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Whilst I cannot comment on age (but I would say 5 years or older), I would say that this is an Armani Black label tie and should be authentic.  I had one similar to this.   Cheers   Clint
Hi, it's the cloth and NOT made by Zegna.  The images in this thread should provide some idea of a genuinely made Zegna item versus a maker using the cloth.   Cheers   Clint
  Bit "old" in my reply, but having several Belvest made products in my possesion, I can confirm (along with everyone else here) that it is a Belvest label.   They also make for Prada and some older Burberry brands.   Cheers   Clint
Sorry just read this.  ^^This.
I'm not sure whether this is possible, but if you are going to (or already have) request sleeve from Tom Ford (or Zegna) and you are REALLY concerned about the possible issues that you would have, would you consider enquiring with Tom Ford if you could send the suit to one of their approved tailors (if such things exists).   I have absolutely no idea of whether this can be done or whether the costs of this will make it prohibitive.  But if it were me, I would tell my...
One thing that I would be interested to know is whether you can actually "date" the Sartoriale range?  I have a new LB Sartoriale which I would guess is around 5 years old and it appears to be made by Attolini.   Cheers   Clint
I would hazzard a guess at Chester Barrie.  But I'm sure someone will be able to confirm (or deny) this.   Cheers   Edit: Too slow.
I've also noticed fairly recent Belvest made G&H suits, in addition to what Simon says above.  
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