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The only reference pics I like for jeans and jacket. I think it can look good but agree it sounds easier than it is.
quoted for the lulz
Did those clear Lunettes come from NMWA? I don't see them online.
I can certainly see that, and don't doubt it's a great sport, just didn't convert me. My dad went to LeMans in the early 70's with some friends. I've still got some super 8 footage he took from that trip and it's pretty charming.
I live in Austin and attended the race, which was my first and my first formula experience in any way shape or form since building a model John Player Special in 1979. I actually remarked that it was not nearly as loud as I imagined and someone explained to me the changes. Having said all that, while I was blown away by the speed, I have a really hard time understanding it as a crowd sport nor did it do anything to make me want to go back...and I had VIP tent seats with...
Alfred Sargent, Holborn suede Pimlico two-eyelet derby,8.5UK $330 $295 $275 Free shipping, original box, dust bags included. Purchased from No Man Walks Alone. These have been worn exactly one time, which is evident from looking at the sole and foot bed. I'm a size 9.5D US and these fit me perfectly. Click photos to enlarge
Where 2 kop?
I have a pair of pants from about 4 years ago. Is this cut still the same?
I have a list of Vass that I intend to have MTO through NMWA. Among the last three probably need to narrow down to one or two. I'm business casual (includes jeans) outside of weddings and funerals so no oxfords here.I'll spoiler the pics but if Greg decides to make any of these up for the shop that's cool too. [[SPOILER]]
Mike you guys should hit Austin. Not sure if SXSW would be a good time or not, but I think you'd do well here.
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