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Somewhere B!cd is very happy to see a black blazer/coat fit.
Kooples is really derivative average quality stuff.
Not sure if srs. (0). Not everyone who complains is a struggle kid. Many people with address changes and incongruent Paypal information are struggle kids. More power to you if you're wearing nice jawnz in college/high school who knows maybe even junior high? A higher price point precludes this category of customer.
If Drew ever does RTW someday, he'd probably up the price point and aim for a different demographic. As far as the address changing stuff, apparently lots of struggle kids or people using relative's paypals and other weird shit. I have no idea. I wish I had nice clothes before I had my own credit card?
Robert Geller Richard jacket in black.
Skinny black jeans. Tan suede boots. It's been done by MMM, SLP, etc.
That dial is awful.
Japan.Also, no Kilgores avail right now outside of auction sites. Caravan is a bit excessive for my needs too.
Sophnet tweed chesterfield looks cool.
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