizing some stuff. That's missing quite a bit too nothing close to say Vox or or the guy in CM with the encyclopedic black oxford collection (super helpful btw).
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