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Look at new items Stitch.
You know I really enjoyed FMA Brotherhood, but in some ways I thought the ending of the watered down version was a lot more painful for Edward.
9 AM EST?!? C'mon... I would've thought a West Coast based company would understand the pain of early morning EST releases.
Unfortunately, their reach is much more pervasive and sinister. $140 billion market share or so and growing (acquisitions to exploit the fracking boom).
I'm happy I chose not to get into the traditional energy industry after college. Could've ended up at Schlumberger... or Cheveron's "green tech".
The clacking drives other people crazy though.
We prefer the term chronicler.
Jodhpur with single strap would be more appealing to me, but I'd be curious to see last shape etc.
Are HQ Milton and 10 past 10 the only "vintage" Rolex places in the bay area worth visiting?
So far so good. I wonder what following drops + Geller will bring.
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