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dries linen sc uniqlo linen shirt apc quoddy
about as formal as I get outside of weddings and funerals. dries van noten linen sc thrifted tie uniqlo linen shirt apc ns thrifted quoddy longwings
I can't believe I'm in this thread with APC sizing questions but I need to replace my 5 year old NS. When did sizing change and what specifically happened? I can try on in person so can I still use the best rule of thumb which is "as tight as you can but still button" which for me is 2 down from my usual or actual size?
I felt a sense of Deja Vu looking at those fantastic dhabas. Mostly due to the similar vibe given by the lit Coca-Cola signs proclaiming the name of the restaurant and the dirty dinning rooms that reminded me of the fried chicken, soul food and fish fry joints of my childhood. I miss authentic places like that.
moo where do those shorts hit? Just above the knee or are they shorter?
Our little neighborhood crew of kids (and parents) watched TCP probably a dozen times the last two summers. Hands down favorite of everyone. I thought this was much more like Triplets of Bellvile...and while I respect the integrety of the original language version this is what happened to be at the theatre and admittedly I welcomed the break of someone doing the work for me.
Ernest and Celestine...saw the English dubbed version with Forrest Whittaker voicing the bear. Enjoyable as expected.
I have a pair...they are real. Got mine online from Aldo.
Wear with 501's tapered below the knee to about 7.5 ala Ervell.
True words Jet. Be kinds to parents if at all possible and I'll tack on "everyone else". My coworker passed away out of the blue yesterday. We were not personally close but traveled together on many occasions over the years. I actually had a bit of impatience with the guy to be honest and the day before what turned out to be his death, he was making friendly small talk while I was preoccupied with looking at clothes online. Against my natural instinct, I made a decision to...
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