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I have been wearing raw denim for the last three years. Several projects that are on going include Nudie, N&F, and Unbranded. I just picked up a pair of Levi's 511 from a local Mashalls for a great price. I was wondering if anyone can help me identify the wash. I tried searching the wash number but came up empty. They appear to have a black coat or indigo that rub off quite easily on them. The denim stood out as they have red stitched selveged outseams and coin pocket....
sorry for the triple post
Hey everyone, I tried searching for an answer but came up with nothing. I just ordered a pair of 1907 in rough and tough copper. In Winipeg we have cold and wet winters and these will be my primary footwear. My question is how do I care and treat the rough and tough leather? If it considered a oiled leather, roughout leather or smooth leather? TIA
Picked up a pair a grey chinos this weekend. Show your student card and get 20% off your purchase. Or do what I did and have a cousin who is still in University buy it for you with his student card.
Here's a pics of my DB in beeswax after applying mink oil.
Thanks for the reply. I guess a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do...wear a women's size *sigh* lol
Sorry, you misunderstood me. They were trying to sell me a larger women's size (9) to compensate for my actual size (men's 7.5)
I'm sure this has been covered already. I'm in the market for a pair of beeswax DB but am unable to locate my size (men's 7.5). A local shop tried to sell me a pair of women's size 9 telling me that the boots are infact unisex. Is this true? Are Clarks DB the same for men and women?
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