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I would say yes (I did). Fit might be slightly different, but one isn't significantly bigger than the other.
No heather grey or black from what I saw in the hoodie - only the charcoal. Had the heather grey in the reversible crewneck though.Had the heather in the high neck tiger fleece hoodie though....same model as the wine.
Jonathan + Olivia in Toronto just started their Boxing Dal sale a few days early with a lot of their Wings + Horns now at 50% off. The kicker is that a good amount of their Wings stock isn't online. I went in to pick up the reversible charcoal hoodie only to find a bunch more items not on their site. Ended up grabbing the reversible charcoal hoodie for $125, wine tiger fleece hoodie for $110, grey sweat pants for $75, and the last pair of black high's (suede, black toe)...
I would say an L is the right size for you. I'm your exact height and weigh an extra 10-15 lbs - I take a Large in almost everything from W+H. You could probably even fit into a medium if you were okay with a slimmer fit.Button downs should be fairly easy to gauge against any current shirts you have - just compare measurements.
The "olive" bomber and fishtail are both a definite brown colour (they're the exact same colour). The olive name is a little misleading because there's minimal, if any, green tinge to it IMO. The sample pics at the beginning of the season made the fishtail look like a true olive green colour, but I think it must have changed somewhere along the way.
If it's the non-reversible one with the high neck then it definitely fits on the smaller side - I've tried it on.There were a number of posts here discussing chest measurements towards the beginning of the season. I want to say people were saying a medium was about 18".
I can take a fit pic of the snowflake shawl tonight - love this piece.
I'll try and remember to take a pic when I get home and post it up. This piece is absolutely amazing IMO though - so much so that I went and ordered the grey/white version from U & I as well.I was in Boston over the weekend and made a trek up to Drinkwater's in happy I did. Had the opportunity to meet Gary and chat a bit. A super nice guy and despite not having his collection online to see, he has an extensive selection of EG in his shop. Unfortunately it...
Thanks so much - I actually ended up up grabbing it from here. Had to do a little legwork as I don't think they had their full selection (and definitely not that piece) up on their site at the time.Already have it and so happy I found it in my proper size!Really appreciate the help though and looking out for a fellow forum member
All Wings stuff was 40% off at Nomad for the sale today, except for the stuff they just received which was 25 or 30. Place got ransacked though. Not sure if their site updates in real time, but there won't be much left of anything once today is over.
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