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I like Trello for simple project/checklists but it's not a discussion board.
Got my Fox Brothers classic cap like.....
Went to DInosaur Jr a few nights ago. Good show and nice to see how a band can grow into a new audience without being an oldies act. It's pretty much just down to them and Yo La Tengo as longest standing bands now that Sonic Youth is done.
Last Reebok's I had were a pair of mids I traded away for a 12 pack of mountain dew while I was in teen rehab so this feels like I've finally got my life back together.
I'm in the wrong climate for more coats so must live vicariously through others kops - SdC Grey Slouchy Overcoat looks really good. I've got a couple of things from them and the fabrics are amazing.
Anyone have pics of the club collar in the wild? I'm wondering how big the collar is compared to my Ervell club collar and it's hard to gauge based on the web pics.
Looking for suggestions on a light to hang over my dining room table. Currently Nelson Ball pendant is my front runner since I want something that doesn't look like gaudy piece of garbage. That said I'm not dialed into home stuff right now and open to suggestions.
I've got a pair for sale. They're great but I sized down too much. Check my sig.
Christian Kimber Brown Suede Loafer, size 41 worn less than 6 times, just too small for my 9.5 feet. These are TTS and would work better for a US 8.5 for a normal fit or maybe a 9 if you want a snug fit. $175 $150 shipped in the US only. Pictures are crap but visit http://christiankimber.com/collections/loafers/products/crosshair-unlined-loafer-dusty-brown for a better look.
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