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I'm waiting for a note from Trash Lord.
Greg or Kyle - Carex suit going to be do-able for someone with my build?
I really want to give Schneider tailoring a try, but am scared... from what I recall, does not work well for people with broad shoulders.
Easy like Sunday morning. RG/JE/Visvim
I use Baxter's.
@wurger I know you have some nice watches, but you will forever be Lord of the Black Cap Toe Oxfords in my book. Has the Lady to be researched the shoes yet? Random watch thought: Breguet numerals are growing on me... must that damned Patek chrono. The 5196P looks nice too. Sigh.
I remember this post. Hmmm specific brands or even better yet specific items?
I've been noticing this too... gonna have to play around with some options. I'm never going to reach Charly status, but I don't foresee cutting back on lifting etc. Small waist:hip ratio to begin with anyway. Suggestions?
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