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Can't go wrong w. MW... Love the ease of shoulder straps adjustments.I have similar setup now with a cell/utility pouch on a strap and it's awesome. Must have.
Do you use this for everyday carry? How do you like the roll top for that?One of my favorite designs after the MW R8.
KillSpencer Daypack.Wax black canvas or Burgundy Italian are sweet.
It was a simple introduction to a concept, but someone felt the need to bring it to light.Since we're currently in the talks with SF, I'm going to stop making posts regarding this topic for now.
Wintah boots.
Don't tell me that everyone here on SF is knowledge and knows where to shop... We've have ALL seen the threads posted and questions in the small questions threads. I agree with what you've said, but this service is nothing about replacing clothes. I sure as hell ain't going to be replacing clothes for the eclectic wardrobes here. But if you enjoy going out for underwear at the mall, then you're right, this isn't for you.I kept this in PMs, but I'm sorry that you felt that...
150 EUR is a ton to spend on a t-shirt when you don't seem "really know much about fashion" and you'd "like to find [your] style". Spend it on some cheap, fast fashion stuff to find out what you like. Then like TheObserver said, you can get a Rick shirt if that's your thing.Buy your APC jeans and then get some basics and button downs at Uniqlo. Then look around Yoox, Marketplace here, GR+ILED and what not and see what you like for outerwear. Then study some more on...
New Posts  All Forums: