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I tried on the one from last year and it fit quite snug from what I remember. Normally I'd be between an M and L in Wings + Horns depending on the piece. With the down jacket, from what I remember, I would have probably gone up to an XL.Hope this helps.
^^^ Wondering the same.
Seen a few tweets today about the Heritage Research collab fishtail parka now being available. One link was to a UK store (can't remember which) that already had it up for 760ish GBP. Looking forward to checking it out at Nomad.
I don't own it, but have tried it on, and based on the fit, that sounds about right. The medium was literally tight against my body.
I use the Filson small duffle....perfect size for the gym, and not really 'gym bag' looking.
I'm 6'0/185 and a medium in the high-neck zip hoodie in wine was definitely too snug on me...would needed to have gone up to a large. I would be inclined to believe that Haven measurement since with the medium, the fabric was literally tight against me.
That would definitely frustrate me. To pre-order did you have to partially pay/leave a deposit?Unless there were pre-orders in before yours and they ended up not getting enough stock of that size to fill your order, I'd be a little annoyed.
My sentiments exactly. Love the color, but after trying it on, that collar killed it for me.
Might be a bit of a weird question - will the arms of a shirt stretch at all after a few wears? Even a little? I have two Nom de Guerre shirts from last year and the shirts fit perfectly, except for the arms being a little overly tight. I don't have any issues with other shirts. Just wondering if there's anything I can do, or if it's a lost cause.
I have a pair from last year and they fit very true to size for me.
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