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Any timeline you can share regarding Lesca restocks?
Does anyone have first hand experience with recessed halogen lighting? I'm planning to go with these to spot an entry way, some seating and art, but I'm unsure if they are best for kitchen since they aren't really diffuse. .
"The Travis"
As FYI- I ordered denim from the online shop last week and didn't get a tracking number. Called today and was told that while it said "in stock" it was actually still at the factory.
For sure, we're still in early morning late day mode for jackets right now.
I've got the blue one and its feels like cashmere/cord it's so soft. Definitely my favorite jacket right now.
I like Trello for simple project/checklists but it's not a discussion board.
Got my Fox Brothers classic cap like.....
Went to DInosaur Jr a few nights ago. Good show and nice to see how a band can grow into a new audience without being an oldies act. It's pretty much just down to them and Yo La Tengo as longest standing bands now that Sonic Youth is done.
Last Reebok's I had were a pair of mids I traded away for a 12 pack of mountain dew while I was in teen rehab so this feels like I've finally got my life back together.
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