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What type of food and how formal?
10/10 would wear every day.
The TBS bottom feeding freenzy almost always results in the site going down.
Noob, I take a large in that jacket if that helps. It's also pretty cool in person, handled it earlier in the season, but did not kop regrettably. Did get the shorts though. Also, my scored MMM side zips (from SS13? FW12? I forget) run slightly large, although it seems to vary somewhat. I'd say a half size if that.
These are not brogues
For all the shit they get, MMM gat's are still the most comfortable sneakers I own by far. Mine have also held up pretty well and they're a nubuck version even.
I have a metallic sheen gray Boglioli suit. It's a silk blend. I've only worn it once indoors briefly, but damn I should probably try to wear it more often. Picked it up from Spence or one of those Italian outlet sites for cheap.
I dunno, I found the seconds I have to fit slightly loose: combo fabric hoodie and crew neck sweater. No complaints at East Dane sale prices last time around.
Snoh Aalegra
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