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I have a brown lamb A-2, size 50, like new. Considering trade for a black lamb moto in same size. You must have some trader feedback, high post count or some years on SF..
Second this..limits you to navy, black and off white imo.
I don't think I've gotten a video ad on here for over a year. Sounds horrible though. Why not more site generated video? That shit MJKrell did was kinda funny.
The claim sounds like an interesting jumping off point for an actual article but hard to understand why an editor would leave that intact. If you test for salmonella in raw chicken you'll find it sooner or later. My hunch about this outbreak is the contamination was heavy and thorough, making the incidents of illness due to under cooking high enough to qualify as an outbreak. If there is some mutant Salmonella the USDA will be all over it. Ruhlman caught shit for the...
[[SPOILER]] thought it was ryegb for a minute
I'd like to think that Uniqlo has some social responsibility requirements for their manufacturing but I have no idea if they do.
I refuse to believe that the size 34 jeans (not the denim) really measure 36.75 inches across the waist as the PE store has claimed for 2 seasons now. Somebody clear this shit up for me please.
Price dropped significantly; this is a steal IMO. Jil Sander Tailor Made suit. Medium blueish-gray. Very good condition. 3 button, slim fit jacket, lined. Flat front pants with button fly, lined to knee. Size 48 but fits more like a 50. Great price for a fully canvassed suit. $75 includes free shipping to anywhere in the US. Priorty Mail with tracking number. shoulders: 18.5 chest: 21.5 sleeve: 26 length boc: 31 waist: 18 thigh: 12 rise: 10 inseam: 30.5 hem: 8
Peir Wu Varsity style "Sportsjacket" purchased less than a year ago from Suspension Point, like new, worn only a few times. Size 48 Chest 22.5 length 29 Bottom/waist 19 Made in UK Body Nylon "Powernet" Sleeves Wool with Elastic Cuffs Full Zipper closure and two slit side pockets PM for my paypal address. USPS Priority shipping included. $225
Jet everything was 100% wool (albeit shetland) or cotton and seemed well constructed. I honestly haven't bought mall clothing in so long I was just glad to see something I wanted that didn't seem like total garbage -plus I asked for 20% off and they gave it to me. I might get the waxed coat when it goes on sale. Looking around the rest of that store though was horrifying.
New Posts  All Forums: