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Might be a bit of a weird question - will the arms of a shirt stretch at all after a few wears? Even a little? I have two Nom de Guerre shirts from last year and the shirts fit perfectly, except for the arms being a little overly tight. I don't have any issues with other shirts. Just wondering if there's anything I can do, or if it's a lost cause.
I have a pair from last year and they fit very true to size for me.
The double jersey shorts are the thicker ones I believe correct? Same material as the sweat pants?If so they fit slightly big as far as how W + H stuff normally fits. I'm about a 33 waist (33 in the Westpoint chino shorts) and got a large in the double jersey shorts online, though could have easily gone to a medium. Depending on fit, you could probably go either small or medium. They do seem to fit slightly long, just as a heads up.
Have the OC Cheetah collab, camo, and green/navy tartan from this season all in medium and brand new - wondering if anyone possibly bought Larges in any of the above and is looking to switch. I could probably pull off the M's, but think L's might work a bit better.
Anyone know of anywhere that still has the charcoal/heather sweatpants in a Large??
Great shirt s3lam - been debating picking that up at Nomad myself. Hope they have another medium kicking around between the two shops. Just a heads up on a couple restocks of the more limited pieces from this season: Acrimony just got more of the camo, and Opening Ceremony just received their restock of the cheetah print shirts.
Anyone know any spots that have this left in a medium? All of the spots I can think to check online have everything but - small, large, etc. Any help would be much appreciated.
Anyone know of anywhere that has this season's camo with the orange lining in an M? Feel like I've checked all the usual suspects online and none seem to have a medium. Hoping there's a couple I'm missing or forgetting about that have one. Thx!
Quote: Originally Posted by thomasec ^^Here it is in black: http://www.stuartandwright.com/A.P.C...arka_1889.html And here: http://www.blackbirdballard.com/APC_...ine_18683.html FYI, Google image search is one of the best ways to find a particular item. And if fucking anyone on earth can find me a pair of New Standards in the Khaki Gaberdine, I would be most appreciative. Does anyone happen to know if they release them every season and how they...
^^^ I know most places in Toronto are sold out of Chilliwacks and Yukons in smaller sizes and won't be receiving more until next year now. Uncle Otis here carries the Japanese line - you could try contacting them and see if they could locate one for you.
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