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thanks despos. my problem with the roomy trousers/nipped waist is that i have a relatively big butt (39") and thighs (24") but a small waist (31.5"). so yes, the belt is cinched in quite a bit in those photos. sounds like maybe i should just let this one go and find another suit.the suit is like new; it came without tags but there's no evidence of wear at all. perhaps it's destined for B&S. too bad, i really like it otherwise. live and learn...
Bought this Hickey Freeman suit off ebay. I know some things need fixing but thought I'd ask the masters here before taking it to the tailor. The guy I go to has done good work for me on shirts and pants and even another suit, but I'll feel more comfortable going back to him if I know a little more what I'm talking about. Please to be ignoring the ugly shoes, I was in bit of a rush and didn't feel like putting on a proper pair. Thanks y'all!
good advice, thanks.
i don't know what top block means but i think i get the point: if the waist band fits snugly, it doesn't matter so much whether it's at your belly button on 2" below. that's true to a point but i have short legs/long torso to begin with, so low-rise tucked in would not be a good look for me, IMO, even with a waist band that fit.or am i out to lunch.
Thanks for the ideas, I'll check those out. I'm not interested in true slim-fit, really, although to be honest that may just be from never having tried on a pair that even came close to fitting. The pair I have don't look baggy on me, just not tight. EDIT: On Diesel Safados and APC New Standard rises are too low: 10" and 10.25" respectively and I need more like 11-11.5" to not look like an asshole (to myself) with my shirt tucked in. Maybe I just need to go to Nordstrom...
I'd like to start wearing jeans that I can tuck shirts into. But I have not been able to find jeans that have the right dimensions; i.e., that fit around my waist an inch or so under my bellybutton but have enough room for my butt and thighs. At the moment I have just one pair of jeans: Levi's 550 (relaxed fit)* in a 32, which get the butt and thighs right and look nice with shirt untucked but are loose around my waist and not quite high-rise enough. Measurements are:...
pm'd dima.
lengths and widths?
Pierre Cardin sport coat, 60% cotton, 40% linen. Shoulder: 18" Sleeve: 25" Chest: 21" Length 30" $75>>>$65 shipped CONUS. International shipping please PM.
Church's Custom Grade suede loafers. Soles have some wear but lots of life left, uppers are in great condition. Length: 12.13" Width: 4.13" $OLD shipped CONUS. International shipping please PM.
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