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I'll probably grab some peccary gloves this holiday season (from you @gdl203). When I challenge someone to a duel, they should know that I used only the finest of gloves.
Pilati era maybe, I dunno.
Doesn't that pretty much reinforce some of the main criticisms of his chops (or lack thereof) as a designer?
Wearing Stark + Dior MIJ + CP's (and Schneider Merino). Long live Stylefarm!
Anyone tried the "Away" suitcases? There's always the tried and true luggage favorites, but I'm curious.
Sage de Cret.
These types of posts don't go here.
Try tweeting LeBron.
The last time this happened (with an order from NMWA), the driver was too tired/overbooked/lazy/whatever to delivery at the end of his route and it magically showed up the next day. I called UPS about it and of course since I'm PST, their claims center was closed.
Better without tee (or no vis tee) and different shoes.
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