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Upcoming stops in Chicago and Seattle- downtown for both. Need some cheap street food recs please. Food carts, counter service or cheap sit down places are all appreciated. Legit international is preferred over hipster food unless it's completely off the chain can't miss.
Noob plz clean that mirror. I sort of missed the arrival of Hirch and like a TV show I'm too far behind on I think I'll just keeping being ok with guessing at what's actually happening.
Jet those trunks are great...you should kop for sure if the length works. I think my thighs are too big for them unfortunately.
I appreciate their lack of marketing. I've been roasting for 10 years now, staring with the dog bowl method from coffeegeek but still use the jiffypop. Probably time to step up to a Genie.
All items $65 each or any 3 items for $165. Price includes USPS Priority shipping.Paypal only, no ‘gift’ payments accepted.Mix and match that 3 for $165 pricing with my other thread on shirts.Prices are firm, this is not a “or best offer” listing. No trades.No holds. First to pay takes it. Sorry but no shipping outside of the US; no exceptions.All items are in good used condition and have only been hand washed in cold and hung to dry.For reference I’m 5’10, 165 lbs with a...
Stumbled across a PBS doc on the history of Catalina Island and it's heyday as a resort for Hollywood. I had no idea the Cubs were there either. Not being a resident, what's the situation like now? Is it a place any of you would go?
I just sold 8 shirts in a few hours because I priced them very reasonably and didn't want to hassle with weeks of PM's. So yeah. prices seem out of whack to me but if sellers don't mind holding out then so be it.
Thanks I have a smaller lot of trousers and a couple blazers that will go up this weekend so check back for a link in my sig.
Should I assume the G.Inglese linen shirt is prewashed? Not sure I have much room for shrink.
Thanks Toothesome!
New Posts  All Forums: