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You have to click thru from their FB.
Or I can pick up some olive MMM jeans and the floral dot/solid colorblock shirt. Door #3 is some Santiags or chain harness Wyatts
Hmmm I can snag that MMM knit at 30% off.
Pernicious enabler indeed.
Comfy fit. Jil / Balmain / MMM / CD
LaRose probably? SLP?
You have Cartiers too right? Or Cutler & Gross? I dunno, I'll either go the vintage route or just get one of the Mykita variants.
@RegisDB9, might have to jump on those Mykitas too.
I am teh sad. Someone be my posture coach so I can actually wear nice CM clothes.
Hey there was a guy on e-bay selling 6 items: 1 Rick leather, 4 purses and some $25k electron microscope. (0).
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