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I am a fat. To be clear, these sweaters are awesome, I just didn't need two given that it's going to be 95 here tomorrow
Scott and Charters, Grey Lambswool Shawl Collar Cardigan, SIze M $275 Shipped SOLD (USA only, sorry no International buyers) I bought two of these sweaters from NMWA last year and have reluctantly decided that's one too many for Texas winters. Please note this sweater is incorrectly tagged as "L", but was ordered as a medium and is identical in measurements and fit to the brown version I own which is medium and tagged as such. For reference, I'm 5'10 and pushing about...
I'll see your navy birdseye/Inglese combo and raise you a grey flannel (pre-alteration). [[SPOILER]] BTW- Buttero sneaks arrived today. Can't believe nobody has mentioned the smell of laquered paint on them. It's glorious.
Murl is that the grey flannel or navy birdeye?
ETA on F/W Rotas?
Kyle regarding my double order, I've replied to you with two emails. Please check both before shipping. Sorry for the confusion.
T/S Flannel shirt from last winter is gone. Was on my 'maybe' list....will it go back up?
Can we get a ballpark on the number of additional (non-hand made) shirts from Inglese that will go up this fall?
The fabrics are so nice and the colors often are so saturated that I suppose 'feminine' would be one way to describe SS.
+1 [[SPOILER]]
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