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Dunno, but I grabbed one (brown) and I'm pretty happy with it. Not over-designed, cut is decent and I don't mind poly fill for a sub $300 vest.
indie rock like it's 1992 "murica something else
Burgundy Field Jacket
Deez Knits 2015! Weird tagged sizes on all of these, but read on for detail. ( *TLDR- all fit like a medium/40) Scott and Charters Shawl Knit. **The Beast** Incorrectly tagged as L but it is confirmed Medium...this has the same measurements as a medium and fits as such. That said, this is a roomy/loose piece that wears like outerware and measurements are pretty irrelevant. I've worn this a little, but's 9/10. $195 shipped Epaulet Grape Lambswool Cardigan, tagged...
I was concerned about getting it over my head/arms through but I'm good knowing it's not as tight as shirting fabric. I'll go TTS, thanks Greg.
Should we consider going up one size from our Inglese popover size to account for the difference in buttoning (less deep on this it appears)? Does that pique have a little give to it?
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