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Received my first pair last week (Congac Scotch Grain Norweger from NMWA). I assume Safire Renoventeur is an acceptable conditioner. When I actually give these a polish what would someone recommend in terms of colors or brands? I currently have a number of blacks and color 8 cordovan but really nothing in this shade of brown.
I can still smell the Eccentric Molecules 01 in my shirt from almost two weeks ago after a second laundering. Smells good, but hard to believe for something I can't smell on my skin.
Trying to reconcile my health insurance claims submitted against the bills that arrive in the mail. Its impossible. If the physicians offices could use the claim number generated by the insurance companies in their bills it would be doable. Without that, your're left to piece together dates and amounts from the bills that don't really align with the claims shown as being submitted to the insurance company.
I once destroyed the unisex bathroom in Tribeca. As each person exited they beamed at the next person in line and gave a look as if to say "all yours, still works". I left with my eyes locked on my shoes and could feel the hate before I could reach the sidewalk. I never visit there unless I am on the road and no other options are available. It beats McDonalds. On the other hand, I will say that I was just in Seattle yesterday and the hotel coffee served from press pots...
What size farnese canvas belt if I'm a 34-35 inch waist?
I actually got my order confirmation by email while my checkout page was still processing. In other words, I was kopping in the future. (cue Neil Degrasse Tyson)
Feels like I'm waiting in line for a show that I know will sell out before I get to the ticket window.
Speaking of which, after dropping by the TOJ thread I've learned that you if invest (something?) in that brand you also get in on the ground floor for a fast food concept.
Sell Sell Sell !!!! [[SPOILER]]
Thanks George Green was the place I was thinking of from my last visit but couldn't remember.
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