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Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 - why not? - yay for equality .... or at least perceived equality Word!
I believe that the blue label is a replacement for the White label. So mainland PZ. Nice choice. I have a navy white label P.Z. suit and for the price, I would not hesitate to purchase one. Well done for finding them J!! Jump on them people, whilst they're available. Clint
Quote: Originally Posted by someotherstyle That certainly works for me. Nice combination and picture. Clint
Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanComposition Beginning of the day: End of the day: Ready for the weekend... The first picture could be on a poster for the next "Dexter". However, the whole presentation could be one of the best I've seen here (and I've seen many). Bravo!! Clint
Last drops before eBay (on Sunday). They really are in good condition and my only reason for selling is because I have far too many clothes and I need to get rid of some. Most have been worn less than 5 times. Cheers Clint
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin Thanks. Not super-long, but I would like about a half an inch shorter. Mike I also don't think that it's too long, Mike. A good look. However, if you "feel" that it's too long, you know you won't be happy. I'm going to try and name some of the many people who's posted in the last 24 hours and I'm feeling. In no particular order: Mike - Love it. Full stop (Period). Spoo - You know! NDW - I really...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker ^ noted. Groupthink lost, amazingly... so get out yer cheap stuff! Word!
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Thanks Clint - I hate you too. It took me some time to start posting pictures in WAYWRN... the first time I uploaded I refreshed like 100x in the first 10 minutes hoping I got approval (OK, well, not much has changed ) but Id say you shed a layer of thick skin every time you put a pic up... the snark, hey - it happens. We are (mostly) a bunch of well educated, nerdy sartorialists, hiding behind the veil of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin Thanks for the kind words, Clint. You will learn as time goes by whose snark/criticism is worth your time, and whose words are worthless (although I like to hear everyone's perspectives, from the old hats to the rookies). Some people are just mean spirited. Quite often those same people don't back up their nasty words with any actual fits of their own. Mike Mike, it's not only fits that I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer +1 But this isn't just true of message boards; it's true of life in general. Every generation eventually becomes nostalgic for what it perceives as its heyday, which is, of course, the last time that generation's preferred styles, trends, and preferences were the norm. Sooner or later, everyone reaches the point at which he says to his kids (or grandkids), "Turn that crap down! Ya call that...
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