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Same here and I'm thinking of just embracing the suck and wearing shorts to work today.Gave in an ordered the PF shirt jacket as my annual outerware..
I knew that was going to look great. It's on my wishlist so hopefully my size sticks around a little longer until my money battery is recharged.
Some great looks in here. Recently picked up two pieces after a 5 year hiatus and I'd forgotten how insane the quality really is. I stumbled on a jacket from f/w 14 that I loved and then started looking at pics of Daiki which always leads to the conclusion 'I wanna look like that". Grabbed some fatigue pants recently since I saw they were pretty tapered and I love the silhoette. The only down side is remembering how much time can be spent looking for stuff and the 'looks...
Dunno, but I grabbed one (brown) and I'm pretty happy with it. Not over-designed, cut is decent and I don't mind poly fill for a sub $300 vest.
indie rock like it's 1992 "murica something else
Burgundy Field Jacket
New Posts  All Forums: