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Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker The only way you can get it removed is if : -they mention import taxes - they use your name -they curse Other than that... no removals. If you care about the feedback, eat it. If you can live with a neg (thinking that he would give you one if you refuse), tell him no. Hey Spoo, thanks for the advice. I've just come off the phone to them and the operator suggested another way (I'm not saying...
Quote: Originally Posted by HarleyBob I think you did nothing wrong. In fact, you even listed that the suit has working buttons on the sleeves, so how was he going to lengthen them anyway? I think it is just buyer's remorse. He is going to give you negative feedback, if you can live with that, just tell him the deal is final. You can't please all of the people all of the time. You have 100% positive feedback on over a thousand transactions. I don't...
Hi all, I recently sold a suit on eBay (please refer to link below) and it was sent to the Buyer within the timescales specified. I hadn't heard any comments/feedback from the buyer and I sent a complimentary message to the Seller to see whether he was ok with the suit. and I got this response: Quote: Hello, I'd like to return your suit please. The arms are a little short (which I had...
This is completely subjective as I haven't a clue what Sprezz actually is (hence, my contribution), but the fits that appealled to me the most are (in no particular order): NDW, Parker, NOBD. There were some other quite strong contenders, but in terms of natural looking fits, these get my top vote. I do hope that I understand next Friday's challenge Cliint
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Looks great. I am not a fan of the lining, or contrast stitching, however. If you're refering to me, thank you. The coat looks better in real life and I wouldn't have even taken photos of the lining and sleeve buttons, but for this Friday's challenge. Clint
I have no idea whether this constitutes anything but a mess, but here goes my attempt. I had to leave the house today, so my Sprezz, is liking individual components and putting them together. That's all folks!!
Quote: Originally Posted by acridsheep You need to get over your "it feels too long" phase, it's all in your head. The fit is impeccable. +1. I'm with you on that one.
Quote: Originally Posted by harry2quinn Got to wear my new Sartorio spotcoat! Finamore shirt, Incotex pants, Allen Edmonds shoes and belt, Robert Talbott socks. And as I feel obligated to show it off every couple of months or so, my favorite cufflinks. I'm McLoving the sportscoat. Lovely!!
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin You have to visit his blog for the rest. Mike p.s. Nii is the Uncle...Someotherstyle is the Nephew. My bad. 'Pologies. I gotsta get the fam tree right. Thanks for the heads up. Clint
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 DTO'ing NOBD (and YFYF) more on the dark side Newphew, where's the full shot, or are you playing some kinda striptease thang!!! C'Mon dawg, don't be shy!! Clint
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