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The olive on the bomber and fishtail is identical - I've seen them on the rack right next to each other.
I can confirm it is definitely more of a brown - very little, if any green shade to it actually. I was wondering the same thing until seeing it in person since the preview pics definitely made it look more green.So most online pics that show it as a brown are actually quite accurate. I was a little disappointed at first since I preferred the green, but it's slowly growing on me.
I think those photos are the black version....just with lighting that makes it look grey. Blog even states "available in olive and black".
Has anyone tried on or seen the fishtail parka in person yet? Does it seem at least somewhat worthy of the high price? Warm enough for CDN winter?
I tried on the one from last year and it fit quite snug from what I remember. Normally I'd be between an M and L in Wings + Horns depending on the piece. With the down jacket, from what I remember, I would have probably gone up to an XL.Hope this helps.
^^^ Wondering the same.
Seen a few tweets today about the Heritage Research collab fishtail parka now being available. One link was to a UK store (can't remember which) that already had it up for 760ish GBP. Looking forward to checking it out at Nomad.
I don't own it, but have tried it on, and based on the fit, that sounds about right. The medium was literally tight against my body.
I use the Filson small duffle....perfect size for the gym, and not really 'gym bag' looking.
I'm 6'0/185 and a medium in the high-neck zip hoodie in wine was definitely too snug on me...would needed to have gone up to a large. I would be inclined to believe that Haven measurement since with the medium, the fabric was literally tight against me.
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