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Will the T(S) drop include pants at some point?
Aesthetic for me. I'm in a 'creative' office so anything other than jeans needs to maintain the downward trajectory.
Pajama top is pretty badass too.
By normal I mean my brannock measured size. If I recall, I've had to go up a half size but it's good to know that can vary between models. I'll probably just order up a half size again and see how it goes. Not getting in a car for this.
Haven't bought Nike's in forever. Is it still typical to size up a half size from a 'normal' shoe?
+1 what sipang said. I like sizing up one on Dries short sleeve shirts off ebay for $50. Dana Lee is probably good too.
I look carefully at the content of people's posts. If they are needlessly argumentative or otherwise annoying I will stay away. So basically, nobody in CE.
Is the scale of the G&R brown and green check roughly the same as that of the sample shirt shown in the link? Or put a better way, how big is that swatch?
Sage de Cret
Just noticed that some (not all) Buttero sneaks say "size down 1". Am I ok with the same size I've ordered before or is there really variation?
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