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Soft navy calf. Just asked for whatever leather was interesting, available at the time and suitable for a 2013DR. I've owned black lamb, Prussian blue suede, and now this calf (plus a varsity). No complaints about any of the leathers.The "limited time" leathers are likely spillovers from various other large orders that happen to be available to Drew at the time.
A bit of both. It's a longer tee, I have a longer torso and the cropped fit of the DR kinda accentuates both. I wore a sweater to the post office. I'll probably go with one of my shorter tees when I plan to wear the DR.
Box fresh straight from USPS. ToJ / Balmain / JE / CP
Straight from USPS pick up.
Distribution rules to protect pricing.
Yes virgils @kgfan5
We need this expression cropped and coded as :gdl:
White hi-tops have always been on my radar, but I usually forget to check when they hit sale and they're gone or don't get marked down.
You paid more because you want to make sure you got the item in your size before it sold out. I wouldn't expect an adjustment, but treat it as an unexpected bonus if they do.
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