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Still looking
Haven't heard anything regarding the shirts, but I think many spots still have them, where the pants are sold out or lone sizes remaining in most spots.
Any chance the spot where you found them has a size 33? I'ver been desperately searching for a size 33 in the navy.To help answer your question, I have the black already and love the fit on them (hence why I'm looking for a 33 in the navy), however I'm not sure if versatile would be the best way to describe them as in the end, they are camo. If you wanted something more versatile, the same bush pant cut is just starting to show up in shops in the corded cloth material in...
Nomad looks to have it from the sounds of it (read comments): http://web.stagram.com/p/311540005292191204_20774330Oddly, the actual Wings + Horns online shop doesn't seem to carry every colour of everything. They didn't have the navy bush pants either.
The Bureau looks to have a 34 in the navy USN pants. Remember to factor in the 20% off too. I have them....great pants.
Looking for a Wings + Horns Varsity jacket from FW09. I think they came in two or three colors and I'm open to any of them. Size Medium or Large only, and DS is preferred though will consider any in good condition.
I got one of the large loop hoodie's in my size (large) at 50% off last year and there was still another spot or two online with my size at a deep discount. Granted there are never any guarantees with waiting, but I would say it's probable.
Wondering the same...and just comments/feedback in general.
You could try something like these Naked and Famous Red Core's. Nothing too crazy, but the red that comes with the fading is kind of unique and different.http://www.nakedandfamousdenim.com/blog/new-fading-contest-red-core-selvedge/
Tailoring question: I found a pair of pants I absolutely love, and want to get them in the other color they come in - problem is they're sold out EVERYWHERE in my size. I'm a size 33, and I've found a 34 however. If I bought the 34's and brought both pairs to a tailor, would they be able to alter the 34's to 95%+ accuracy of the 33's dimensions? How hard is this to do? I don't want to risk doing it if it's quite difficult, but if it's fairly easy I might go that...
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