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would love to see nmwa offer buttero leather laces in the accessory department.
[quote name="Parker" url="/t/131495/random-fashion-thoughts/104600_100#post_7644813"it's one reason I've not got more into Engineered Garments. I feel like it really looks best with more EG. [/quote] I'd love to see you take a run at EG some time.
hahah this deserves a requote. stated with the perfect amount of self deprication.
Greg could you also size the Monitaly sweatshirts?
Holy shite that Monitaly Cordoroy coat is perfect. You can take my money now. Also see my next pair of Butteros. Greg I know that's f/w stuff, but approximately when does the spring stuff start to go online?
First post into this thread, I'm looking at a similar situation in terms of needing to reside (remove and replace masonite with hardiboard) and there's no telling what we'll find underneath. Do you mind me asking ballpark what this ran you? I have yet to get a quote but I'm seeing discussions online in the ballpark of 12-15K for an 1800sf house.
wait, wait., wait....did synth just drop that he's Miran? Has this been common knowledge and I've simply missed it? [[SPOILER]]
I think T/S is a pretty good stand in for Engineered Garments and something not found anywhere I know of. SS15
If I spent more time drinking beer by a campfire, I'd totally get this cap.
Vintage Ivy restocks. Picked up the black watch shirt and was only charged $11 for shipping rather than the usual $21. Feels like I'm doing business with Ricky in HK all over again.
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