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I bought these back in ~November last year and never wore cause I got fat. These are the jeans: http://blueowl.us/sc...ail&SKU=7964000 $70 Shipped Size 33 measurements in the pictures Waist 33" (Will not stretch much maybe 1/4") Inseam is a shrunk 33" (FYI I am 5'9") Front Rise 10.5 Back Rise 14.25 Thigh 13 Thigh @ 2"12 Knee @ 13" 9.5 Leg Opening 8.5 http://imgur.com/a/tyFK6 Gallery of Pictures includes before and after soak fit pics
New UB121 Tagged 34 (Awaiting Exchange)Waist -35 (Bands Aligned)Thigh-11.75 @ SeamKnee-8.75 @13"LO-8
I'm 5'9" ~160lbs (measured 33 waist) and I have a pair of size 31 ns I like the fit. Be sure to wear a belt!
^^ I bet new standard would have been better but after the tailor job they look way better.
^ I believe it's samurai 710xx
^^ http://www.revolveclothing.com/Brands.jsp?c=&s=c&d=d&sc=Grey&HPsource=Men 3sixteen, nudie, n&f
My pair shrunk .25" and stretched about an inch bigger than tagged. 12" rise is too big so my jeans after stretch fit like shit and I threw them away.
Quote: Originally Posted by redawg Just wanted to know if any other brands besides NF had a similar fit. Good place to start: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=157881
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty common projects sorry $312 is not in my budget...under $100 please thanks
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