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anyone know where can i get apc denim jacket? it should be from the past season.
anyone can help proxy skinny guy at barneys?
^ yup, im in singapore.
anyone able to help proxy n&f x momo in size 28? barneys website doesnt have it.
will you be doing 22mm straps?
^ ok thanks! what about the SExFHxRJB jeans? what cutting will they be in?
kiya, what model should i be looking at for ironheart if im looking for a APC Petit Standard fit. Looking at devil fit IH-666od. wearing a size 26 for my aoc ps. what size should i get for IH?
just to check the nato strap can only be use for which brand of watches? can it be use on this? the difference of the 18mm & 20mm is the width?
^ anyone going? nudie jeans proxy?
Quote: Originally Posted by snuff_daddy some recent pickups: got these for 72.00 each from the recent Saks F&F sale/discount Thats cheap any chance for proxy?
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