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Heschung Thuya - to confirm sizes are US and go down a half size? Is the fit pretty straight forward so I can be confident in ordering if I know my size?
Just received this awesome MasterPiece bag which filled my need for something bigger than just a laptop bag. Also wearing cotton Valstar. This is a terrible representation of it but I get compliments on it all the time. So simple but the wash gives it so much depth/complexity of color which is what I think people are responding to even if they don't know it. (click to embiggen)
Very nice video from Autore. I've been to dozens of food production plants and none of them look like that! Are you guys sitting on any Christine Ferber jams by chance?
+1 at least on the Vintage Ivy. I guess it fits someone perfectly, but if I size up it's bigger than I'd like.
@foodguy announced he's leaving LAT. Best of luck in your adventures whatever they may be.
They sort of became a parody of themselves by the 90's, but what they did between 84-86 was insane in the best possible way. I was like 14/15 and playing those records scared the shit out of people around me. I've had the chance to meet most of them as adults and they're all super nice( with maybe a little baggage haha)
What shoes Kyle?
TS(S) Double cuff pants in navy wool/cotton with brown overcheck,HESCHUNG Brown leather and suede Gingko split-toe boot, rubber sole, MINOTAUR Navy waxed cotton jacket with cable-knit quilting ,FRANK LEDER Backpack in black "Deutschleder" brushed cotton canvas and brown deer suede with vintage lantern
You could just direct them to Styleforum. Oh, wait.
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