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.I'm amazed to see some of the stuff hanging around and yet I'm bummed when my size eventually sells. I think I'd die a quick stress related death if I ran a clothing business.
It's like dogs and squirrels with the special orders around here.
Late to to the discussion but are you taking the Michigan State course with Fortnin?
I used to dismiss the idea that owning more than a couple of belts made any sense until I started building up a few. It's also a reasonably affordable way to expand your options and make sure you're at the right level of belt-to-outfit congruence.
About to get my Steve McQueen on and order the Aran sweater but I have to ask if IM makes a version with cabled sleeves and body?
Sorry to fan boy pile but what boots?
Curious what the shoulders look like on this with the heavier fabric? All mine are summer fabrics.
@gdl203 Pedaled sizing for a 40R ?
yep. I have a shirt that looks robin eggs blue, but in direct sun light (only) has two subtle but absolutely noticeable wide green stripes down the front. It's amazing what he does.
Yeah, sorry I was in the wrong thread. For inky blue.
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