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If I wore a suit more often, I'd be all over that chalk stripe...
Almost every item from DH is nicer than it's "equivalent" at SLP. It's often times more expensive, but yeah.
Is chuffed good or bad? I think good?
50 isn't going to be a good look I don't think, especially if you'll ever wear more than a T-shirt underneath it. I think you usually buy slightly bigger than I do for most NMWA products and I have a sz 50 5-zip (although it's from a few seasons ago).
Sort of? It's not "wrong", but it does cost the first SA. You can ask for a business card and then call it in. I try to do this if it's something I'm seriously considering buying and just need some time to think about.
Not sure if trolling or never been part of an online community before...
Bathroom pics continue. VISVIM/Epx2/CP
I want a dope camel toned coat.
Sorry for advertisement is becoming this forum's version of "no offense".
MAC and Archive would be worth a look for @nicelynice I think. Food is better than the shopping though for sure.
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