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Am I the exception in that I take my Buttero tanino size in Castaner and a size up from that is simply far too big?
Restock huh? .Any new models? I was planning on those bad ass black highs but assume they are for fall.
Checking in about Buttero laces....are those still in the works for order through the store?
Ex Machina was great. Dick meets Hitchcock.
Is that fit pic the same fabric (I assume yes) and what pants can you wear with a tan jacket? Nothing much comes to mind other than white.
Jenis is handling this deftly. A single postive test and because they could not determine the root cause, rather than recalling a few varieties at a time they made the decision within 24 hrs to totally shut down everything to clean and implement better controls. Compare that with Blue Bell who let things bleed out over several weeks before pulling everything. Additionally, Jenis is performing really well on Twitter. They are built on transparency which makes it possible...
I've got an 84 with chrome euro bumpers and those are nice too but this was too good to pass up....engine swapped with 3.5 liter 6 cyl m30 from a 535
I wonder if the notes from Willy smell like Popeye's?
As an overall collection TS(S) is my favorite.. Other stuff would include the Niche patchwork shirt, Bucket Hats, and the GRP linen polos. I'm not including any restocks like belts, suits, etc.
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