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You paid more because you want to make sure you got the item in your size before it sold out. I wouldn't expect an adjustment, but treat it as an unexpected bonus if they do.
Visvim x2/Ep/MMM
That feel when someone drops an exposed pen on your Margielas. Time to paint these I guess
Armani exchange has neither the design nor the quality.
Styleforum staples?
I never bothered with the spreadsheet, but my calf 2013DR (July 3) is on its way if that helps - I guess I just missed the last shipment.
@SpooPoker has this...
If I wore a suit more often, I'd be all over that chalk stripe...
Almost every item from DH is nicer than it's "equivalent" at SLP. It's often times more expensive, but yeah.
Is chuffed good or bad? I think good?
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