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Hornets finally respectable again after like 20 years. Not sure if MKG eventually fits back on the floor with Batum.
Rais that looks great, as I'm sure you are aware. Probably been answered but does anyone know if the ice cream shirt will be restocked? I picked up the seersucker shirt (white) and the polo (blue) for summer...no complaints. Thinking about those elastic pleated pants in either the grey seersucker or chambray.
Yeah I enjoyed watching it for the Venice scenery. I like the California beach bungalow/hippie style. My ex had family that lived in Venice so I spent a good bit of time there in the 90's. Haven't been back even though I go to LA a couple times a year.Flaked has a nice twist at the end but I can't hold it against anyone who doesn't like the show. It's just TV snack food. I like Maron too, but how many shows about 45 year old dudes banging 25 year old chicks can they...
This thing is cool.
Bought this belt circa 1992 for maybe $80 which seemed insane at the time, but here it is. It's never been my favorite or something I look to show off, but I tip my hat to it for it's longevity.
KTF I'm a 48 in Formosa/40 in Inglese and took a medium in the s&c lambswool. The fit is perfect for me, so I'd guess you are able to move between a medium and large.
I recently received a note that said "questionable choice on this one...not sure what you were thinking" but I still love it.
These guys grow on trees in Austin. Alex Jones, the guy who kamakazied the IRS building a few years ago. Guys like him and Trump are basically real life versions of Rodney Dangerfield from Caddyshack.
Ron Swanson wins GOP chair in Travis County capital of Texas, tells everyone to "Go fuck themselves". Check out @robmorroliberty . God I hope this guys doesn't go away. http://www.texastribune.org/2016/03/02/newly-elected-gop-chair-texas-capitol/
Will the T(S) drop include pants at some point?
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