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She probably looked around the office and saw how many other people were the same? I don't know anything about the company beyond what I posted. I just thought it was timely considering our recent discussions.
L17 in calf is already at flagships + some other stores in NA.
Maybe 8 months out of the year? It's going to be high 80's low 90's all week down here.
I think Faliero Sarti makes silk still.
That jacket
No idea, no complaints with mine. And it's one of the "less desirable" coated versions. I've also owned calf ones, YMMV.
Seems like @gdl203 gets photographed in a lot of CM stuff these days. ETA: what @Fuumasaid is true. I don't really post fits on social media much. I guess I could take timer pics at home, but yeah.
What size?
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