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Residents don't make that much money Benes, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
This needs to be re-quoted.
My SF rec copy pasta. I can make a list for the South Bay too... (San Jose and its surrounding suburbs). It skips a lot of the really famous spots like Fleur de Lys, Gary Danko (kinda overrated), etc. If you're not leaving the actual city: Coffee - Philz, Sightglass if you're a snob Snacks/between meal stops - Swan Oyster Depot, SOMA StrEAT food park (food trucks/microbrews on tap), show dogs Burgers - a lot of places in SF make good burgers - B Bar (Yerba Buena garden...
There's a sale currently running for 20% off in stock items. Applies to sale section as well.
Ordered something from Russia. The seller dropped it off at Russian Post on the 16th. It still hasn't left Russia.
The cream color jumper from this past season with the rip by the hem is really nice.
Hyperios got it. MMM via ebay.
Alden one comes with the following inscription under the lid: "Dear Nephew, wear in good health".
The "McNasty" sole obviously counters the Ivy aging with some hip urban cool.
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