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Or perhaps GMTO for Rota and Inglese? Pick a fabric and make a run....if your vendors will allow it of course.
Did itvia this article....I'll go back and figure it out. https://support.twitter.com/articles/14014-twitter-via-sms-faqs
God Damn I just tried to set my phone for these alerts following twitter directions and apparently all I succeeded in doing was tweeting "No Man Walks Alone". I've become my parents.
So are these the official rules and rewards this round?
Thanks I came to that conclusion after looking at a few other shops. Ended up with Barton Perreira, not sure about the quality but they fit my face far better than anything else I found.
It's too slim imo but otherwise the length and what not seems correct. and by 40 you mean 50 right?
Kyle given that the waist of the shorts are elastic should we size down based on your listed waist measurement?
I'm seeing measurements people. Repeat...I'm seeing measurements.
digging the ts offerings from what I can see.
You know you've been on SF too long when you have a file on your hard drive titled Tax Docs 2002 full of pics of well dressed dudes.
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