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I cruised her FB page and it's such a shit show that the service animal is like half way down the list. She has a GOFUNDME page so she can become a certified firewalk instructor.
Some buzzkill woman I know from the neighborhood showed up to a party this weekend with a service pet/emotional support dog. Apparently she detected a hint of amusement on my part when I asked her "what's up with the dog". She wouldn't answer my questions so I'm forced to investigate through others now. Pretty sure this is going to be about The Patriarchy.
Another fat finger search led me to this girl. I want to introduce her to the stye guy -they appear to share a love of necklaces.
But did you guys get free chocolates?
You guys might try to proxy from conceptual4est, i think he lives in nyc.
Does anyone know where I can find this shirt? It's a band collar in pindot linen I think. Out of my size in the retail shop where I took this.
Bruce Kudu Derby and La Portegna slip ons for a 9.5 US?
We're the same size then. The measurements for 50 and 48 are nearly identical, which Kyle confirmed was accurate for whatever reason. I went with a 48.
What I'm wearing right now. Do it...
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