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If I hadn't done a special order last year through Greg for an oxblood calf budapester on a commando sole I'd be all over this scotch grain makeup. Here's a shot of some recent gear. Dugoff bomber and Lescas. *they glow
Based on my experience with the strap loafer you'd want a 43.
I'm lucky that more than a few items I tried to sell never moved. At the time it was about going in a different direction but over a long period I've learned how to throw all kinds of stuff together in ways that I couldn't before and that the designer probably didn't envision. If you can afford to, keep it.
I have one from the original pre-order. Is the current inventory from that batch or with the new/added length?
This is the goal for everyone right? Keep them inside the platform. People raised with only a phone (or primarily a phone) perceive it as an inconvenience to move over to browsers/webpages. WeChat being the most obvious example.
Not sure...I picked them up last night and didn't have time to do anything other than quickly check the Knoll tag. Guessing 70's based on the condition. Had to put them into storage since I'm out of my house while it gets floors, doors, paint and trim. Will there be a production date on the tag?
Thanks Lefty
I'v'e got this pair of authentic Barcelona chairs on hold for 24 hrs....$2400 for the pair. I should buy these right?
Anyone watching Season 3? I'll be done with 2 by tonight and I'm curious how if it's held strong with Netflix producing.
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