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Undercover Boss: Costa RIcan Bodega Edition
It's just people avoiding paying taxes, Does anybody really care about this?
HAHAHAHA new online shop banner is awesome!
I think there's value in that stuff, just probably not enough to float a whole operation.
If you guys have a chance can we get an ETA for GRP going online and for the Inglese special order polos?
I used to get sucked into the fantasy that I could just dress "one way" (sometimes minimalist, sometimes 'gourd farmer') because it would limit my physical possessions as well as the amount of head space I give to this hobby. In reality I prefer the more complicated/satifying path of figuring out how to blend things into a more personal style and unfortunately that just requires more clothes.
Is the classic shirt intended to be a little oversized? I got the long sleeved raw silk in 50 which is comfortably loose and long but I would prefer the sleeves were a little slimmer/shorter.
probably just settle for my old hornets sweatshirt.
Dreamt I had an aqua/teal loop wheeled terry cloth shirt jacket and now I want a real one.
Hornets finally respectable again after like 20 years. Not sure if MKG eventually fits back on the floor with Batum.
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