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  Bit "old" in my reply, but having several Belvest made products in my possesion, I can confirm (along with everyone else here) that it is a Belvest label.   They also make for Prada and some older Burberry brands.   Cheers   Clint
Sorry just read this.  ^^This.
I'm not sure whether this is possible, but if you are going to (or already have) request sleeve from Tom Ford (or Zegna) and you are REALLY concerned about the possible issues that you would have, would you consider enquiring with Tom Ford if you could send the suit to one of their approved tailors (if such things exists).   I have absolutely no idea of whether this can be done or whether the costs of this will make it prohibitive.  But if it were me, I would tell my...
One thing that I would be interested to know is whether you can actually "date" the Sartoriale range?  I have a new LB Sartoriale which I would guess is around 5 years old and it appears to be made by Attolini.   Cheers   Clint
I would hazzard a guess at Chester Barrie.  But I'm sure someone will be able to confirm (or deny) this.   Cheers   Edit: Too slow.
I've also noticed fairly recent Belvest made G&H suits, in addition to what Simon says above.  
I have a pre-owned Ralph Lauren Signature Label (made by Corneliani) suit in blue pinstripe.   The suit has signs of use, specifically a couple of snags and the lining of the sleeve requiring restitching, but perfectly wearable.  There is also some minor shine on the trousers (but not noticable unless looking for it) I would rate it 7.5-8 out of 10.  I would keep it, but for the trouser waist.  I've tried to capture the major issues in the pictures.   Please note...
I was going to keep this as secret as possible.  However, since you've asked for it   http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?62512-Dario-Zaffagni  (I wonder how APortnoy is?)   http://robbreport.com/Wardrobe-A-Classic-Remake.aspx   They do come up rarely at good prices.  I was fortunate enough to pick up the 5 Zaffagni items I mentioned above (pre-owned, but in decent condition 8/10) for less than £300 (That is two, 3-piece suits; two, 2-piece suits and...
If the suit had a vent (or two) in the jacket and I wasn't so completely broke, I would really be making enquires about it.   I have several Saint Andrew items aside from the ones I've already mentioned.  A few Saint Andrews branded SC's, as well as a couple of RLPL items and I must admit to liking most of them a lot.  Excellent find.   Clint
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