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Just got a pair of service boots in natural bison are you guys using oils or anything on your boots? Would like to beat these up over the years and soften them up, but in the past I never really gave a shit about my boots [Red Wings]. I'm also in Cincinnati now, so salt/snow is a thing. Obenaufs?
Bump. Size 2
Alrighty, lets bump this. Still looking!
Looking to buy! Send me a private message if you got one for sale. Size 2
I picked mine up used and avoided the patch. So the zipper pull is a cord not tab. There's no white Gibson tag on the inside. Guessing that the ones on Rakuten w. The tag and patch are newer.
They're actually from Elwood. Just got a pair to try them out... for $25 shipped not a bad deal at all.
Thanks for the input. Yeah I think I'll keep it around and see how it goes!
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