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Watched the entire first season of Broad City last night on AP and it's brilliant. I'm sure a lot of people dismiss it as dumb stoner chicks, but I think it's genius and will be a critical reference point for comedy for a long time.
Heschung train keeps rolling. Genet Chukas arrived this week. I was so pleased with the quality I just ordered the Apache which I've coveted since they were shown in preview pics last year.
I'd imagine that there are a variety of answers. None of them would likely affect whether or not you would need to tailor the shirt for yourself though so not sure what you're asking?
I have that in a large, great piece and versatile. Works with t's, shirts, over other knits etc. I'm a 40 but wear it a little oversized. It's completely unstructured and I'd have to think it would work well for a 42.
Honest to God answer is I just don't have the (budgeted) funds to buy more than a tenth of what I want. I own a nice OS jacket and rather than going back to the same brand well (even though that's comfortable) I try to buy something new each time if possible. My hope is that you'll be in business for 10 years or more and than my slow and steady approach will eventually net me (and you) what we want. But yeah....need more money and less competing hobbies.PS- I think you...
Rewatching episodes of Louie with David Lynch. If there isn't a good documentary on DL I hope someone will make one soon.
This is orange. Color in first photo is most accurate. You may want to check No Man Walks Alone for (much) better photos.
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