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What size farnese canvas belt if I'm a 34-35 inch waist?
I actually got my order confirmation by email while my checkout page was still processing. In other words, I was kopping in the future. (cue Neil Degrasse Tyson)
Feels like I'm waiting in line for a show that I know will sell out before I get to the ticket window.
Speaking of which, after dropping by the TOJ thread I've learned that you if invest (something?) in that brand you also get in on the ground floor for a fast food concept.
Sell Sell Sell !!!! [[SPOILER]]
Thanks George Green was the place I was thinking of from my last visit but couldn't remember.
good clothing stores besides Independence or Barney's in Chicago?
I bought an entire spray bottle blind last year and regret it...I like old school scents but that one's just not for me.
Wore a sample of Eccentric Molecules 01 yesterday that I stumbled across at resale shop. Without having read the reviews before applying, it behaved exactly like the reviews which I've now read....half emperors new clothes and half mushroom trip. Sniffing my arm all afternoon to no avail and then later in the night and on through today I'd get a strong whiff of it in some part of the house that I wouldn't expect and then it was gone again. Super strange stuff. Layered...
It looks like the NY slim fit measurements for 15 3/4 are almost identical to the V. Ivy medium. That's what I'm going to order when I grab a regular ocbd.
New Posts  All Forums: