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Long lasting, well made? Thinking of a pair of their brown ones to go with jeans.
Brilliant, will take the plunge, thank you for the recommendations.
Has anyone any experience with Suit Supply coats? Looking for a coat now I've lost a lot of weight that I can wear with jeans and a shirt, something slim fitting but not too slim and decent fabric, they have a couple of interesting offerings with Colombo fabric on their website, wondered what people's thoughts were?
Anyone know a reasonably priced tailor or store to get a coat. I've lost a lot of weight and need something new, ideally that can be worn with smart jeans and shoes and a shirt but not worn over a suit as an overcoat.
Having an awkward shape of a 17.5 inch neck with 15 size body in traditional english shirts, I need made to measure to be able to wear a tie. I noticed recently on testing a suit from Suitsupply that they do made to measure shirts, the woman was surprised when I asked the minimum order as I expected it to be like Harvie and Hudson, Hilditch and key etc with a minimum order. The price seems rather low at £95 a shirt, wondered if anyone here has tried the service yet and...
Do you know how much she charges for made to measure?
Anyone have any recent experience with MTM shirts in London, thinking Harvie and Hudson, Hilditch and Key, Emmett, New and Lingwood etc. Most of my shirts are Italian but when wearing a tie I need made to measure, neck too big for body, am going to now need a few made to measure shirts for wearing a tie regularly, anyone got advice on who can still do a good job?
Need a new sole on a pair of Moreschi shoes, anyone know a good place in London to get a high quality job done?
I used Thomas tailor previously but my father used the guys who have taken it over and did not get a good end result, has anyone tried London fashion workrooms or K'S in Saville Row? Need suit trousers letting out and hemming plus jacket taken in, so want someone reliable. Thanks.
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