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Skinny black jeans. Tan suede boots. It's been done by MMM, SLP, etc.
That dial is awful.
Japan.Also, no Kilgores avail right now outside of auction sites. Caravan is a bit excessive for my needs too.
Sophnet tweed chesterfield looks cool.
Caravan is like $850 or so USD. I was debating between the Lugli or waiting around for a Kilgore. I dunno, I should probably just wait for a Kilgore.
Should have referred to you as conceptual 4est. Who's this Kyle?Port Flannels are scheduled for delivery today... crossing my fingers for sizing.
Hrmmm so the hunt begins I suppose. There doesn't seem to be any on their online store for this season.
EU50 in most designery stuff.
Hrm where! I know Lad makes a decent fishtail, but with proxy etc. I might as well just get a United Bamboo.
New Posts  All Forums: