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Looks like Onitsuka Tigers. Lets see a fit pic !That flannel popover is fantastic. I've got a couple of heavy flannels from SS and they work like knitwear. Perfect weekend shirt imo.
Was looking over my paypal transaction history this weekend and turns out my first ever sale was for a pair of sneaks I sold to Greg back in like 2008. Guess he's gotten the better of the ledger sheet since then.
This is similar to your "4 pocket shirt jacket" although I have to admit the use of green here seems to be the way to go. Would your Green Linen (pants fabric) work for this and what would the ballpark cost be including changing your collar design to mimic this one?
I work in the food industry and I'd say BBQ sauce is one of the few items that is as good or better made in large, controlled batches. All of the ingredients are already processed and handle heat just fine so nothing is really lost.
Spending the week in N Carolina so I have access to locally made (rurals not hipsters) Country Ham-- pan fried and deglazed with coffee, butter and a little brown sugar(red eye gravy). Served over grits...wish I could make great biscuits though : (
I'm the same size as you and 42.5 was perfect.
Just came across some Steiff bears from the 20's at my parents house, along with a letter from JFK to my dad for winning the soap box derby. I won't part with the letter but those bears are good as gone if they're worth what I'm seeing online.
Looks like the taupe suede low Butteros are still around in 42. Someone should jump on those.
Do you anticipate having measurements for more/all items in the fall? I feel bad emailing to ask for measurements on stuff (though certainly not in multiple sizes lol), but not bad enough not to do it. Having them all posted would solve the issue for all it seems.Also - you guys have the best photos of any shop online bar none. Bought several items based on the detailed/closeup texture shots so thanks for that.
Got these on resale. Curious if anyone can ID? Says made in USA so I'm thinking Alden, Florsheim or Nettleton?
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