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Vintage Ivy restocks. Picked up the black watch shirt and was only charged $11 for shipping rather than the usual $21. Feels like I'm doing business with Ricky in HK all over again.
Online is 25% off....not sure about physical stores but I assume they are as well.
Not specific to F/W but either a second shirtmaker in addition to Inglese, and/or an option to do pre-order, MTO or GMTOs from Inglese. All handmade is not important to me personally, great fabrics and mix of collar styles are.
Are you going to frequent this thread much longer?
my adult response to this problem> Yeah, a few things I really want but I'm going to sleep on it. Spring drops will start before we know it and I don't want to be tapped out before that happens.my actual response>
Am I correct in noticing that page isn't on the site and we should bookmark if interested? There is still some very cool stuff on there. Is the ribbing on that beige Valstar grey or baby blue?
I've gotten it stuck in my head that Newcomer is Walker Percy's Binx Bolling.
2014- realized that clothing hangars are serious bizzness! 2015- Buy a couple more belts, another pair of sunglasses, a cashmere sweater and get a mto pair or two of Vass.
expected delivery time on the Formosa spring pre-orders?
Looks fantastic. Hoping someone will post shots of the mto versions, especially brown/black herringbone.
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