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I did black calf - they won't arrive until Monday. You can always check with Fedex ahead of time if you'll be getting duties or not, rather than waiting around.
I can't remember a sale outside of discontinued items since very early on.
@RegisDB9 - these look nice too, kinda similar to my camp boots. Cuban heel ones are nicer though.
Yang-Li Derbies are available for pre-order it seems roughly $720 USD.
Beige from this past season. They had it - I missed the last one at ln-cc
That Sanjuro is so nice. I wonder how crazy pricey it will be...
Margiela, Buttero, Saint Laurent, etc.
Might have to kop those @RegisDB9
Not bad, but not as sleek as I was hoping. Kinda similar to my deliberately chunkier MMM camp boots. Oh well, a pair of beaters is a pair of beaters.
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