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Spending on interior design and decoration is also orders of magnitude more expensive than fashion...
It's hard to read posting rules before posting isn't it.
Gotten any indigo transfer onto Keiko yet?
Uniqlo (old linen) / JE /SLP
Open to either, as long as it's not too heavy. FWIW I've been getting by with navy and mid gray so far... oh and a fun metallic sheen silk blend Boglioli thing that counts too I suppose.
Which, can't keep up with all da swatches would be more keen on a suit than SC as those are somewhat easier to find normally. Big drop = separates only or MTO for suiting.
I'd be sorely tempted by a California-appropriate multi-season fabric.
Skip cheesesteak and get a DiNic's pork sandwich instead.
Woah @willy cheesesteak joined the crew too? The possibilities... PS, what are the chances of another more SW&D-esque derby like the black Heschung offering?
New Posts  All Forums: