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Need at least one of those knits in my life... even though I already have tons of heavy duty knits that are excessive for where I live.
It didn't go out I don't think. IIRC it was in final stages of prep.
Out of curiosity, what was Vanson's reaction to this idea/project?It's really cool that you've been very proactive and supportive of the process, considering we're probably a small minority of your typical customer base.
myshoeiswet last couple fit pics make me think of a mini kgfan.
Doesn't just about every brand make something like that? Gitman? Epaulet? BoO? Wings+Horns? WvG? Uniqlo?
Was JJ Reddick.
One of the CM side ballers gets asked by NBA players for help with his Hermes connection.
OK, then don't be sad if you ruin a shirt or whatever because you didn't want to dry clean it. YMMV. If I'm spending $900 on a shirt, I'm going to pay $10-$15 to dry clean it at a competent place.
You will pay return and stocking fees.I really don't get why people expect marked down forms and no handling fees. I mean sure that's great if shops will accommodate that, but I always approach buying from abroad with the expectation of customs and handling fees.
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