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Man I wish I had the olive skin/silver hair genetics to grow into my senior years. Pretty sure I'm just going to end up looking like Mr. Potter from It's a Wonderful Life
So I returned the Document trousers in L because they were a little too big on me. They are still there and now on sale. They are the most awesome casual trouser ever and someone should buy them right now.
I grew up a symphony kid and have been to hundreds of concerts, opera performances, etc so I feel qualified to chime in. Leave the costume dress to old guys and true 'patrons'. You'll be fine in a solid suit or sportcoat with wool trousers and an overcoat. This is one of those times were if your outfit is worthy of being noticed it's not appropriate.
Grabbed a pair of the Thuya mocs; the light blue ocbd of footwear. Ready to hang out with Jean Touitou at a Phoenix concert now.
If you count the styleinshade posts it's more like 600.
Rough estimate on restocks of sold out eyewear from Lunettes Kollektion?
I'd prefer they leave the soft ivy button down as-is and simply create a larger "Italian ivy" buttondown suited for wearing with jackets to add to the lineup. Am I right?
Best/most reliable mail-in denim repair right now?
My city has renamed the street I work on from "Bowie St" to "David Bowie St" which is cool as long as my package gets delivered.Will be ironic if this comes between me and fashion.
What is wrong with the website? Pages take forever to load, or won't load, layout is terrible. Please go back to the old site.
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