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Gus I like these from Sid Mashburn. It seems two degrees removed from Alden, but of course that's subjective.
A nice side benefit of kids is getting to reread stuff I would otherwise never consider. A pretty good medieval fantasy world not called GOT
Sure it's great
I happen to be wearing one today. I took the same size as the cardigan I have. Not a great picture and I did the half tuck thing so you can see how it drapes. Be advised the collar is even more sprezzed than the cotton one's. I like it that way but if you're going for crisp/clean this isn't that. Very well suited to heat and humidity.
I tried on the washed and would have taken the same size (assuming they don't stretch).
perfect no matter how many times I come back to it....
Oh Hai....guess who showed up to last day of school ceremonies today. Fight the Power. The dog's name is Sam, which assumes gender....or does it?
I ordered brown strap loafers direct from CK at a good price and fast shipping. Recommend that but of course you never know re: duties.FYI I've been looking for loafers for a couple of years and these struck the right chord for me. Perfect hybrid between an espradille and a suede loafer minus any American prep vibe and without being too fashion forward the way some brands are. Truly a "dress up or down" option for casual wear.
Dad grew up with little. A stick and rock were his only toys. His mother rarely noticed him playing in his room. One day his own father forgot his name. He’s risen from the ashes to be a loving provider to his own progeny. Does this man not deserve your deepest respect (now available in a commercial transaction with free shipping)?
"He's hardly breaking new ground here." That about sums it up. Anti-beauty or whatever term he wants to use has been around forever. And as soon as you put a frame around it or a filter over it you've just got another aesthetic. It's the frame I want to shake off but you can't.
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