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Seems like @gdl203 gets photographed in a lot of CM stuff these days. ETA: what @Fuumasaid is true. I don't really post fits on social media much. I guess I could take timer pics at home, but yeah.
What size?
Spatters in black are cool, red might work for some people - haven't seen any make it very far in sale. I picked up those white painted ones.
Far left looks promising
If FoG can charge $1200 for their sneakers, anything is possible. This thread and SLP thread are a race to the bottom right now.
I topy everything immediately and add heel taps. "Necessary" depends on where/how you walk I guess.
So uhhh new Balenciaga show...
What Edward posted sounds awful too. Like staging as a chef only to make minimum wage after.
You can make double that with full benefits in entry level QA jobs.
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