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Contrast stitching = bad and that's not Guidi leather, but it's closer.
I guess it was meant to be a clarification of what I had suggested for earlier. I dunno. I would prefer to see an all black or tonal black boot. No random natural welts or midsoles.
MINI RIPPLE SOLE BOOT (black) Model: Service boot Last: 2040 Leather: black Guidi Leather (tongue): smooth side (*edit - no contrast, same as rest of boot) Eyelets: 7 eyelet, black or gunmetal Sole: black mini ripple, black stacked leather midsole MISC: Pull Tab Comments: partially structured
I think you're missing the point (not that I particularly care for them personally).
Damn I can't decide on which shade of cordovan...
You can't make bags without zippers...
The West (best) Coast early morning release struggle even spreads to CM purchases!
Lazy fit to a late breakfast and a couple of drinks.Barton Perreira / Inverallan / Uniqlo / Epaulet / CP. Channeling my inner Mellowfellow, except no club collar Ervell shirt or fair isle socks. [[SPOILER]] PS bar that I'm infront of is a pretty cool hole in the wall spot. A block from the market where said waffles were procured.
I'm in SF often on weekends.I'll stay tuned for a potential meetup (I live and work further South though).
Pls no. Imagine if all jackets had to cover your butt....
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