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So, I'm completely new at the attempting to look nice thing. Bought this jacket on eBay recently and I can't decide whether it fits or not, especially in the shoulders. They seem a bit wide, but maybe I'm overthinking it. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
Touche. But the waist measures just 16.25" ... anyway, I'm new. Thanks for the catch.
Bought a pair of Mabitex khakis off another forum member a little while ago, tried them on once, realized they were too snug thanks to my larger-than-average thighs, and have been meaning to pass them along here ever since. They are a nice pair of pants but they just don't fit me. $OLD Measurements: Waist: 16.25 Inseam: 36 (unhemmed) Rise: 9.25 Thigh: 11 Leg opening: 7:5 EDIT: price drop! sold
EDIT: never mind.
this is one time when i'm glad for my bigger-than-average thighs. burberry suit looks very nice, fits every other measurement reasonably well, and is in my price range but i don't think i could put on the pants.
knockoff afghan coke that's called "Cold Drink."
first suit looks nice. other measurements on trousers for that one? (especially thigh but also rise and leg opening).
PM sent on (3).
Bought these recently from another forum member, but am quickly learning that I have large thighs (24") for my waist (30.5"), so they unfortunately fit my waist very nicely but look like spandex over my thighs. Anyway, my mistake is your gain. Brand new Mabitex tan chinos, with tags, worn once for less than 30 seconds. waist 31" inseam 36" (unfinished) front rise 9.5" leg opening 7.75" thighs 12" -- NB: this does not translate into fitting a 24" thigh Don't have...
damn it, once again my thighs are too big for my waist.
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