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Hoping they still do the mega clearout in September, can't help thinking since merger with Net A Porter that the deals aren't quite as good.
Clearing out a lot of my clothing collection on Ebay, including shirts, Borrelli trousers, Corneliani trousers, Dolce gabbana suit etc. Click that then see all items, there are also a lot of brand new ties on there from Milan trips. http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/nbsegrue
Brilliant, thank you.
Think they are cotton with small amount of elastane. Like the idea of trying a boot, just have to go about finding some. Will try suede derbies as well. They are quite slim at the bottom so have to make sure they cover the opening of the shoe. Thanks for the tips.
Have some new Borrelli trousrs after losing weight, not exactly chinos but still a casual blue trouser, was thinking of trying blue desert boots with them if can't find right smart casual shoes. What do you guys recommend, appreciate any pointers!
Brilliant, thank you.
Yoox I've heard run their mega clearout often twice a year, earlier in the year I think around April/May they had one with outrageous prices. Does anyone know when the second one usually is, Autumn time September or October etc?
Wnt to order some of these from Yoox but knowing how slim Borrelli come up and there being no size guide wondered if people know how they fit. Am roughly a 32 inch waist but find Borrelli chinos in a 33 too small so what sort of size swimming short would I need, I imagine Large or possibly XL?
Hi, I didn't in the end, still may visit at some point, got to take the plunge!
Only found this thread as I couldn't understand why borrelli official site seems to say they are now located in Puglia province. So is Borrelli as a Neapolitan brand finished? I picked up some Borrelli at great prices on Yoox as I don't visit the Milan store anymore, has the quality gone downhill?
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