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Wore a sample of Eccentric Molecules 01 yesterday that I stumbled across at resale shop. Without having read the reviews before applying, it behaved exactly like the reviews which I've now read....half emperors new clothes and half mushroom trip. Sniffing my arm all afternoon to no avail and then later in the night and on through today I'd get a strong whiff of it in some part of the house that I wouldn't expect and then it was gone again. Super strange stuff. Layered...
It looks like the NY slim fit measurements for 15 3/4 are almost identical to the V. Ivy medium. That's what I'm going to order when I grab a regular ocbd.
I thought people had said size down one from your 'normal' shoe size. I'd consider CP's to be more TTS than Gats.
I've been avoiding this madness but now I'm curious...what's the cut off date? I'm afraid if I order that brown drapers linen for sizing i won't want to send it back.
http://yellowbirdsauce.com/ This stuff is good. Great balance of heat and some sweet.
What's my size in Orcival if I have a 40" chest?
Vintage Ivy Chambray arrived. After a soak and dry, it feels a little rough. Curious if these soften up?
Speaking of Rota MTO, are the cotton twill (tan and white) garment dyed as well?
Are you saying that based on garments you have, or on the webshop measurements? I find the later to be frequently inaccurate fwiw.
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