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I'm good at finding excuses to wear fur lined coats, c'mon now.
Send me the ysl shearling or those old Jil knits you never even popped the tags off of.
Was more referring to how my grandmother (and a lot of other older Asian folks) used a cleaver for EVERYTHING.
If I were a better Asian, I'd just use a cleaver for everything.
5-zip shearling there, just saying.
My friends cashed out at one his 2 companies (bought), but are still there. Twitter still has decent talent, but isn't a top spot anymore outside of a few specialties/departments.
Maybe not the most "beautiful" or "artisanal" of knives, but Global is a decent value. Good enough for both restaurant or home use.
Someone stop me before I buy a L17.
@Tirailleur1 has a collaboration with him.
The weekender is looking nice
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