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Great! Thanks a lot. I will see what I can do regarding the results from the survey. Maybe we can get something back how it went!
Hi everyone! Corporate Social Responsibility is the topic du jour and research is picking up on it quite rapidly. My friend is just doing her master's thesis at HEC Paris about CSR in Luxury Brands. For that she needs input from luxury consumers and I am helping her promote her survey on that. In the end she'll give out 5 amazon gift certificates worth $20 among the participants. So I hope you'll take the 3 min it takes to help her and maybe win yourself the amazon...
Hi emakris, thanks for the quick reply. I believe it's an original Poljot. But you know what they say about believing... I just got it a few days ago from a friend who bought it in Russia several years ago. I don't have any clue when it was made, so actually that's part of my inquiry. Regarding your hint with - I actually just posted it on watchuseek - but will look into as well. I hope they don't mind crossposting ;o.
I got one that I don't really know at all. Maybe one of you can help out? It says "Poljot CHRONOGRAPH 23 Jewels, made in russia". It's handwinde.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mazda Quote: Originally Posted by andimq Someone should start a joke fits thread and everyone should pick 3 completely unrelated pieces of clothing and post fit pics. This picture will be the inspiration. I feel so How kind of you. Love the reactions, thank you all for your productive input
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