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New track from King Tuff....looking forward to fun,fun fun in few months.
I might be the special snowflake here but I had to go with my CP/Buttero size to get a snug fit.Greg, any chance you can give us a sneak preview of fall? It's like the offseason, we need some news on trades, waivers and free agent signings.
Can't get these off my mind...would tear the patch off of course and wear with untucked white shirts, white tees and sneakers or flip flops. Seems like a disaster. What say you SF,?
Cool story bro -- I spent the day with a medium sized specialty coffee company (shall remain nameless). The thing I'm passing along here is that coffee is going to continue to get more expensive and the quality is going to go down. There is a fungus (leaf rust) knocking out a lot of farms. Historically is hit low altitude coffee since it thrives in warmer more humid climates but global warming is allowing it to climb higher into the mountain growns. Regarding quality, a...
James Perse tees are great sized up one. There's an outlet nearby I grab one or two a year. @unbelragazzoTan Chinos are the One Pant. Work with anything including t's, sport coats, leather jackets, ocbds , shirts like schneider or dries and knits. They pair with sneakers, derby's, docs and anything expect more formal dress shoes. The one's I got from Epaulet are durable but have a smooth finish. They're almost 5 years old and still look new.
I don't think I ever noticed those which is nuts given how much I've browsed the merch. The contest to spot Hubert or whatever his name is was a great idea because I ended up buying a couple of things as a direct result. The sale email also pushed me to finally grab the navy Oliver Spencer Portland jacket before it was gone; thanks to the way @FrankCowperwood has rocked similar versions.
Not crazy at all. I'd say it sums up Dries himself. Looks like a history teacher but turns out to be cooler than everyone you know.
Anyone have experience with the Alexander? Webshop says it's a 15" leg opening on a 32" but unionmade has an Alexander (called "Alexander Work") with a 16" opening. I'm looking for the closest thing to a new standard fit as possible.
Double bonus points for that range.
I have one from H&M that I got for about that price last year, but you'd need to check ebay at this point .
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