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Fair comment - I'm comfortable with the length but it's the shoulders in particular I was questioning, appreciate it's a shitty pic.
Hi Picked up this Washington Half jacket from the London Store. I wear 38 in M&S and medium in Uniqlo sport coats (this is really my first mid-range sport coat). I had to get a 40 in the Washington as the 38 was too slim in arms, body, chest and shoulders. The 40 fits perfect in the upper body, still being slim but not restrictive. I'm really pleased with the fit but the shoulders might be a tad wider than I'm used to on the Uniqlo sport coats, as the shoulders on those...
I'll take the boat shoe. How much shipped to uk? Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH These are definitely not shell cordovan, but the uppers look to be in good enough condition. Wear them in good health. Thanks Patrick
EDIT - see set pics above
Hi guys, Picked these up from a charity shop here in the UK. Not even sure if they're calf or cordovan as I don't own any cordovan shoes. The sole has a topy layer, rubber heel unit has a 'Florsheim' embossed logo and the label 'Made in USA' inside. I've read previous threads and they don't look to be v-cleats, and they aren't made in India as per the newer ranges, but couldn't find any further info. Thanks
Short and simple
Agreed. Stick to IB for a couple more years if you can and take it from there
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