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oh shit.
Don't they own their own production? Seems like that would be a leg up. only. If you don't learn how to live without credit while your poor the cycles and stakes once your making real money will keep you up at night. It took me till my 30's to learn it the hard way so do as I say and not as I did.
It's hard to convey how awesome that vest is through photos. If there's one left in someone's size they should grab it.
Ian McLagan lived here in Austin for the last 15 years or so before he died in 2014. He played around town quite a bit and always threw a couple of Faces tunes in there. I wish I'd gone to see him more than I actually did.
@gdl203 Will you carry Buttero Carreras this spring? I'm strangely attracted to these new balance styles by various brands right now, including the version by Buttero.
Tidal just added 96/24 streaming for HiFi members (which I am). Unfortunately it's only available on the desktop app which I don't have connected to my stereo (just use the phone app) so I'm listening on some so-so headphones here at work. I'm so damn happy so see this and hope it picks up steam. Currently listening to Faces live album "A wink is as good as a nod". Love Lives here in particular is just another reason why Ron Woods was such a badass.
FWIW I'm a 48R in SF and have had 3 valstars all size 50. The valstrino I sold because I needed a 52. I've also got a cotton harrington that is nice and roomy and a leather bomber that fits nicely My take is that different styles are cut differently and you probably need to go by the measurements.
I paid 4K and that included having it relocated from inside the house to the outside wall. Plumbers are expensive, more so if you live in a big city or look like you browse mens' clothing forums.
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