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Jesus Dude.- What do the Atilla the Hun and Winnie the Poo have in common?- [[SPOILER]]
Is this a joke? http://hipsterbusiness.name/
Curious, where do you bury everyone that isn't cremated? Surely not in the ground so I'm guessing in those drawer things whatever there called.
Kulata told me I needed to post this fit here in order to officially lose with dignity. I added that last part actually.
Headed to a beach wedding tonight so I actually have something to contribute to the Friday challenge. Stopping to pick up Tubbs on the way.
Is anyone making a 10oz denim in a new standard like fit? Closest I've come is n&f but I don't care for the fit.
You guys gonna post some s/s 16 teaser shots or were they all on instagram?
- Insert TOJ joke here - btw if you're not following sf instagram this week you should be as Kyle is posting lots of cool stuff from Paris.
Whenever there is a moment where the conversation stalls just lean in and kiss them. If they freak out just tell them you were "getting the 'wrong message" and then it's on them.
I may have to move to the suburbs. I know 'most' people do it , but I'm about to break out in hives at the thought of it.
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