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Hello Gents, Moron that I can be, I polished over some of my Sutors' white threads the other day. Any suggestions as to how I may recapture some of the whiteness again? Thanks, Mike
There I was.....seeking an Oracle when suddenly I came upon this scholarly dissertation on Italian shoes by "Englishtea" from 2007. Anyway > I purchased a killer pair of handmade Italian wholecuts from an Aussie dude through eBay last year and I cannot discern the Italian writing in the inside sole of the shoes > you know, just like Lattanzi signature(s). Is there anyone out there who would be able to decode them if I sent you a pic? Shoot me your email address and I'll...
Hello, My recollection...@ a month ago eBay had quite a few of them > FYI Mike
Can anyone help me out? I have successfully made some GREAT purchases on this site. BUT..God knows how I managed! Is there a tutorial(s) how to navigate throughout all the twists and turns in Style Forum? e.g. - how do I find threads from a member who've I've had past transactions? Many thanks, Mike
Hello, I feel that yours is the mos sensible reply to the gentleman's Brion, Kiton off the rack vs. bespoke. However......personally I would never put Armani in the same sentence, let alone league, as Brioni or Zegna. What think you? Respectfully, Mike
Hi, Just wanted to let you know that your Brioni Nomentano suit is a KILLER! If it was in a 46R >> I wouldn't be able to get the money out of my pocket fast enough!
Awwwright..... Do yourself a LARGE favor and save some bucks B/C when you spring for Jameson 18yr > you'll be blown away, away, away, away..... I read @ it on a whiskey flyer written by a major leaguer Mick-Juicer and he was right on! The stuff goes down like the finest pure-spun golden silk to leave you pleasantly filled with niceness, niceness, buzz buzz buzz.......
As an extremely satisfied customer of yours it comes as no surprise of your excellent, to the point treatise on clothes measurements. Can't wait to do more business w/you.
Hi, Where are your Nagrani sock pics? Thanks, Mike
Why couldn't you have these in US 8.5D??
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