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Might be too small for me too. I'm at the border.
Plaid shirt w/ leather yoke pics went on IG btw for those of you who were asking about it.
I dunno, pics and impressions vs your CM shoes perhaps? I remember when you talked about buying them, but I don't remember seeing a write up or anything after (not that it's required or expected ). Anyway, more on-topic: I get a lot of wear out of my Niche floral micro cord shirt and the linen shorts.
My leather tournament lows feel roomier than my GAT's? I dunno. YMMV. Are Raf Vandals on serona? Those feel roomier too.
Narrow? I dunno, I always find serona sole shoes to fit more on the generous side.
Makes the watch less desirable for me personally and I had it on my shortlist. Then again, these might end up being part of a small mistake batch and end up selling for $23940823498203498234 down the line.
Y u no post in CM casual? Also, those boots require a detailed report.
I hope not re: bezel switch
Oooh @RFX45 has arrived.
Welcome back @kgfan5. @KongGeorgeVII please X-post to CM.
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