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Hrmmm so the hunt begins I suppose. There doesn't seem to be any on their online store for this season.
EU50 in most designery stuff.
Hrm where! I know Lad makes a decent fishtail, but with proxy etc. I might as well just get a United Bamboo.
Anyone seen a Rick Exploder parka floating around? (Not the one with rips everywhere that I saw on SuFu a few weeks ago). I saw one briefly on e-bay that was priced pretty steep but it seems to have disappeared.
I just missed the last 2013DR batch. I ordered July 2nd or 3rd. I haven't asked about whether or not my jacket is in production. Still want a wool MA-1.
Lucky for me one of their former best has her own shop close by.
Hordes of affiliate spammers.
On the bright side, venison is delicious.
I see nice examples of Zenith movement Daytonas going for $12-$13k or so. I'm assuming that's par for the course? Passively considering a new daily driver.
The tofu is underrated. I think I ate 2 chickens, 1 tofu and 1 pork all at once the last time I was in NYC.
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