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I still assume that every troll-like poster concerned with body image is Brad/Otter.
Dude, come on.
Greg/Kyle- I thought there was a tailoring discount on cotton rotas? Am I mistaken or is that missing?
Greg- restocks of cotton Rota in winter weights are coming, yes?
what I listened to last night....having seen the original lineup as early as 84, and having seen some really bad reunion shows of bands I loved and saw in their prime (pixies, etc) I didn't have a lot of hope going into this. Show turned out to be pretty great.
I know there were several things I just didn't really "see" until you ran the mascot contest. Or when someone posts a fit shot, which is especially true for knits/outerware The Gray cardigan with rust windowpane for example...I wouldn't be considering it except for the photo you posted and I could better imagine how it wears.
If there were more Inglese button down offerings and an inch total (half inch laid flat) in the chest and waist I'd buy one of each. That said, I understand shirts are the least likely to work for everyone.
couple of things I plan to submit to the gallery contest...lighting bolt t and buttero. schneider shirt jacket from few years ago
Anyone else unable to sign in to your nmwa account? In multiple browsers it just keeps kicking me to the 'login or create account' page?
Everything on this girls channel is fucking awesome.
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