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I think there's value in that stuff, just probably not enough to float a whole operation.
If you guys have a chance can we get an ETA for GRP going online and for the Inglese special order polos?
I used to get sucked into the fantasy that I could just dress "one way" (sometimes minimalist, sometimes 'gourd farmer') because it would limit my physical possessions as well as the amount of head space I give to this hobby. In reality I prefer the more complicated/satifying path of figuring out how to blend things into a more personal style and unfortunately that just requires more clothes.
Is the classic shirt intended to be a little oversized? I got the long sleeved raw silk in 50 which is comfortably loose and long but I would prefer the sleeves were a little slimmer/shorter.
probably just settle for my old hornets sweatshirt.
Dreamt I had an aqua/teal loop wheeled terry cloth shirt jacket and now I want a real one.
Hornets finally respectable again after like 20 years. Not sure if MKG eventually fits back on the floor with Batum.
Rais that looks great, as I'm sure you are aware. Probably been answered but does anyone know if the ice cream shirt will be restocked? I picked up the seersucker shirt (white) and the polo (blue) for summer...no complaints. Thinking about those elastic pleated pants in either the grey seersucker or chambray.
Yeah I enjoyed watching it for the Venice scenery. I like the California beach bungalow/hippie style. My ex had family that lived in Venice so I spent a good bit of time there in the 90's. Haven't been back even though I go to LA a couple times a year.Flaked has a nice twist at the end but I can't hold it against anyone who doesn't like the show. It's just TV snack food. I like Maron too, but how many shows about 45 year old dudes banging 25 year old chicks can they...
This thing is cool.
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