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For reference, in extreme circumstances ebay can remove feedback.  At least in the UK version.  So maybe a removal is a "safer" request than revision.   Clint  
I have had a couple of (relatively minor) incidents in the past and from reading some of the member stories here, I'm starting to believe that many of the newer buyers on eBay believe that it is like a discount store, complete with full returns policy.   Combine my observation above with another known observation that internet visitors tend not to read all of the words (just scan the words in a certain way) and we have a potential for disaster on some sales.   I'm not...
As far as I can tell, I believe they are one and the same.  The R, Caruso is an earlier label than the one we tend to see around.  I believe they (R. Caruso) should be the same construction as the standard Caruso stuff.  Anyone's welcome to correct me if I'm mistaken.   Cheers   Clint
Hi, I'm not sure what you're asking here.  But it's a Caruso tag.  On a Caruso item.   Cheers  
Hi,   Do you have any pictures?   I've only observed the Zegna letting on Z-Zegna suits, never on mainline Zegna.  Have you checked out the Zegna Label Thread?.   This may help.  However, without pictures, it's difficult to say.  If I had to make a judgement call, I would say Fake.   Here's an example of a fake suit on...
  The people clearly had turned up for the sale.  The fact that they may have been standing together does not necessarily indicate that they had come together.  People who are not English and/or of Northamptonshire descent are allowed to purchase shoes to actually wear, not just to flip.   It's fine if you want to report what you observed.  However, that doesn't excuse you generalising and then stating any posts that calls you out on it as PCness.  For instance, how can...
  I managed to dig out some ties that I've had in my closet for a number of years now.  I have presumed them to be real (since I purchased them from a member of the forum and they look consistent with the other Zegna Couture ties I own).   I would suggest that your tie is real and it is from the later "Couture" range than the older "Napoli Couture" (which the ties below are from).           I hope this helps.   P.S. ATTOLINI
Good look.  I too would like to "Voice" my opinion about Singlechange and some of his spectacular deals.  I've missed most of them, but I have managed to purchase some very nice stuff from him.   Thank you and your look is great   Clint
Hi, the external measurements are 12.5" x 4" (at the widest point of the sole).   Thanks   Clint
The search is your friend.  This place has an amazing amount of information, if you put the work in.   Good luck.   Clint
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