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Guy on Grld bought a Rick bomber from me and tried to flip for almost double what he paid. He's since dropped the price down to just $200ish over what he paid. He's also using my pics.
Would probably pick up chain wyatts... wyatts been have been my favorite SLP pickup, more than any jeans/sneakers/etc. Most of the tailoring doesn't fit me very well.
This is silk...
You can always check Fedex to see if you have any pending charges. If you wanna ruin your credit over $30 or whatever, knock yourself out.
For me fitting into clothes I like > gainz. I'm pretty much in plateau/maintenance mode.
I almost want to buy a pair of FBT shamans just so people can freak out at work.
Yeah I've been kind of in autopilot mode with scents lately. Had a bunch of samples a while back testing more boutique fragrances, but have defaulted to Tuscan Leather, Jazz Club and Aventus
Interesting, what are your thoughts on Portrait of a Lady? Not too feminine? Maybe relative to LeLabo Rose?
2 gray fits and the shawl collar fit =
I put in 2 requests, haven't heard back yet.
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