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Is the robe one size or did it really sell out in s-l ?
Question for people who wear the Vintage Ivy. I've have a NY Fit in Medium that's just bit snug, went to NY Large and it's ok to wear untucked but still a little large and long even after going in the dryer. Can someone confirm Vintage Ivy Tokyo in Large would be a little smaller all around? Measurements make it appear that way but looking for actual user experience given the wackiness of sizing.
Unless I've missed it there's no option for a box pleat and/or locker loop on the back. Is this something that you may add? I consider it a part of a typical ocbd makeup even if the mtm factor eliminates the need for the box pleat.
Thanks, I've got both the shorts coming from pre-order and looking forward to them.
@NickPollica @gdl203 Curious what makes the Japanese denim shorts printed?
I think someone else said this but I always hear Zepp III when I see those wonderful English country backdrops. Curious what kind of 'sportswear' you have in mind @ManofKent ?
Somebody needs to stock those in the states.
Leopard creepers circa '88
I think the leather on these is probably better and they're made in england wherever it is they make all those other brands allegedly. Beyond that I think not except for the silver eyelets instead of black.
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