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   Many thanks for both of you. To be clear, owing to some members making promises to pay and not, I am operating a "First to pay, gets" policy. This is unless we have done business before. I'm sorry to have to do this, but I'm sure most sellers know the score now. I WILL discount the BIN prices and will discount further for multiple purchases. Thanks again Clint
Hi all, owing to a change of circumstances (a job which does not require formal wear), I've decided to sell most of my ties.   I've listed them on eBay (see below) and I will knock at least £10 of the BIN price of each tie (possibly more for multiple purchases).   http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/clintonglen/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686   I have another 10 or so ties to list and I'll do those tomorrow (Zegna Couture, Battistoni, Barba, and a few...
I haven't commented on this forum for a while, but that video has caused me to put finger to pen.I've heard some rubbish, masquerading as hip hop/ rate, but now I know realise that "music" has reached new lows.I am disturbed by it. However, I propose that this type of nursery rhyme shit, "performed" by people who should be at nursery (kindergarten), should not be called hip hop/rap. It needs to be redefined and disassociate itself from the music of the 80's through to the...
  Sorry, I cannot help you on this one.  I don't really know what's on the tags, just what they look like.   Clint
  Fake, I would state (with 99% confidence).  Please check the labels in this thread and you will see that there is nothing which mentions Zegna clothing being made in Paris.   Cheers   Clint
Hi, I cannot date it exactly, but I would guess between 10-15 years old, possibly older.     Hope this helps?   Clint
Whilst I cannot comment on age (but I would say 5 years or older), I would say that this is an Armani Black label tie and should be authentic.  I had one similar to this.   Cheers   Clint
Hi, it's the cloth and NOT made by Zegna.  The images in this thread should provide some idea of a genuinely made Zegna item versus a maker using the cloth.   Cheers   Clint
  Bit "old" in my reply, but having several Belvest made products in my possesion, I can confirm (along with everyone else here) that it is a Belvest label.   They also make for Prada and some older Burberry brands.   Cheers   Clint
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