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Is there going to be Esemplare for Spring?
I know you get lots of compliments on the store in this thread, but seriously Greg your personal style has gone off the charts the last few years.I envy your ability to cross over styles seamlessly and without ever hitting a false note.
Trying to do this late in the game without duplicating too much stuff. Thought it would be harder, but it wasn't. Start with cashmere... Add some cotton... WIde wale... Some shit kickers.... And wrap it up in wool.
Have to work to make that money to buy them clothes but then miss them drops cause I be workin.
No Moth Walks Alone.
If I had the funds I'd buy almost the entire ts(s) collection you have up.I think it's fantastic.
Did you guys make Monitaly and Heschung buys this spring?
It's too small imo...sorry Frank.
Or perhaps GMTO for Rota and Inglese? Pick a fabric and make a run....if your vendors will allow it of course.
Did itvia this article....I'll go back and figure it out. https://support.twitter.com/articles/14014-twitter-via-sms-faqs
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