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There's several like that now unfortunately.
Wonder what ballpark retail will be... worth looking for proxy? Also.. any M65's in olive that are available now worth looking into? Olive VISVIM Kilgore looked promising, but I'd have to scour forums/e-bay for that. I think maybe Bedwin and the Heartbreakers has one this season, but I wasn't sold on it.
Would be happy with this boot as-is.Still getting solid wear out of my wholecuts - not too many formal occasions.
Barton Perreira, Geller, UU, MMMx2
Chunky knits = best knits.
What did you expect...
Same time frame for dat wax?
New Gray knitwear on NMWA lives up to the Pitti writeup by @Synthese, although his pics were of SS15 wares.
Derivative design of certain prominent models is the main complaint.
It's no Hermes so I wouldn't expect top notch leather quality to begin with TBH.
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