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Same here...I'd almost grabbed it several times before and was glad to see it make a curtain call.our youthful messiah..... [[SPOILER]]
I just edited my whole closet down to 30 things. For summer I've knocked it down to 14 shirts, 4 jeans/pants, 4 shorts, 6 pairs of shoes and 2 t-shirts. I'm not counting suits, belts, swimwear, workout clothes etc and honestly not sure I can stick to this number come winter (Closets are packed away seasonably so it's not really like I only own 30 things). I have way too many shirts and not enough good footwear. Other than shoes, when I see something I really want now it...
I'm pretty close to breaking a lace and would love a pair. I believe you have my cc# lol.
Greg any chance that pre-orders can be done for Inglese in the future? I'm a 40 and got totally shut out quickly this spring.
Am I the exception in that I take my Buttero tanino size in Castaner and a size up from that is simply far too big?
Restock huh? .Any new models? I was planning on those bad ass black highs but assume they are for fall.
Checking in about Buttero laces....are those still in the works for order through the store?
Ex Machina was great. Dick meets Hitchcock.
Is that fit pic the same fabric (I assume yes) and what pants can you wear with a tan jacket? Nothing much comes to mind other than white.
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