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SOLD NWOT Valstar, Valstarino Beige Lambskin, size 50 Purchased from NMWA, tried on but not worn outside, like new $200 firm, sorry I won't respond to offers. Price includes shipping in USA. I won't ship international nor to military boxes. Hangar not included. I've used "Beige" as it was listed by NMWA, but it's got some warm yellow. The photos are very accurate so rather than worrying about what color to call it just go by the photos. Chest 21.5 Length 26 Shoulders...
Love that tie.
Tres Bien waif. Get off my lawn, and eat.
I'm wearing Gap and Children's Place. Basic mall brand fit.
Thought you were just taking a piss till I clicked. Wow.
First school dance Eidos, Ingelese, Farnese (Vass Spilt Toe Scotch Grains no viz)
@ahjota same size (4) as I took in their shirting.
T(S) fleece vest is outstanding. I overlooked it until Greg posted some styled shots. Pretty much acts as a multiplier to every piece of outer ware and sweater I own. Also chocolates are making me fat .
Late to the party but binged first 3 seasons of Trailer Park Boys. I'm not sure this show would work for someone without some working knowledge of poverty/trash culture but iI do and it's so good. Probably inspiration for Eastbound and Down.
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