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She pushes some sort of weird button that millions didn't know they had.
I know we're not to spring drops yet but will there be new iterations of Buttero low sneaks in canvas this year?
The way you described how you're styling it...I'd say no. I wore one in junior high with a knit cap, jeans and a sweat shirt all the time but I also had a flask of bourbon and a pack of winstons in there.
@Newcomer Looks great man but I'd urge you to give it a year before you sell off your 50's. The only thing worse than gaining 15 pounds back is realizing you sold everything that would have fit you. I love the way I look in 48 pants, but I love pizza too.
Yeah I've looked at their instagram and have a lot of respect for your editing
FWIW I try not to buy more than one version of something unless it's a pretty anonymous staple. Meaning I'll buy several colors of plain lambswool crewneck sweaters but not multiples of something unique like the PF shirt jacket. Also, I hope/imagine Valstar remains in the lineup. I'd still like to pickup a suede harrington and a field jacket eventually.
While I haven't purchased anything from Document, at least yet, I thought it looked great. (Curious if they'll be in the spring drops?). I wear a lot of casual clothing that isn't really 'business casual' but still stops short of belted robes and bison sweaters. Lots of Italian options there, but it's nice to have others that are slightly less refined.
SOLD Unworn, unhemmed. $210 includes USPS priority shipping in US. No Int, no Canada and no Military/Diplomatic addresses, sorry. Purchased new from No Man Walks Alone but just sitting in my closet. Visit their website for better pics if you're not familiar. 100% wool, 310g weight Flat front, tapered leg, lined to the knee Three point closure with extended waistband, belt loops Waistband and pocketing in traditional striped oxford cotton shirting Made in...
I'm not familiar enough with the legal system to know who Ken Kraetz would report to, but yeah, I'd like to see that person talk.
Ep 10 was devastating. Watching the attorneys from Northwestern come in and expose in such a clear, concise way exactly how corrupt the process was and still get nothing done was chilling. Side note, Avery's dad has a nice garden...gorgeous Kholrabies. I'll add that much of the greatness of the series was, to be honest, the 10 hours of being a fly on the wall with rural farm people that otherwise I would never know a thing about. Sort of reminded me of Hoop Dreams in that...
New Posts  All Forums: