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I had a similar problem last year. The only store that met all my needs was Brooks Brothers. I purchased a shirt, bow tie (not a clip on), cummerbund, and socks. Great quality and service...
This is up to you, however, I always leave dimple to set myself apart from the rest in the room that, in most cases, do not know to tie a knot.
Yellman, I suggest visiting or calling The Container Store for the elfa closet system. They will help you design a closet for your needs with quality materials and easy to install. I don't have a picture, but here's an idea: http://www.containerstore.com/browse...RODID=10012791 I have the platinum with a drawer system in the middle that has a butcher block top which I use for sweaters, socks, ties, and polos. Also, on top I have small valet for keys, wallet and watch....
It's tough out there for a pimp...
Globetrotter, I travel a great deal on business and own about three different cases. When traveling to countries or cities that are bit too risky, I tavel with a bookbag with my computer & papers inside. The bookbag is nice looking, but not too obivious, as I'd rather not call attention to myself. The locals fully understand when I show up with dressed well and a low profile bag for my things. However, when traveling to "business travel friendly" cities I carry my...
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all in England, especially the victims and their family members and friends. As the Prime Minister said, this is a "barbaric" act. We stand with you in your pain and resolve to maintain great nation that it is.
Gere had a great wardrobe and car, but don't forget that he shared the screen with the most important of all...Lauren Hutton. I'd say she's a great accessory.
Wingtips...now that's style. Fashion trends come and go, but style stays with us forever.
thank you all for the replies...it looks like there are many options that I had not found or considered.
I've recently started using pocket squares to enhance my look, but I'm having trouble finding interesting colors and patterns. Most department stores carry safe colors (red, white, blue, grey, etc.) Does anyone have a favorite web site or store? I live in Miami. Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: