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My style has been changing quite a bit so I'm not sure if this is a look I'm truly going for. Also trying to minimize so I don't think that it's "essential" to me yet. If it doesn't sell, I wouldn't mind keeping it and trying to get more wears out of it. It's also motorcycle season, so the one leather jacket is all I need look is coming back.
Been trying to wear it as much as possible but don't think I'm a huge fan of it right now.
Diggin 2 and 3. Need soles that could hold up if I possibly ride in these when I don't feel like putting on Sidi's. But I got too many black boots, so CXL is a good change of pace.
You're right, zoned out when I was typing; my mistake. Fixed! It is indeed a cotton outer with the removable wool liner.Just to reiterate, I am on the hunt for an Alpaca as well. Something similar to this look but short length... I found out that I'm not as big as a fan of long coats as I thought I was.
Hi SF, Have a SS Merino Coat in Navy Size III 3 for sale or trade. Frozen Waves collection (F/W 2011). Cotton outer. Let me know if you have any questions. Shoot me a PM if you're interested. $800.00 OBO Interested in: Footwear size 40/41 [Vibergs, White's, Wesco, Frye, Common Projects] Stephan Schneider Alpaca Jacket Stephan Schneider Chandler Lad Musician MA-1 ToJ Fishtail in Black Melton Wool Motorcycle leather [Aerostich, Lost World, Roland Sands,...
Hi SF, Have a SNS Herning Stark Navy Wool Cardigan in small for sale today. The original owner put it in the dryer once so it shrank a bit and there is some piling. Some details in the knitting lost. Check out the photos. This might be your chance to save a few bucks if you don't mind. Let me know if you have any questions... Shoot me a PM if you're interested. $125.00 OBO
Hi SF, Got a pair of Red Wing Beckman in Cigar size 7.5D for sale. Not a huge fan of them. Worn about 10 times this winter, wiped after every wear, could use more cleaning up though. Sprayed with Red Wing Leather Protector when I first got them. Let me know if you have any questions! Shoot me an offer.
Can't go wrong w. MW... Love the ease of shoulder straps adjustments.I have similar setup now with a cell/utility pouch on a strap and it's awesome. Must have.
Do you use this for everyday carry? How do you like the roll top for that?One of my favorite designs after the MW R8.
KillSpencer Daypack.Wax black canvas or Burgundy Italian are sweet.
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