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Happy shutdown to my fellow DC residents. A quick n00b question completely unrelated to the government: Have any of you guys found a shoe-shine place that does cordovan properly? When I tried myself, following the Alden instructions, I failed. They looked like shit. This is undoubtedly my fault. I went to two places near where I work (Farragut). The first guy had no idea what I was talking about and the second guy said, sure, sure, I can do that, but I watched in minor...
18.5" chest doesn't sound like a 40 or 42, it sounds like a 36. i'm a 40 and my jackets are generally around 21". not to be a dick but are you sure you measured right?
Now that TOJ is dead, the warmest wool and softest bemberg that were waiting, rolled gently in the stacks of an unknown fabric store, dreaming of scissors, needle and thread, to drape my shoulders in incomparable bad-assitude will find life in some other garment. Excuse me one moment. [Weeps quietly.] Okay, I'm okay. So, uh, who's got a TOJ pea coat they want to sell? I'm roughly a size 40 and something of the blue variety would be my preference, but I'm an open-minded...
when girls started deciding dudes dressed that way looked good and were worth allowing to slip in the bone.
I LIKE THIS VERY MUCH.on a related note, any plans to do a single-breasted wool coat?
the forum's search function is horrible but just go to google and search "site:styleforum.net first suit cheap tall" or some such. try a few combos. you'll find plenty to read, i think.
IIRC the OP wanted something he could wear with a tie, i.e., a sport coat adapted for travel, rather than an outerwear garment.
all good points, thanks. still seems batshit crazy to me, but to each his own.
Serious question: Why do these shoes cost $405? http://www.tresbienshop.com/brand/white-mountaineering/jazz-original-navy-grey They are a version of Saucony's classic shoe, the only difference that jumps out at me is that the soles on these are clunkier and more awkward-looking. I understand spending $400+ on leather shoes, the difference between nice leather shoes and cheap leather shoes is obvious even to people who don't know or care why they're different. But these...
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