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English-American Tailors in Westminster, MD is having a sale on MTM suits through this coming Friday. Discounts vary but I paid about 40% less than the normal price for the suit I ordered today.
Bumping this thread rather than making a new one because I just made my first trip up to EA today up in Westminster. I'll post pics once I've got the suit, which should be in about a month or a little more (they're going on summer vacation soon). It's neat to see the factory, you'd never guess from the little showroom that the building behind has over 400 people cutting, sewing, etc. Elio was very amiable and nice and from what my newbie self could tell, knew his stuff....
thanks despos. my problem with the roomy trousers/nipped waist is that i have a relatively big butt (39") and thighs (24") but a small waist (31.5"). so yes, the belt is cinched in quite a bit in those photos. sounds like maybe i should just let this one go and find another suit.the suit is like new; it came without tags but there's no evidence of wear at all. perhaps it's destined for B&S. too bad, i really like it otherwise. live and learn...
Bought this Hickey Freeman suit off ebay. I know some things need fixing but thought I'd ask the masters here before taking it to the tailor. The guy I go to has done good work for me on shirts and pants and even another suit, but I'll feel more comfortable going back to him if I know a little more what I'm talking about. Please to be ignoring the ugly shoes, I was in bit of a rush and didn't feel like putting on a proper pair. Thanks y'all!
good advice, thanks.
i don't know what top block means but i think i get the point: if the waist band fits snugly, it doesn't matter so much whether it's at your belly button on 2" below. that's true to a point but i have short legs/long torso to begin with, so low-rise tucked in would not be a good look for me, IMO, even with a waist band that fit.or am i out to lunch.
Thanks for the ideas, I'll check those out. I'm not interested in true slim-fit, really, although to be honest that may just be from never having tried on a pair that even came close to fitting. The pair I have don't look baggy on me, just not tight. EDIT: On Diesel Safados and APC New Standard rises are too low: 10" and 10.25" respectively and I need more like 11-11.5" to not look like an asshole (to myself) with my shirt tucked in. Maybe I just need to go to Nordstrom...
I'd like to start wearing jeans that I can tuck shirts into. But I have not been able to find jeans that have the right dimensions; i.e., that fit around my waist an inch or so under my bellybutton but have enough room for my butt and thighs. At the moment I have just one pair of jeans: Levi's 550 (relaxed fit)* in a 32, which get the butt and thighs right and look nice with shirt untucked but are loose around my waist and not quite high-rise enough. Measurements are:...
pm'd dima.
lengths and widths?
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