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Tried on and love the feel and fit except for the leg opening. Though I do wear boots for the upcoming winter, the opening is just a tad too big for me. Hopefully these work out for someone else. Shoot me a PM if you're interested! Packing up soon and would like this gone asap. Amazing rare jeans. These are the 634 cut in raw 18oz denim with lots of extras. Leather patch, knife pockets, etc. Some people say these run a bit more slim than the standard 634 cut, which is...
Not a trade but looking to buy.... Small ToJ Fishtail
Measurements updated!
ToJ Fishtail S | SS Chandler IV | SS Double Alpaca Jacket IV Shoot me a PM, let me know!
Someone offer me shipping + a bit for these...
Bump. Going to be popular again when it starts getting cold!
Shoot me an offer!
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