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For what?
Been looking for a great pair of grey denim since my NdG finally gave out. I'd settle for something from APC but it doesn't look like they have a current version. Any recs?
Parker that's the perfect length for your hair imo.
I went over to that thread this morning (kamakura) and it's a bit of a clusterfuck imo. Most orders apparently ship from Japan, which may get you customs charges, but according to stichy you can see if the NYC store has your shirt. I dunno too much footwork for me I'll just wait till I'm in NYC again.
You guys are talking about "the" medium in the Vintage Ivy but according to the online shop it comes in NY or Tokyo fit correct? I'm 5 10" 165 with a 40 chest and 33" waist and prefer a slim fit...what's my best option (website measurements are overwhelming). Also, does this really ship from Japan and has anyone got hit with customs?
Pretty sure it's Harris Tweed from Unionmade
Went to purity ring a couple weeks ago...great show punctuated by 10 minute downpour. I wonder if they have a second good record in them.
My first job was at a movie theater where Rambo played first run for almost a year. I prided myself on never going into that theater. My drug dealing boss also showed me how to replace the ticket roll with my own and pocket all the cash which he deemed ok as long as I split it between him and the Rocky Horror crew.
Forgot how comfy that robe is. Adding it to my Christmas want list along with CdG card holder and the Toro Bravo cookbook. If giving is the best gift of all I want my family to be happy.
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