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The fabrics are so nice and the colors often are so saturated that I suppose 'feminine' would be one way to describe SS.
+1 [[SPOILER]]
Finally put a chip in this thing. Still like going down the river in a canoe but no longer my daily.
I offer a nmwa personal shopping service, for an exorbitant fee of course.
GRP Grey Herringbone A1 only shows sized 1 and 2. I assume additional sizes will be added?
Where on the jacket is this located? I'm confused.
Non rabbit fur talk - if I'm a 9.5USD what size am I in Heschung suede Apache?
newcomer- a lot of guys would wear that shirt buttoned all the way, with black wool trousers, similarly fashion forward outerwear and black derby's. Personally, I'd just throw it on like any flannel shirt, maybe unbuttoned with a grey t underneath and jeans (possibly black). and a pair of sneakers, like buttero, or the right pair of boots.
Is there a current thread discussing US tailors that you guys are using? I don't want to wait for someone who travels, and I don't need bespoke. Just looking for someone with a track record of good work, preferably in Houston or Dallas.
I like Hinoki and 2Man, and I wore the vettiveru a lot the last few summers but I've come to pickup a lot of sweetness in the opening that's offputting, even if it doesn't last that long.
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