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Preparing for @gdl203 + mini gdl fit a la the old merino pic, except with the Leder coat.
I tried the gold embossed python devons on for fun. Not really wearable outside of an "look-at-me-on-social-media" context, but hey.
Speaking of Eidos, that cool patterned coat that someone wore in WAYWT was awesome. Didn't see it stocked in the few places I check for Eidos.
Price includes CONUS shipping. No returns. 9.5/10 condition. Has cool magnetic button snaps at the pockets. Silk.
Don't do it man
Reminds me... MTO tuxedo is on the to do list (need different size jacket/pants).
For his show on Vice, he wears a lot of fashunz.
On the flipside, the Dries shirt I just picked up came with an awfully sweat stained collar. Most of my JP purchases have been better than expected quality wise though.
Pretty tempted, but not sure how well it works with the rest of my stuff.
Becomes spam
New Posts  All Forums: