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Nice. Maybe I'll try them out.These for casual wear and then $10.00 champion shorts for working out and other stuff.
Brands you suggest for yoga shorts?
Going to be in Cincinnati, Ohio. Any college budget wardrobe suggestions for the cold winters?
Hey guys, Have two Uniqlo XS Sweater for sale. The grey has been fairly worn but both are in good condition. Black & Grey. $45 USD for both, shipping included. Or $25 USD each, shipping included. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Still have a smaller sized peacoat for sale. Please check my sig!
Hey guys, Trying to obtain a few pieces and replacing some old stuff. [Items are prioritized] Want right now: W+H Tiger Fleece Scuba S [would like one ASAP] ToJ CWU45 or Moto [ongoing hunt for the right piece/good deal. Trying to obtain by 14' Fall. Achilles White/Winter Black 41 [looking for a good deal on these] Size 8/40 Boots [open to any offers. Something along the lines of heritage mixed w. some modern] Post in the thread. We can work out deals in PM's.
Recommendations for starter tech wardrobe outerwear piece? $100-150 max. B&S/used ok. Bay Area weather: 40-60degrees.
Here are photos for you to decide. I'm not going to go by anything besides the pit to pit.
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