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In my limited experience of trying on and owning things, it's more about picking certain items out every season. A lot of brands I generally enjoy are really hit or miss on quality whether it be materials or construction (Margiela, Jil, Dries). Like I mentioned earlier though, I think DH overall is still nicer than SLP in a similar aesthetic - usually a bit pricier too FWIW. As far as the artisanal stuff goes, I've handled some and I own one or two things, but someone like...
Having owned the double alpaca... the merino is probably the "better" piece. YMMV double alpaca definitely more widely associated with the collection though.
Would prefer Trickers here, but nice.
Stop by. Try stuff out. Ask questions. Whatever.
Chilled almond tofu is one of my favorite deserts. Haven't had any in forever. Damn. Boba places should make it.
Sierra Trading Post. Be careful of seconds not obviously labeled as seconds.
There's too many of them. We went from 0 to 3+ I think.
Well gee, I posted a picture this weekend in the thread. Wearing a ToJ. Amazing. Opening this thread should produce a pop-up that says "There is no new news about production or delivery times. Click OK to actually post something else". I'm saying if Drew feels like stopping in with an update he will. If he feels like posting pictures of boxes or packing slips, he will. No amount of bitching here is going to influence whether or not he feels like posting about ToJ...
You're in for a surprise if you think tagging Drew or complaining is going to make him do anything he hasn't planned on doing anyway. Same with Charly. Carry on. I'm not affiliated with ToJ in any way. I'm not defending anything - I'm highlighting that pounding your head against the wall here isn't going to actually effect any change. As riveting as tales are of wait times and not knowing about delivery are, I could do without.
Nothing to defend - it just doesn't solve anything. If every single person still waiting wrote the same story in this thread, it would and will not change a damned thing. Everybody who's ordered at this point knows what to expect. No new orders are possible, so nobody's coming here looking for information prior to making a decision.I have another jacket in the queue (13 months+) and I've already owned (and still own) a few.
New Posts  All Forums: