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Mike you guys should hit Austin. Not sure if SXSW would be a good time or not, but I think you'd do well here.
I'll throw out the Oliver Spencer Charcoal Knit in Boiled Wool as another option. Love mine and wearing it often.
AJL I can't imagine those Niche shirts looking good at all tucked in. On a somewhat related note, I lost 5 pounds and my Inglese shirts fit perfectly again. No need to alter the pattern after all Greg
x-posted from mc casual since I'm kitted up in a bunch of Greg/Kyle Clothing LTD (Vass Norwegers no vis) T/S Mazz Farnese 5EP
thxgod for fall...
Love this scarf..if I had a broken in denim jacket to pair it with would be an instant purchase.
.I'm amazed to see some of the stuff hanging around and yet I'm bummed when my size eventually sells. I think I'd die a quick stress related death if I ran a clothing business.
It's like dogs and squirrels with the special orders around here.
Late to to the discussion but are you taking the Michigan State course with Fortnin?
I used to dismiss the idea that owning more than a couple of belts made any sense until I started building up a few. It's also a reasonably affordable way to expand your options and make sure you're at the right level of belt-to-outfit congruence.
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