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Honest to God answer is I just don't have the (budgeted) funds to buy more than a tenth of what I want. I own a nice OS jacket and rather than going back to the same brand well (even though that's comfortable) I try to buy something new each time if possible. My hope is that you'll be in business for 10 years or more and than my slow and steady approach will eventually net me (and you) what we want. But yeah....need more money and less competing hobbies.PS- I think you...
Rewatching episodes of Louie with David Lynch. If there isn't a good documentary on DL I hope someone will make one soon.
This is orange. Color in first photo is most accurate. You may want to check No Man Walks Alone for (much) better photos.
Above and beyond all is that post count. I literally can't understand how it's possible. He's everywhere.
Someone, maybe Fuuma? argued at some point that there should just me one waywt thread. Not practical but I liked the sentiment. I think most guys and that includes most of CM just fall apart when they try to go beyond a city suit and black oxfords.
Haha nothing like looking at something for 6 months and then having someone yank it right out from under you.
Ignore any criticism of this outfit.
Looks great newc but I think it's worth shortening the sleeves on that one.
Oh sweet Jesus. I lived in a house full of comp lit grad students and still get all ptsd twitchy just hearing that name. Do you know how hard it is trying to watch "The Real World Season 2"while idiots are discussing Body's that Matter?
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