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Greg will we see a fall restock or possibly even a special/pre-order of the buttero tanino low? Seems like that particular shoe has just blown out the door and I'd still like a pair.
dries linen sc uniqlo linen shirt apc quoddy
about as formal as I get outside of weddings and funerals. dries van noten linen sc thrifted tie uniqlo linen shirt apc ns thrifted quoddy longwings
I can't believe I'm in this thread with APC sizing questions but I need to replace my 5 year old NS. When did sizing change and what specifically happened? I can try on in person so can I still use the best rule of thumb which is "as tight as you can but still button" which for me is 2 down from my usual or actual size?
I felt a sense of Deja Vu looking at those fantastic dhabas. Mostly due to the similar vibe given by the lit Coca-Cola signs proclaiming the name of the restaurant and the dirty dinning rooms that reminded me of the fried chicken, soul food and fish fry joints of my childhood. I miss authentic places like that.
moo where do those shorts hit? Just above the knee or are they shorter?
Our little neighborhood crew of kids (and parents) watched TCP probably a dozen times the last two summers. Hands down favorite of everyone. I thought this was much more like Triplets of Bellvile...and while I respect the integrety of the original language version this is what happened to be at the theatre and admittedly I welcomed the break of someone doing the work for me.
Ernest and Celestine...saw the English dubbed version with Forrest Whittaker voicing the bear. Enjoyable as expected.
I have a pair...they are real. Got mine online from Aldo.
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