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FWIW I'm a 48R in SF and have had 3 valstars all size 50. The valstrino I sold because I needed a 52. I've also got a cotton harrington that is nice and roomy and a leather bomber that fits nicely My take is that different styles are cut differently and you probably need to go by the measurements.
I paid 4K and that included having it relocated from inside the house to the outside wall. Plumbers are expensive, more so if you live in a big city or look like you browse mens' clothing forums.
Be sure to try them on and then ask about a return.
Recommend you go to Sunset Settings on Sunset Blvd in Houston instead. Locally owned with many of the same brands but with a better eye/selection, relaxing shop and you can get a lot better sales experience.
Late requests for the NMWA suggestion list.... casual socks, lightweight.Linen or cotton. I love the chunky merz cotton socks but they're going to be too much for spring/summer. more casual belt options similar to the IM belt and the Il Micio. I didn't end up with either but I would like more options in that vein.
Clothing allows me an outlet for full control of my aesthetic. I've got to share those choices with my partner around what art to hang, what rug to buy and what album to listen to while making dinner. Not exactly a response to trauma but I'm aware of it and I'm also aware that no amount of clothing will change those other areas. I use to collect art but the underlying reasons were totally different then.
It's cool to see DCoupland still writing even if I haven't read anything in years. I remember Gen X as one of the last things that was pre-net /word of mouth. "You should read this book". Fashion was that way too. Whoever you ran with was informing your taste. You're certainly weren't going to find out what somebody was wearing somewhere else unless you went there. I remember this guy, this really crazy kid from the projects had gone to live with his aunt in NYC in 1981...
Pretty sure total cohesiveness is not a priority for CB (not a knock).
List making - the surest sign that your therapy didn't work.
Sedona Pink Jeep Tour if you're tired of hikes. Touristy but puts you in nature plus they do some cool jeep maneuvers.
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