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Not a popover but my go to, wool lined but very light so it works in 60 degrees or 30.http://www.southwillard.com/collections/spring-2014/crescent-down-works-for-south-willard/california-winter-jacket-navy-wool-lined
Kiehls White Clay Face scrub and... [[SPOILER]]
Damn, I was waiting for the sale to end so I could kop that with return options. Now I'll have to see if the Solaro is still around. EDIT: nevermind
Anyone pickup the washed cotton standard pants this (first) season that can comment on the fabric weight?
Here you go Stichy! [[SPOILER]]
Standard Jeans are all $75 Standard Pants are $95 Not responding to offers, prices are firm at this time. , denim is $150 Sold Price includes shipping via USPS, no international shipping including to Canada, sorry. Measurements approximate and all sales are final Everything in good condition, gently worn, washed cold and always hung to dry. From the webstore: Classic chino style pant. Straight leg with a slight taper toward the ankle. Waistband curtain on the interior,...
Greg, any chance of a MTO program for Inglese similar to Rota? I'd love the chance to order some of the fabrics in buttondown as opposed to spread collar.
Farnese Brown Calf Tubo is the 4 karat diamond ring of belts.
Received my first pair last week (Congac Scotch Grain Norweger from NMWA). I assume Safire Renoventeur is an acceptable conditioner. When I actually give these a polish what would someone recommend in terms of colors or brands? I currently have a number of blacks and color 8 cordovan but really nothing in this shade of brown.
I can still smell the Eccentric Molecules 01 in my shirt from almost two weeks ago after a second laundering. Smells good, but hard to believe for something I can't smell on my skin.
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