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Yes and yes (that shirt in a large) and yes (fabric and the rest of the cut is ace).
Love these but the fit challenges are real. For example, the dark grey gingham was incredibly tight below the elbow. Surely he has to have heard this feedback. Any idea if future production will address these quirks?
And because why would the average academic want to get caught up in that shit? Academia is bloodsport enough without getting thrown off your game by some fat faced cutter.
They don't look it on Tirailleur1 but 54 /26 sunglasses are on the larger side, no?
I'm a true 40R andI take a size 5. I could possible go down to a 4 for a trim fit but I prefer the 5.
Looks good Sood but I think it will look even better after a wash and with one less button buttoned. Greg curious if those hats are going up today?
i don't recall all the colors but I received my denim blue polo and it's fantastic. Highly recommend. Sized same as my shirts and it was spot on. Knit stretches so armholes are not an issue.
Shout out to the No Man crew for hosting the Trunk Show and allowing me to rummage through the shop. Some really nice stuff on hand and got dialed into sizing on some stuff without burning a bunch of shipping. Super impressed with Blue Blue Japan which I had not seen in person before.
"Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled T-shirts".
Undercover Boss: Costa RIcan Bodega Edition
New Posts  All Forums: