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[[SPOILER]] Same color scheme as yesterday. Sorry for messy collar. Resoled these beaters with Vibram a while back.Visvim/Uniqlo/Epaulet/Florsheim
The current backlash against and distrust of science and technology in the states is baffling and depressing.As Fok said: software/IT, energy, materials, biotech etc. should all be worth even more than they are now.
Gotcha, haven't been in a while. I heard Balenciaga and a few other places were opening up there. Maybe I'll brave the shitshow sometime this weekend.
Automation is a good thing. Adapt or be left behind.
Oh like Santana Row? I'll look it up. I always just went to the SF location.
There's an SLP in SJ? Mind blown.
Yeah there's so many of those fucking obnoxious pet people in the bay area. Horses are delicious.
The best part of Greg's career change must be the ability to post .gifs during the course of work duties.
New Posts  All Forums: