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@robxznyc Thank you, missed a coat and now praying it comes back! I'm confused by today's discount, seems from the email like this is the last of the clearout but I thought the full clearance was in early April.
Anyone know how long Yoox take to restock something(appear for sale again) once they receive it at the warehouse.
25% off today and does include some new items so check your dreamboxes.
To pay up or to take the chance the bits that are one left in stock drop further early April!
Loads of varying price cuts in dream box, hopefully will soon be a further promotion on these items....
Keen to hear what they do about it thru need to investigate the buying chain and find out exactly what's happened.
Definitely a fake?? That's horrific!!!!
Received the most damaged item I've ever received from yoox, really disappointing.
Yep was account specific but next to nothing eligible for it, waste of time.
SPECIAL10 Not sure if uk specific
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