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Is that Kimber bag large enough to put a 15 inch laptop into?
Grabbed a pair of black oiled Arizona's two weeks ago and haven't taken em off since. Didn't chance it on the soft foot bed since I know the regular one is plenty good.
I started wearing shorts to work this year. Both those are going in the collection.
Looking for size advice on Port Flannel from customers or staff - If I'm a 40R do I take an XL? Would wear these untucked and presumably loose fitting.
Enough to stock some non-tailored pieces?
Been on a K Records/Teen Beat/ 4AD kick...
Show her this will be something she'll always remember.
Really didn't recognize Snowman sans snowpents (oh...and I guess facial hair too now that I think about it).
Subbed. After 10 years of owning a couple of BMW E30s I'm in need of cheap (under 10K) reliable transportation to get me through for a couple of years. Looked at Civic, Accord, Camry, Prius- all depressing. And then there's Lexus which is obviously a different car. It appears I can land something in that range but I'm concerned about maintenance. What's the consensus, is it like maintaining a Toyota, a BMW or something in between?
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