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Yeah over, but soon again I'm sure. I dunno, maybe the JE ones are nice in person too, worth a try if you can't wait. I get a lot of wear out of linen stuff where I live.
Inis Meain MTO >>>>>>>
I think the point @Fuuma is making is that this particular look does not work well for a majority of people in this thread.
Been a week since I put in my order with no confirmation/shipping. Been a while since I ordered anything, but..
Enthusiast forums are stll alive and well whether gaming, tech, cars, guns, etc. For some hobbies, there are literally no other places to find the same level/amount of information.
Runway tee. Supposedly done by hand.
The new pony hair Margiela futures are crazy. Natural patterns. Also the smashed swarovsky GATs are pretty intense.
So uhh I made the mistake of handling some Langes in person... the want is strong.
Hmm a few places dropped Oliver Spencer, interesting.
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