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I must've been the only person to ever successfully order from there without any issues.
Some jawnz on their way from Australia (thanks @Razele). ToJ calf rider soon (TYBD). The anticipation builds. Soon after that, SS pre-orders should be arriving from various places. Then Vanson x Styleforum rider.
http://www.grailed.com/direct/92-aspesi-m43-storm-jacket Loro Piana storm systems are really really nice.
http://www.engadget.com/2014/07/20/swash/ Since steamers are too basic amirite?
LongshoremanoK is back
That was on some bullshit. Aborted mission and went to get brunch elsewhere instead.
Double vents are the best vents.
I dunno, if I was getting married I'd go black tie. You're already wearing a navy 3 piece suit... those shoes aren't going to be a deal breaker. I wouldn't wear brogues personally.
Aesop Neroli shave cream is being reformulated. Back to trumper I guess in the meantime.
Yeah I figured Theory made some decent basics etc, but I had no idea that they were making things for $1000+ retail.
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