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Maybe I'll see some of you imaginary internet people @ Coachella. We'll all be wearing non-SF approved clothes as we try not to die of heat stroke.
I ended up just getting a pair of SLP's in the interim Might still buy a pair though.
If you can find the flower bomber, that was pretty cool. Black over-dyed floral print MA-1 (linen).
Bea is one of the most well regarded makers and uses top shelf leather so, yeah.. not cheap. Various CM folks have commissioned more extensive stuff. I've only bought small goods and visited the workshop a couple of times.
From the weekend."lifestyle" SS/JE/MMM
It's on the landing page for the site the code is right there...
I own the plain white lows and CP Achilles + tournament lows. All kinda different shoes with different shapes - SLP is the lightest of the 3 though.
I'm still on a October 2013 wool MA-1
Everlane was started by someone here, or he was an early staff member.
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