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This is what I do to get smoke etc out of my clothes if basic aeration isn't cutting it: place on hanger with dry cleaning bag. Seal bottom with tape and add activated charcoal or coffee grounds (if you don't mind coffee). Let it hang sealed for a couple days.
Nonnative ain't cheap either.
Stop posting those dada abominations, thanks. All Saints is like a quasi goth drapy Forever 21.
That sounds awful.
Infrared 6s would be nice still, or just get another pair of SLPs/Balenciaga... nevermind no more baller sneakers for a bit.
Both of those colors are restocking at select boutiques at the end of the month.
anything more than 15-20% over retail and I'd rather just get some actual quality shoes.
TIL royals selling for $650 at Flight Club.
Orly? I'll have to check. ETA: can't find there's a DKRSHDW one with a "slight tear" in the lining NWT on E-bay. Also, there's this
Dibs if you pass!
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