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This Margaret Howell merino/cashmere knit I'm currently wearing feels awesome. 70/30 FWIW. Shoutout to whoever originally mentioned it from Mr. P final drops.
They look nice but aren't that comfortable TBH.
I'm curious which you had in mind. I'm separating my furniture purchases into temporary and long term.
Please wait until I can afford guest room furniture.
What about Collateral Concepts?
Oh nice. Here's a purchase for middle-aged-suburban-internet-persona me: got the keys to my house.
Would be a fun surprise to see my MA-1 pop up soon.
You were probably just going to flip them anyway right?
15400's seem to be significantly more abundant than 15300's on various forums. Instinctively I'd lean toward the 15300, but I'd like to handle one in person...
I don't want to ever have to shovel a driveway.
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