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"Have you dined with us before"? No as a matter of fact I haven't, but I can read, talk/point and chew my food so I think I'm going to get through this. Worst greeting ever.
1982. Leather and grown out mohawk
I usually wash mine at a year, then every couple of months after that. They'll fade nicely in the next year if you wear them consistently and continue to wash periodically. You can use bleach too, although I'd do that at about 2 years. I think I throw in 2-3 cups.
20 degrees gets me to about 75
What's the relationship between Coffee Shrub and Sweet Maria's? I thought the site's looked similar and sure enough when I clicked on coffee blends it shows me Sweet Maria's blends. They don't make any mention of this in the "about" section.
Not sure about anyone else, but I'd be disappointed if my dumplings weren't made in a back alley.
Kettle just released "Pepperoncini" and I'm afraid to say they don't taste at all like their namesake.
MOCA has the full Matthew Barney exhibit /screening for River of Fundament this fall. Should be 'fun'.
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