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Thanks, that's what I meant actually but reversed the wording which I often due when referring to sizing.
Yes I've used the search function and yes I'm going to ask this anyways. Are F last and P2 almost always a 1:1 match or is there a slight gap with F being a shade bigger?
Japandogs look outstanding. Gonna stop by the asian market tonight.
If it's that complicated to figure out how to wear a sweatshirt then maybe just think of it as a piece of clothing and not a talisman.
Thuya fit looks good. That shoe definitely needed some 'context' for those of us who lack imagination.
Also joined team beige bomber and reverse shorts (plaid and tan). The best part was ripping the tags off with abandon as soon as it all arrived...fortunately everything fits perfectly.Makes up for a shitty week [[SPOILER]] . [[SPOILER]]
Same here...I'd almost grabbed it several times before and was glad to see it make a curtain call.our youthful messiah..... [[SPOILER]]
I just edited my whole closet down to 30 things. For summer I've knocked it down to 14 shirts, 4 jeans/pants, 4 shorts, 6 pairs of shoes and 2 t-shirts. I'm not counting suits, belts, swimwear, workout clothes etc and honestly not sure I can stick to this number come winter (Closets are packed away seasonably so it's not really like I only own 30 things). I have way too many shirts and not enough good footwear. Other than shoes, when I see something I really want now it...
New Posts  All Forums: