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Yeah, my colleagues crank the thermostat AND have spcae heaters under their desks. It's the worst.
Ami, Margiela, SLP, Eidos, LBM.
Colors came out weird but coat from a few days back! HL/ZB/SLPx2 ZB knit is a nice maroon wool with some anatomical seams. Was a great sample sale steal a few years back.
Crank AC. Wear shearling.
1035 last looks wider in the toebox than say Visvim Virgils. @LA Guy can you confirm?
I liked mine except for how much they bled.
Difference in the way he asked? I just had another cup of coffee? I don't know. Not really meant to give you a hard time in particular, but having been relatively involved in various enthusiast forums over the years it kinda grinds my gears.Maybe it's time for JE to have it's own combo-B&S megathread like some other brands do to facilitate sizing swaps/letting someone on the forum get an item before it goes back to the store. Someone can run it by a mod and make it or if...
You can't post about your own ad to self-promote it. Add it to your signature. For instance, if I was selling a JE rider, I can't post in this thead and say "I'm selling a rider, check it out here at this link (insert link here)".On the CM side, they have a thread where you can promote your own postings within that thread only, but I only check a few threads on CM.
That's how terms and conditions work in real life. It's the user's responsibility to read them - I'm not even a mod. It's common sense and all of 2 paragraphs. If you want to join any community, it helps to be aware of their conventions.
Are you looking to sell something? Put it in the classifieds. Doesn't matter if MSRP or discount or hypebeast 10x price. It's clearly stated in the forum rules which are stickied in every subforum. Also, code begging etc isn't allowed.
New Posts  All Forums: