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What information were you looking for? I've handled and tried on both. Just looking for opinions?
Nepenthes said they only have a Medium left, as does Inventory in Vancouver.I think I've actually been able to find every size BUT Large online somewhere
Looking for this piece from this season in a Large. Will pay good money.
Have a (hopefully quick) tailoring question... Recently purchased an Engineered Garments shawl knit jacket in a medium as the large was sold out. While it's a knit jacket, it also a a sewn-in satin lining. The jacket looks and fits fine appearance-wise, but feels slightly restrictive in the arm-hole area because of where the seams on the lining are. Is there anything a tailor could do to relieve this and make it fit less restrictive?? Searching for the same piece in a...
Anyone know of anywhere that still has the snowflake shawl knit jacket in a large?? Slept on the one at Nomad and they're sold out now. Thanks for any help on this.
One seems to be more slouchy than the other. I tried on the more fitted version and it was quite nice. Expensive but nice.If I can find one at 30+% off I'll probably grab one.
I have a medium and can say it fits the smallest of any Gitman shirt I own....and I have quite a few (15ish). I'd say go up if you're between sizes.
I can confirm the high neck hoodies that most shops received in their first drop fit quite slim. I think a chest on the medium was approx. 18" if I remember correctly.
The olive on the bomber and fishtail is identical - I've seen them on the rack right next to each other.
I can confirm it is definitely more of a brown - very little, if any green shade to it actually. I was wondering the same thing until seeing it in person since the preview pics definitely made it look more green.So most online pics that show it as a brown are actually quite accurate. I was a little disappointed at first since I preferred the green, but it's slowly growing on me.
New Posts  All Forums: