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Chef Michael Smith has a different Knife storage solution
This is fantastic !
There is Denningers in Burlington
For me they worked very well. I have the GS 7(4" Paring), GS 14(Serrated), GS 38 (31/2 Paring), GSF 17 (Bird Paring) G4 (Gyuto), G5 (Veg) G 29 (Meat and Fish) and the G 17 (11" Chef) I will also mention at the time I was in a professional kitchen the options were much more limited then they are today. I did not like the feel of the Henckels and so many other guys had the Wustofs that I chose the Globals hoping that if mine were different than the others less of them would...
I noticed that you said "Acorns" which are from an oak tree and most wines are aged in either oak barrels or oak chips. Could that be the connection ? Also allergies seem to evolve/devolve what may not have bugged you before now does.
Whirlpool has an "Ambassador Program" just find someone in the company who can hook you up and the prices are pretty solid. You can probably move up a level in quality with the savings.
That is the saddest thing I have seen all day...
Try Atelier, Chef Marc Lepine worked with Grant Achatz
Does your oven have a built in broiler ?
Can you do an initial sear of the thighs and then finish in the oven ?
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