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I'm half hearted over whether to try their made to measure as fabrics and collars so different to Borrelli. How did you find the cut on the ones you had made?
Anyone have an extra ten percent off code?!?!
Is there still going to be a sample sale or clear out? Last year they had a promo where ladies bikkembergs were £30 can't see this ever happening again!!
Is superstar status available still in the UK, can't believe could of got an extra 10% off, annoying!!
Will they actually ship these orders with huge discounts. I should of bought more for my daughter, very annoyed!!!!
Think there was a glitch on yoox this morning, 30% off entire site for few hours.
They've screwed the app up as well, sick of this already.
Is the current deal the clearout, can't help thinking it's a precursor to the major clearout although some of the best stuff will definitely go now.
Looks dodgy as hell and prices too low for the Italian brands but wondered if anyone can confirm it's fakes or a con?? http://www.c-dr.co.uk/
New Posts  All Forums: