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odd to see drizzly banned. he has become the face of sz in its autumn years.
reduced price by 100.
oh hi, drizzly. after you were laughed off of sz in your first incarnation, you had to come back with contributions that amount to 'augusta boots are really great and fit true to size" or similarly redundant 100post rubbish. you're sort of the perfect embodiment of what that place is all about now, really.
a lot of the vet members finally had it with the management and asked it to remove kebab, a largely-symbolic gesture. private and public appeals to that effect have by that point been falling for years upon deaf ears, soft minds and inflated egos. eventually most people who had anything to say that was worth saying had either been summarily banned or took off, leaving little in the way of worthwhile content from what i can tell. but hey, there is still the classifieds....
replied in PM, though i could illustrate further here if you'd like. cheers.
yeah, taking offers
sold a while back but the buyer flaked so.. back on the market.
1917 black mid-weight wool 3-piece. grosgrain trim. fits like a large 44, small 46. usual sort of stuff, trousers narrowed past the knee. central vent and pocket.. side grosgrain trim on the trousers, around some edging of the jacket (breast pocket, around collar/lapels, vest..).. lined with polished cotton, self-covered buttons.. pants are low-crotch: 28 inches inseam (additional 2 to let out..) 12 1/2 inch rise. 15 1/2 waist (button-fly, belt loops, internal suspender...
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