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"He's hardly breaking new ground here." That about sums it up. Anti-beauty or whatever term he wants to use has been around forever. And as soon as you put a frame around it or a filter over it you've just got another aesthetic. It's the frame I want to shake off but you can't.
If anyone purchased the Cantarelli Rust jacket in 50R and needs to get rid out it please let me know.
Impressive use of that Leder shirt with the Italian stuff. Axis powers are strong here.
I did and I have to say that dealing directly with Christian on email makes me appreciate how hard guys like him, Anthony with Eidos and Greg at NMWA work to build and sustain their dreams. As someone who has sacrificed the risk of 'going for it' in exchange for a steady payday I feel really good about spending my money on their wares at the full/fair price.
already kopped some unlined kudo derby's sunglasses (probably from garret leight) yes to more linen shirts These if I can find em-
Wiping my greasy pizza hands on jeans>comfort (6/10)
Does anyone know if the drop heel strap loafer is available in brown suede inside the US? I see it in Grey at Bloomiies but really like the brown and would rather not roll the dice on import taxes.
Thanks. I deleted my post because I just grabbed it and figured it was moot at that point. Good to hear since I went up one from my Eidos jacket size.
I house sat for a womyn almost 25 years ago who believed she had FM. She subscribed to a newsletter which was hands down the funniest thing I'd ever read in my life. There were basically two kinds of articles in it...how to deal with unbelievers and how to make sure you could get disability. I stole it when I left so I could show people and because it made me pee in my pants laugh every single time I read it.
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