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I'd say you're right in between a medium and large and could probably go either route without too much problem - just depends on your style and how you want it to fit.I'm 6'0, just over 185 and went with a large which fits great - not skin tight, but not baggy in the least.You could probably squeeze into a medium though it would likely be quite fitted.
Anywhere other than Tres Bien stocking the Dark Brown Achilles mids? Looking for a 43 and TBS is sold out.
Selling two Nom De Guerre Classic shirts from F/W '10. Both are still brand new with tags attached. Purchased from Brigade last fall for $198 each. Nomad was selling these for $235. Looking for $170 each. Shirts are an extremely nice brushed cotton material - almost like a very fine flannel. Great material for the F/W season. I tried to capture the colors as best I could. One is a light grey which is pretty apparent - the other is a darker indigo which was tougher to...
For sale is a truly beautiful piece from Engineered Garments this season. Sold extremely well for all stockists that carried it and is pretty much gone now. Purchased for $445 + tax. This is a size Medium and is unfortunately slightly too small for me - was debating between a M and L in the store and realized later I made the wrong choice. Jacket is in brand new condition (only tried on) Liked the piece so much though that I went ahead and tracked down a Large from...
I'm 6'0, about 185 lbs. (33-34 waist) and grabbed a medium. Anyone much bigger than me would probably want a large. I tried on a large and they fit fine, just more relaxed, but I preferred the fit of the M.
How do the reverse flannel button-down's from this season fit? Sizing similar to Gitman??
I think the bomber just tends to fit a little bit long.I tried on a medium and it was way too restrictive. Grabbed a L and it fits perfectly other than seeming slightly long.
I would say yes (I did). Fit might be slightly different, but one isn't significantly bigger than the other.
No heather grey or black from what I saw in the hoodie - only the charcoal. Had the heather grey in the reversible crewneck though.Had the heather in the high neck tiger fleece hoodie though....same model as the wine.
Jonathan + Olivia in Toronto just started their Boxing Dal sale a few days early with a lot of their Wings + Horns now at 50% off. The kicker is that a good amount of their Wings stock isn't online. I went in to pick up the reversible charcoal hoodie only to find a bunch more items not on their site. Ended up grabbing the reversible charcoal hoodie for $125, wine tiger fleece hoodie for $110, grey sweat pants for $75, and the last pair of black high's (suede, black toe)...
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