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If you're gonna buy SeF and then dye/modify them to match SLP or MMM or whatever, you might as well just save for better boots... People like to pick out a few easily identifiable features and then use them as the be-all-end-all of quality. You're also paying for design.
Yeah OK so, my AC needs to get fixed so I can wear my fishtail around the house.
Boggles the mind. Most places in the bay area won't even let you sign leases longer than 12 months since they want to hike rates up as often as possible.
Please ship holder (and contents) to me for long term evaluation. Thanks!
See advanced stats and the NBA (or sports in general, but MLB and NBA especially) for another interesting case study.
Insert phrase here that will get people riled up.
Even if the production facilities are the same, the lasts and shapes are different. Not sure if Buttero makes all MM boots or not. I'm sure someone knows definitively.
The two are not always related...
Ermm maybe I phrased that poorly. As someone who struggles dialing that in, I think it's a really (good) consistent part of his fits that's maybe overlooked. I'll search for that old chart later.
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