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This is silk...
You can always check Fedex to see if you have any pending charges. If you wanna ruin your credit over $30 or whatever, knock yourself out.
For me fitting into clothes I like > gainz. I'm pretty much in plateau/maintenance mode.
I almost want to buy a pair of FBT shamans just so people can freak out at work.
Yeah I've been kind of in autopilot mode with scents lately. Had a bunch of samples a while back testing more boutique fragrances, but have defaulted to Tuscan Leather, Jazz Club and Aventus
Interesting, what are your thoughts on Portrait of a Lady? Not too feminine? Maybe relative to LeLabo Rose?
2 gray fits and the shawl collar fit =
I put in 2 requests, haven't heard back yet.
New denim will have less vanity sizing, stretch and more taper IIRC.
Inis tunic + jeans + boots every day here we come.
New Posts  All Forums: