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I have a good one from DDugoff in heavy ribbed cotton. Oversized and thick so it works pretty well for an overly air-conditioned office. I looked at the U version but passed.
I think the only way to write a balanced story on this that would still be interesting would be to shift the focus from Manton's political views towards the growing reality that a lot of people will have an online presence to account for in the future. But then I guess you couldn't use the mushroom cloud stock photo.
Can this please be a banner?
Who is the 'hope' kid?
These guys are great. Heard them a few weeks ago and went back to listen to the last few albums. Truly original.
I was talking about the field jacket, and thanks to all for the sizing feedback. I'm a true 40 so unfortunately my size is gone in black. It is a bad ass looking jacket and one I'm mulling in brown.
Looking at the Monitaly black waxed jacket...based on measurements it appears best to go up a size. Can anyone with experience confirm that ?
Bargain bin 2017...
Hadn't bought from TBien in ages, is it now standard to pay tax for US orders? Also....any tb codes ? edit -for anyone interested I had to remove and add back my item about 5 times before the tax magically disappeared.
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