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Oakland is starting to take off in certain areas. Not like SF or the peninsula though.
At one point, within a 20 mile radius, we had 3 top 10 or 15 public schools (cities are Palo Alto, Cupertino, Saratoga). We still have some of the most competitive private schools. I'm talking about the ones that have entrance exams for pre-school and honors classes starting in 2nd grade or so. You can't hardly find anything in those cities under $1.5million and they purposely have very few condos/town houses. Your house value can drop $250k based on school district...
Born and raised, yeah. My parents are immigrants though. I had a steak salad with blue cheese and beets. Also, I had a baozi.
If you really must have leather, there just aren't that many decent "budget" options. Same with bespoke shoes... or anything really.
I have the first generation leather lined ones. Granted I wear them indoors or during light city walking when I do get to wear them, but they still look pretty pristine.
Got an awesome e-mail from SP this morning. Also, nice fit + pic.
Don't people rail against Michael Jordan more often about not improving working conditions or speaking out about pricing or limited release or whatever? You hear it every once in a while and it goes away. Not sure Kanye would have any more control than Jordan. Or maybe Jordan has since come out and said IDGAF.
BRB, camping out to resell for $20k USD or trade for new car.
I had the long version (which was still kind of short) and sold it. Not the fit I was after.
You can tip toe through the homeless while being propositioned by all manner of genedered or non-gendered prostitutes on the way to the valet/doorman at the Ritz Carlton residences. Plus low level trash tier drugs. Pretty sure HOA there is well into the 4 figures. Also, Lemaire pre-order went into production. Yay.
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