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Maybe not the most "beautiful" or "artisanal" of knives, but Global is a decent value. Good enough for both restaurant or home use.
Someone stop me before I buy a L17.
@Tirailleur1 has a collaboration with him.
The weekender is looking nice
The lament of all enthusiast forums unfortunately.
@spoopoker has this Margiela 5-zip posted: http://www.ebay.com/itm/351646700104?rmvSB=true
That Margiela 5-zip is so good. (I already own 2 5-zips )
BTW garment dyed bomber reminds me of vintage Helmut Lang
All of the people who state that they're willing to patiently read through a thread before participating have to realize that we are in the vast minority when it comes to the average forum user. I'd imagine that Fok is trying to balance the current thread participants (there must be tons of lurkers too) with the targeted wider audience. That could be people who don't read Styleforum yet, but find the thread through search or other forums - it could also be users who don't...
New Posts  All Forums: