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Love that tie.
Tres Bien waif. Get off my lawn, and eat.
I'm wearing Gap and Children's Place. Basic mall brand fit.
Thought you were just taking a piss till I clicked. Wow.
First school dance Eidos, Ingelese, Farnese (Vass Spilt Toe Scotch Grains no viz)
@ahjota same size (4) as I took in their shirting.
T(S) fleece vest is outstanding. I overlooked it until Greg posted some styled shots. Pretty much acts as a multiplier to every piece of outer ware and sweater I own. Also chocolates are making me fat .
Late to the party but binged first 3 seasons of Trailer Park Boys. I'm not sure this show would work for someone without some working knowledge of poverty/trash culture but iI do and it's so good. Probably inspiration for Eastbound and Down.
Haha I love that this is the closing sales pitch -arrange your Japanese washy washy vacation using VPN
New Posts  All Forums: