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Subbed. After 10 years of owning a couple of BMW E30s I'm in need of cheap (under 10K) reliable transportation to get me through for a couple of years. Looked at Civic, Accord, Camry, Prius- all depressing. And then there's Lexus which is obviously a different car. It appears I can land something in that range but I'm concerned about maintenance. What's the consensus, is it like maintaining a Toyota, a BMW or something in between?
Moar footwear...Heschung Kudo.
Agree on the appeal of something sleek although I personally needed to balance that shape with a more casual material and structure so I picked up these from Christian Kimber..Certainly not tan though.
Gus I like these from Sid Mashburn. It seems two degrees removed from Alden, but of course that's subjective.
A nice side benefit of kids is getting to reread stuff I would otherwise never consider. A pretty good medieval fantasy world not called GOT
Sure it's great
I happen to be wearing one today. I took the same size as the cardigan I have. Not a great picture and I did the half tuck thing so you can see how it drapes. Be advised the collar is even more sprezzed than the cotton one's. I like it that way but if you're going for crisp/clean this isn't that. Very well suited to heat and humidity.
I tried on the washed and would have taken the same size (assuming they don't stretch).
perfect no matter how many times I come back to it....
Oh Hai....guess who showed up to last day of school ceremonies today. Fight the Power. The dog's name is Sam, which assumes gender....or does it?
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