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I have and love this shirt. Great deal for someone who's a 40R.
I was looking around for the gmto thread on these as I don't recall the makeup. What kind of material is that? Like newc...just wondering.
CM- Since your looking for feedback I'll give you some thoughts on your last post to waywt . Every piece is individually unremarkable at best and overall you don't look any different from tech support casual. If you're off work then make it count by wearing more interesting stuff or at least get better versions of what you're wearing. K-Swiss are blobby and generally going to bring down any outfit. Try Adidas Campus or Vans Authentics or slipons and get some true no...
Assuming your subject is more than a 2D figure on the internet I'd say you possess plenty of information and that it's relevant.
Jesus Dude.- What do the Atilla the Hun and Winnie the Poo have in common?- [[SPOILER]]
Is this a joke? http://hipsterbusiness.name/
Curious, where do you bury everyone that isn't cremated? Surely not in the ground so I'm guessing in those drawer things whatever there called.
Kulata told me I needed to post this fit here in order to officially lose with dignity. I added that last part actually.
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