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Not sure about anyone else, but I'd be disappointed if my dumplings weren't made in a back alley.
Kettle just released "Pepperoncini" and I'm afraid to say they don't taste at all like their namesake.
MOCA has the full Matthew Barney exhibit /screening for River of Fundament this fall. Should be 'fun'.
Yup, that;s OK. Saved me $300. By the way I received the Cotton Valstar Harrington and it's such a nice piece and cut significantly more roomy than the A1. Really going to enjoy it. Highly recommend for guys that would take a 48 there's one left.
Speaking of which , have all Buttero's dropped? Specifically interested in those all black mids you posted a few months ago.
I find the cuff is tight enough that it holds the sleeve above my wrist. I roll my sleeves if I'm wearing without a jacket and don't if I am, so I've not found value in taking off a half inch to make mine 'perfect'.
Curious if these have a functional aspect?
Inglese brushed cotton is arriving a day early today and I'm still kopping on extra15 this morning. Winning this war on both fronts
My guess is Cosmic Wonder or Unused but that's just a couple I know of, I'm sure there are dozens of options. And yeah BMoron those slip ons are just what I was looking for but settled on black CP's a few weeks ago so dissapoint in myself.
As always, go by what nmwa recommends but in my experience it's TTS with the caveat that these are cut trim through the body. If you are rocking love handles you may need to size up.
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