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I had the long version (which was still kind of short) and sold it. Not the fit I was after.
You can tip toe through the homeless while being propositioned by all manner of genedered or non-gendered prostitutes on the way to the valet/doorman at the Ritz Carlton residences. Plus low level trash tier drugs. Pretty sure HOA there is well into the 4 figures. Also, Lemaire pre-order went into production. Yay.
IIRC those prices are excluding any HOA fees depending on the building. Parking is extra for the ones with garages/spots. Some will be rejected based on resume + headshot. Others will be slow to the draw. Etc. ETA: most are probably not rent controlled either and won't let you sign a lease more than 12-14 months.
The best part is a lot of the people who have the money won't get the apartment for a variety of reasons.
The silent partner grinned nefariously. It was his time. That pesky French villain was out of the way and so was the space pirate. Even the abstract construct that had manifested himself as a 4est had been put away. Who could prevent him from gaining the spotlight now? There was no-one left to upstage him. Fame. Adulation. Even more wealth. Thumbs! All of the above were finally within his grasp. No longer would he have to be content to abide in the shadows, listening to...
Shake Shack went IPO.
Visvim 4 corner damaged shirt > SLP denim shirt if you're looking.
[[SPOILER]] Same color scheme as yesterday. Sorry for messy collar. Resoled these beaters with Vibram a while back.Visvim/Uniqlo/Epaulet/Florsheim
The current backlash against and distrust of science and technology in the states is baffling and depressing.As Fok said: software/IT, energy, materials, biotech etc. should all be worth even more than they are now.
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