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Wondering the same...and just comments/feedback in general.
You could try something like these Naked and Famous Red Core's. Nothing too crazy, but the red that comes with the fading is kind of unique and different.http://www.nakedandfamousdenim.com/blog/new-fading-contest-red-core-selvedge/
Tailoring question: I found a pair of pants I absolutely love, and want to get them in the other color they come in - problem is they're sold out EVERYWHERE in my size. I'm a size 33, and I've found a 34 however. If I bought the 34's and brought both pairs to a tailor, would they be able to alter the 34's to 95%+ accuracy of the 33's dimensions? How hard is this to do? I don't want to risk doing it if it's quite difficult, but if it's fairly easy I might go that...
$20 Paypal to whoever can point me in the direction of a pair of the Navy Camo Bush Pants in a size 33. Navy and 33 only. Or sell me yours and I'll pay handsomely.
I tired on the reverse sateen USN pants with my black CP Achilles and the two of them together totally sold me on them.....so much so that I went and bought the brown and navy whipcord versions as well.For the person inquiring about Nepenthes, I don't believe they ship internationally.Also, on the navy wool denim Bedford, I know Gary at Drinkwater's has tracked down specific items he didn't carry for people before.....might be worth a shot.
I usually wear a Medium in their shirts, but a Large in jackets (blazers) and outerwear. I'm 6'0, 185 for reference.
I'm on the fence with this piece myself, the main sticking point being thickness. Hard to get a good idea of just how heavy it is. The guys at Inventory mentioned it was substantial but unlined. Nepenthes hinted that it might be on the lighter side which is a bit of a put off.Also, thank you to those that chimed in on the CPO sizing and Camo Bedford availability.
I have the black already so unfortunately I know 33 is my size. I could probably go a size down in the waist, but I have an athletic build and the legs would be an issue I'm guessing. Thanks for the suggestion though.
Desperately looking for the camo Bush pants from this season in Navy, size 33. I feel like I've checked all of the spots that sell online. Maybe I'm missing somewhere though....or anybody know of any shops that have these that don't post their selection online? I'd be forever grateful if someone could help me find a 33 in these.
Can anyone confirm how this year's CPO shirt fits? I usually go with a medium in most EG shirts, but an L in EG outerwear. I wouldn't mind being able to wear it over something else, but also don't want it to look sloppy big if I were to wear it as a shirt on its own. Maybe can't have both? Also, does anyone know which US stockists have the navy wool camo Bedford? Seems a lot of spots overseas got it, but not so many in NA. I know Inventory has it but $650 + 13% tax. Am...
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