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Late to the game, just got the Antwerp One pun. Would have been better with a photo of stichy ballin in his merino.
I don't see any reason clothing can't be for collecting although I'd imagine it's not really an investment the way most traditional collectables are unless there is a serious focus. I had an a pretty out of control obsession with collecting outsider art (raw vision etc) during my twenties and the idea that a given object of my affection might exist outside of my collection was intolerable. By comparison the cost of clothing seems pretty reasonable even if it just sits in...
There was always too much cash flow to let this thing die on the vine. Glad to see it carry on. Now maybe you can resurrect 5EP next.
There's show the show "X" per page function but it maxes out a 50 orders (or $50K whichever is greater)
And the suede are P2 or F?
Try Raleigh Denim. If they don't take outside work they'll certainly know who would.
What's the difference between the brooks button down collar compared to broke and bespoke. The later looks like longer collar points/more roll to my eye. @LuxireStudio could you consider offering flat mother of pearl buttons?
Way to embrace the lapels. You could swaddle a newborn baby in those things.
Aside from Common Projects who else makes a good slip on?
So the interior can be used as a stand alone?
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