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or, you know, athletes.
why can't they just wear freaking track suits?
plus, boobs.
not sure if serious.
What's hypocritical about it? I'm in the Champion-shorts-plus-15-year-old-t-shirt category myself and I do look down my nose at people who spend $75 on shorts at Lululemon. In the gym, I'm there to work and that means I need to be wearing the most comfortable, most practical clothing possible. Nothing wrong with a $40 Asics shirt or Adidas shorts. Would never wear such a shirt myself, but whatever. Those aren't "stylish" workout clothes. Lululemon and RLX are something...
Selling a pair of light blue Polo chinos. They're great but after wearing them once I've decided that they're just not quite my style. No stains, rips, or tears. Very slight wear around crotch is the only thing keeping me from describing these as like-new, (see pic). Asking $45 shipped CONUS OBO. International shipping please PM. Waist: 30" Inseam: 30" (not much to let out) Leg opening: 8.5" Thigh: 11.5" Rise: 11"
not unless they've set up an extremely elaborate way to con people out of a few hundred dollars here and there in the meantime.
English-American Tailors in Westminster, MD is having a sale on MTM suits through this coming Friday. Discounts vary but I paid about 40% less than the normal price for the suit I ordered today.
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