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I'm still using Global but will probably try carbon steel next go round to see what it's like.
@conceptual 4est those look good on you but would you/will you end up ordering your regular size in these jackets? Any pics of the yellow/ochre?
Can't keep up with this thread right now...is the price shown for the Eidos preorders the full price or is it simply the first half of the amount due?
+1 I've got the shoulder bag which I used as my everyday bag to haul computer plus groceries/gym clothes. Not too tech and not too americana.
@sood is that the polo pique from GI?
Always great to check in on this thread in the middle of my own shitty remodel.
Word on my street was that guy who played Omar had moved in. Turned out to be Gus from Breaking Bad. Never been so disappointed. Geller sweatshirt and Thuya's as tribute for discussing tv shows on an affiliate thread.
All the same sizes for me newc so taking Gregs advice on medium. Has it been mentioned when these will deliver?
We're the same size and I was thinking L. Can we get a ruling here?
Man I wish I had the olive skin/silver hair genetics to grow into my senior years. Pretty sure I'm just going to end up looking like Mr. Potter from It's a Wonderful Life
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