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http://yellowbirdsauce.com/ This stuff is good. Great balance of heat and some sweet.
What's my size in Orcival if I have a 40" chest?
Vintage Ivy Chambray arrived. After a soak and dry, it feels a little rough. Curious if these soften up?
Speaking of Rota MTO, are the cotton twill (tan and white) garment dyed as well?
Are you saying that based on garments you have, or on the webshop measurements? I find the later to be frequently inaccurate fwiw.
Anyone know who makes the house brand italian penny loafer? http://www.sidmashburn.com/shop/footwear/british-tan-sid-mashburn-italian-penny-loafer.html
How's the shoulder strap for carrying? That's about the only way I carry a bag so I'm curious since it's not a flat ribbon style strap.
Greg if I let out the waist on the garment dyed Rota's will there be a variation in color? I've got the Khaki's so those may have more leeway than red or green perhaps.
Absolutely interested in a vest. Something like that blue tweed that SW had.
New Posts  All Forums: