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damn it, i should not be spending money on clothes right now but LEVI'S SALE SO TEMPTING.
has anyone been in touch with pepe about when they're likely to have the rest of the categories filled on the website? there's currently nothing in the casual or shell cordovan sections and those are the ones i'm most interested in at the moment.
oh, so sexy...why are these not in my size...
i've had good experiences with stephen the tailor in foggy bottom (pretty much on the GWU campus). in fact, he altered the pants (waist taken in and legs tapered) and the shirt (waist taken in, armholes raised and sleeves narrowed) i'm wearing right now. he's altered a couple of suits and a number of shirts and pants for me by now. also gave it to me straight when i took him a jacket i bought off another member on here; just told me the thing would never fit and i'd be...
Bumping the thread just to say that while I haven't gotten any shoes yet or even seen them in person, Meermin's customer service so far has been excellent. Went back and forth with Pepe yesterday and he was extremely quick and helpful with his responses, even way past closing time over there. (I'm in DC.) Good looks, Meermin. They don't have the shoes I want in stock but as soon as they do I'm gonna snap 'em up.
links to photos of beige SC don't work for me.
are these still for sale? are you considering individual sales? i can't afford to buy them in bulk but would be interested in one or two. thanks. EDIT: question was directed at christine, not OP.
oh my, so nice, wish i had $300 to spend on a sweater. maybe in a few years...
bump. anyone know?
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