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I found the standard button down to be longer and more trim through the body this season. Anyone else notice this?
Are there still summer weight Rota chinos that are waiting to go online?
Greg what's your take on spread collars without a tie? I've bought into the idea that it doesn't look 'right' but this photo seems fine. Does it go south when leaving the next button open? I'm eyeing some of the new Inglese but I rarely wear a tie.
As wonderful as his prints and colors are, this thread mostly makes me want to wear navy trousers with pale blue shirts everyday.
I was just about to ask this...i've got this in this color...think it's called anthracite. Awesome coat wish I could justify a long version but not in Texas.
I was referring to the entire spring drop...fantastic all around.
it's time's like this I regret not having 15K in disposable income.
The power of a cheap blazer and a tie. http://deadspin.com/uva-fan-bluffs-his-way-through-the-perfect-acc-title-ga-1547386713
Should be the new Yoox campaign.
Pretty sure that cut off and raw hem are not the same thing.
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