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Gutted I missed the Leopard print Gitman x Tres Bien shirt. I emailed them as soon as they sent the email out yesterday for sizing advice since it mentioned slim fit, and my OC x Gitman in medium is a little snug. By the time they responded today, all the M's and L's were gone. If anyone grabbed one and is willing to sell and/or decides against keeping it, please let me know. I'd be forever grateful.
By some fluke of luck, people are asking about all the items I've happened to try on....which isn't extensive by any means.Tried on the USN pants in Reverse Sateen and my opinion was they fit snug for the tagged size (34 for me). I tried on a pair of W + H pants right after in a 33 (which have always fit fairly true for me) and they fit about the same. I'm typically a 33 waist and would probably have to go with the 34 in these since a 32 would be too tight and they don't...
I tried on the floral flannel 19th and it was actually fairly roomy. I'm usually a Medium in shirts because I like a slimmer fit, but size up to a Large in outerwear. A Medium in the 19th shirt fit me easily except for being a tad on the short side. That said, I loved the fit and wouldn't think about sizing up to a Large. FWIW I'm 6'0 and about 185 lbs.Tried on the wool camo Cruiser. It has some good weight to it for sure, but it wasn't something I picked up and thought...
Looks like they made a mistake - those are the Aloha Rag ones along with the APC's.
Over $700 with the exchange though?? Crazy.
The J.Crew website states the following under shipping to Canada: "We ship via UPS Standard service directly to your door. You will receive your order in four to seven business days from the date your order was placed. Taxes will be included in your order total. No additional duties will be applied at checkout or upon delivery."Namely that there won't be any additional duties...but the first quote scares me. Anyone have experience ordering from Canada. I know UPS is...
Trying to track down the trail vest in olive in a size Large if anyone comes across somewhere selling it. End Clothing is sold out of Large and can't find many other places stocking it outside of Japan....and even they seem to all be sold out of Large. Figure there have to be a few spots carrying this piece in N.A.
Roden has every size except M unfortunately:http://www.rodengray.com/shop/Dragonfly-Oxford-BD-men.html?variantid=9789&designer=true
It was an OC exclusive until now - I'm guessing there was extra fabric left over and they made a few more and Roden got them?Not sure if the sizing is the same with these, but the OC leopard is probably the slimmest Gitman I own of 10+.
Hi Gary,Not sure if you remember, but I met you at the beginning of December on my first trip to Boston - I was from Toronto and with my girlfriend when I came in.As your EG selection isn't up on your site, what's the best way to get an idea of what's left for the sale?Was great meeting you!
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