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150 EUR is a ton to spend on a t-shirt when you don't seem "really know much about fashion" and you'd "like to find [your] style". Spend it on some cheap, fast fashion stuff to find out what you like. Then like TheObserver said, you can get a Rick shirt if that's your thing.Buy your APC jeans and then get some basics and button downs at Uniqlo. Then look around Yoox, Marketplace here, GR+ILED and what not and see what you like for outerwear. Then study some more on...
Shoot me an offer!
Price drop to $90.00
Hi SF, I have for sale a pair of Timberland Black Classic Chukka Size 8. Wore these once and decided that it was too big for me. Got a new pair so these are for sale! Awesome pair of boots that will actually keep your feet warm and dry. Classic chukka boot is not clunky and doesn't make it seem like you're going out on an expedition. Clean black leather with black laces. Looking for $110.00 shipped PayPaled to get back my money. Price drop to $90.00... get them...
https://www.tanga.com/deals/96a825321a4b/isotoner-insulated-deerskin-leather-gloves-for-men?sdtid=7467120&affiliate_network=tanganetwork&click_id=3652bf7af55d7ed20530c32a455510e3&affiliate=slickdeals&utm_source=tanganetwork&utm_campaign=slickdeals Tanga is selling "Isotoner Insulated Deerskin Leather Gloves" in M, L, XL. Black and brown. $15 - $1 w/ coupon code SLICKDEALS = $14 + $3 shipping Can't speak for the quality, but they're pretty minimal in design [not super...
Waterproof suede and ripstop. If they were all black, I'd prob cop right now and replace my Timbs with them.
Red Wing Beckman in 7.5 pick it up for $210 or hold off and wait for a cheaper price?
New Posts  All Forums: