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Are you saying that based on garments you have, or on the webshop measurements? I find the later to be frequently inaccurate fwiw.
Anyone know who makes the house brand italian penny loafer? http://www.sidmashburn.com/shop/footwear/british-tan-sid-mashburn-italian-penny-loafer.html
How's the shoulder strap for carrying? That's about the only way I carry a bag so I'm curious since it's not a flat ribbon style strap.
Greg if I let out the waist on the garment dyed Rota's will there be a variation in color? I've got the Khaki's so those may have more leeway than red or green perhaps.
Absolutely interested in a vest. Something like that blue tweed that SW had.
Looking at a 1995 540i V8 right now. lazur blue. My wife and mother are having a drink right now and talking shit about how impractical I am.
KVC thanks. I'm staying at Hotel Lincoln (south end of Lincoln Park) and working around the southeast side of the 290/94 interchange (Harrison and Canal basically). I love pierogies so that's on the list for sure as is Lou Mals.I'm actually from Charlotte originally. Price's Chicken Coop is still open and it's pretty great. Other than that all the great soul food places and meat and three have closed.and the rest of it's a culinary wasteland.(EDIT: there are some decent...
Upcoming stops in Chicago and Seattle- downtown for both. Need some cheap street food recs please. Food carts, counter service or cheap sit down places are all appreciated. Legit international is preferred over hipster food unless it's completely off the chain can't miss.
Noob plz clean that mirror. I sort of missed the arrival of Hirch and like a TV show I'm too far behind on I think I'll just keeping being ok with guessing at what's actually happening.
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