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*Spicoli face not included.
I thought I'd seen every insane movie ever made and then I got to go to this last night....Full write up [[SPOILER]]
I found the shoe selection to be really good and they'll ship stuff to you if needed. I can also rec Larb Ubol for Thai food around the corner.
there's a pretty significant size jump between M and L in the shirts (chest) and pants (waist) if the measurements are correct? Is it apparent when trying these on?
This one...still around in most sizes.
I recently picked up the TS(S) grey CPO shirt from a local shop incorrectly thinking it was sold out at NMWA. I paid about a third more(unfortunately) than I would have if I had just checked here first but was still really happy with what I got. If anyone is on fence about it I highly recommend. It would make a great layering piece for fall.
My cholesterol has been fucked (over 300) for the last 5 years so I've finally accepted that I need to skew in this direction. I consider myself a pretty good home cook but it's like starting over from nothing for me without the liberal use of animal products.
The amount of 80's mashups in Stranger Things is fantastic. Hopper goes from wearing his Sherrifs outfit in the first episode to eventually looking and acting like straight up Indiana Jones. Incredible well written.
Is that Kimber bag large enough to put a 15 inch laptop into?
Grabbed a pair of black oiled Arizona's two weeks ago and haven't taken em off since. Didn't chance it on the soft foot bed since I know the regular one is plenty good.
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