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Serious question: Why do these shoes cost $405? They are a version of Saucony's classic shoe, the only difference that jumps out at me is that the soles on these are clunkier and more awkward-looking. I understand spending $400+ on leather shoes, the difference between nice leather shoes and cheap leather shoes is obvious even to people who don't know or care why they're different. But these...
only because of my powerful magic.
I cast my best spells and will attempt thread necromancy rather than start a new thread: any thoughts on these Meermins for business travel? I travel as light as possible (+1 for Red Oxx Air Boss) 3-4 times a year for 1-3 weeks at a time. Also, I tend to visit places where pavement is scattered or nonexistent (e.g., the sticks of Afghanistan and Pakistan) Ideally I would bring just two pairs of shoes, the ones I wear on the plane and sneakers. I know that violates every...
I've got a pair of brand-spanking-new Bill's Khakis M1 poplin pants that simply don't fit me right. They're marked a size 33, see measurements below. They're identical to the pair in the pictures here where the model is wearing the pants. Come on. Wear the pants. Just $65 shipped! These are $125 from Bill's, which you know already if you clicked on the link! Waist: 16.75" Rise: 12" Thigh: 12.5" Length: ~39" (unfinished)
does not work anymore. and i had such great hopes...noob question: do codes like that (i.e., ones that look like random letters and numbers, rather than ones like "FRIENDS" and "FALL2012") usually expire after a set period of time, or after a certain number of people have used it?
first one is extremely sexy. symmetrical may be boring, but in my early paying-attention-to-clothes days, i have found that i am kind of boring. why, oh why, do i not have $1100 to spend on a travel jacket?
size? measurements?
or, you know, athletes.
why can't they just wear freaking track suits?
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