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Quote: Originally Posted by Nykwil Apolis is doing a holiday pre-order...shipping at the end of this month. Probably making 200 more. Thanks man, appreciate the heads up on that.
Anyone know of anywhere that has any of these left? Or anyone thinking of selling theirs?
Wow that was fast....Roden Gray is already sold out of most of their recent shipment as far as mediums. They had a couple that I really wanted too Any other good online sources other than Context, Detour, Tres Bien, Winn Perry?
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude that chambray quilted vest looks like it has snaps on the side to make it slimmer. context says to size down because its too large. are they just not taking into account those snaps? considering this years line is supposed to be much smaller, i wonder if those snaps are really just for show or if they were meant to be used and context just didnt take that into account? anyone have experience, own...
Quote: Originally Posted by fashunhor So confused about sizing. There are just as many people saying go true to actual size as there are recommending going up or down a size or 2. I wear 30 in APC NS. I sized down and they stretched a ton but they are a perfect slim-straight. My actual size is 35. If I went actual size then I would get a 34 in Skulls according to the chart. But I have gotten some advice to just go 1 size above my NS size. Anyone...
FTGG's number is out of service now. Weird. Looking for the cheapest places online to pick up some black Achilles low's in a 43. Any suggestions?
Thanks guys, appreciate the responses though most were obviously not what I wanted to hear. I'll try and find a good shoe repair person and see what they can do. I know they won't be able to make it perfect, but I'd be happy with a mild 'scar' at this point as opposed to how it is now. Will report back with the fix-up.
Was wearing a new pair of shoes and the toe got clipped by a f@$%ing revolving door! They're Tiger of Sweden - nothing outlandish like some of the stuff on here, but still $200+ and more importantly, I really loved them. Here's the damage. Never had this happen so not sure if there's any hope for a decent repair. Do I have hope?
Ok, so I probably sound like a 16 y/o kid asking this but.... Just received my Tanner belt in Natural. Gorgeous. Is there anything I need to do to protect it before wearing it? Is tanning necessary/recommended, or is that purely for aesthetic purposes?
Looking for some recommendations on other pairs of jeans that fit very similar to APC New Standards. Have been looking at Samurai 710's, Skull 5010xx's but am not sure. Does Flat Head make anything similar?
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