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IDGAF GAT's are still by far the most comfortable sneakers I own/have owned. I don't need them to be indestructible like my CP tournament lows.
MMM's are still king, sorry Also, outside of Hender Scheme (which is still something different altogether), I don't really get "quasi-dress shoe" leather sneakers. YMMV.
Well I don't have a walk in... but I'm taking up both closets in the master atm. Office closet is full of shoeboxes (0).
I also realized I need a lot more shelf/drawer space than I thought. Knits Most of my shirts are still on plastic hangers.
Fok, moving has shown me that I want/need baller hangers.
Also lots of proprietary poly blends are more expensive and made as such for textural considerations... not sure if srs.
Spoo still have the Ferrari?
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