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Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Medtech and NSM are killing it! Really awesome... most attractive Italian garments that I have seen on this board. I gotta say, this thread is making me wish that I had not "wasted" so much money on RTW. You've got some good "sheet" going on there!! Excellent ME. Clint
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola All the label might tell you is the label is real. If there is a market for high end fakes nothing stops a person from buying piss stained garments to cut out the labels. That's actually a fair point. However, my only counter-argument is that it may not be possible to make a lot of money selling fake items by relying on original garments being in the condition you say. So, you need to know what you're...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hans Cater What is or who is a reputable retailer? I really wasn't going to contribute on this thread because I didn't see how this question could be satifactorily answered. However, a few people have commented here, so I will add to their song! There are many reputable places that you can buy authentic items from, both in phyiscal shops and on the internet. However, if you are looking for specific advice,...
I have absolutely no horse in this particular race. However, I do understand what the seller is saying about using terms such as "excellent", "mint", "very good". They mean all things to all people. Whilst, I do not believe that there is an easy answer to this, I would like eBay to have proper guidelines to descriptions and one of the most "universal" methods (IMO) would be to have a scoring system, out of 10. With 1 being very poor, through to 10 being "new". I...
Hit Dat, son!! You gots to try them, seriously!! Mad love for them. Clint
Quote: Originally Posted by csoukoulis why didnt i just do this in the first place LOL. Sorry for the poor quality, they're from my phone. I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with that label at all. It's certianly not Caruso or Isaia (from all what I've observed). Maybe someone else can help you on this? Clint
Quote: Originally Posted by csoukoulis the label is the black with Bruno Piattelli in script writing and Roma below it in block letters. Does this make it a belvest piece? Can you not just post a picture of the fabric tag and I'm sure someone here will be able to assist you? Cheers Clint
I've made a mistake in the opening thread, so I'll drop the price to $330 + shipping.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant I'm familiar with their ties and squares. The squares are iffy/entry level. The ties are a little better. AFIK they are not a barney's house brand... this has been discussed before. I've seen Piatelli at a number of other shops. I've got an Isaia labelled Piatelli sportscoat. Not sure how old it is though.
Hi, I'm trying to raise up some cash to get a replacement phone for my daughter so I wanted to offer this Jacket up to the members here. If it doesn't sell by this time tomorrow 17:00 GMT, then I'll withdraw it and keep it. There is one flaw - one of the sleeve buttons have broken. However, there are spare buttons to replace it. The main hang tag has fallen off, but there is the **sleeve tag remaining** (please see below as this is untrue). But I assure you that this...
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