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When they dropped last year I thought "oh man those are awful" but I eventually got it. They're like a much smarter version of wallabees with the smooth calf, rubber lug sole and added structure in the heel and toe. I call them the blue ocbd of footwear since they complete my default uniform of faded jeans and an old oxford perfectly. In fact that's what I'm wearing today with a navy larose ballcap. I think if you like that casual ivy/outdoor look they're a no brainer and...
I keep coming back to listen to this album. No idea who this guy is but I've probably listened to the album as much as anything else that came out this last year .Live performance [[SPOILER]]
Glenn O Brien seems way cooler than most fashion industry types.
I'm a fascist about getting rid of stuff but it's more of a tic than a lifestyle. My entire 'personal papers' fit into two small boxes. I gave up on records long ago and more recently even cds, but I still have a large collection of books and enjoy whatever cachet they lend to my surroundings.
So the "size down from your usual Euro size" that's now on the Tannino's and the Carrera description is for non-sf customers who don't already own 6 pairs of Buttero sneakers, correct?
If anyone has navy docs in 9.5 US and needs a 9 or a 10....shoot me a PM in the next 48 hrs before I return these 2 pair.
I like these for dad fits and that there's no logo but wondering if I should I just get New Balance instead?
Just picked up from NMWA . Shirt is new without tags but tried on once and never worn out of the house or laundered. Measurement in the attached images. Oversized fit, great fabric. $85 shipped.
I wear the honey brown olimpo a lot with mine and it looks fine to me.
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