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I don't think I ever noticed those which is nuts given how much I've browsed the merch. The contest to spot Hubert or whatever his name is was a great idea because I ended up buying a couple of things as a direct result. The sale email also pushed me to finally grab the navy Oliver Spencer Portland jacket before it was gone; thanks to the way @FrankCowperwood has rocked similar versions.
Not crazy at all. I'd say it sums up Dries himself. Looks like a history teacher but turns out to be cooler than everyone you know.
Anyone have experience with the Alexander? Webshop says it's a 15" leg opening on a 32" but unionmade has an Alexander (called "Alexander Work") with a 16" opening. I'm looking for the closest thing to a new standard fit as possible.
Double bonus points for that range.
I have one from H&M that I got for about that price last year, but you'd need to check ebay at this point .
Not a popover but my go to, wool lined but very light so it works in 60 degrees or 30.http://www.southwillard.com/collections/spring-2014/crescent-down-works-for-south-willard/california-winter-jacket-navy-wool-lined
Kiehls White Clay Face scrub and... [[SPOILER]]
Damn, I was waiting for the sale to end so I could kop that with return options. Now I'll have to see if the Solaro is still around. EDIT: nevermind
Anyone pickup the washed cotton standard pants this (first) season that can comment on the fabric weight?
Here you go Stichy! [[SPOILER]]
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