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People selling various Gap x GQ collection items "at a loss" of 5-10% below retail, when they all used 40% off codes to kop.
(White) hi tops are nice.
Find me a pair of those Wyatts
Also. If I can actually find it.
Can anyone in LA go check out Sea Green at one of their NA stockists?
My Loake jodhpurs might be my favorite footwear pickup in the last year and a half. I've been considering MTOing a pair in light suede from Carmina.
My investment portfolio is doing just fine. That's a separate allotment of money...
I received a confirmation e-mail today btw for a 2013 DR in calf. Ordered July 3rd of last year.
Hrmm dat Vass
IIRC he has/had Rick leather before.
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