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Join the FoG Facebook group...there's a few guys in there who seem to buy everything so I'm sure you'll get your answer.There's the FoG thread on KTT as well, but a lot more nonsense there to wade through.
From the site:"JOHN ELLIOTT OFFERS WORLDWIDE SHIPPING VIA UPS (CANADA ONLY) AND DHL. ALL INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ARE SHIPPED DELIVERY DUTIES UNPAID (DDU)."Only exception is they use USPS for Canadian orders now, but haven't updated the above.
Wouldn't surprise me if they switched, as there is a significant difference in the quality of leather used from the first batch of black/red and black/blue SL10 sneakers to the newer pairs...probably other colors as well. My pair from the first batch has absolutely buttery soft leather - the newer pairs have much stiffer and less soft leather, mostly the black leather sections. The difference is beyond night and day.
Up for sale I have BOTH the Wings + Horns x Heritage Research Fishtail Parka as well as the W+H x HR Foul Weather Bomber. Both are brand new with tags and come in what I think was the most popular for each piece - black for the Bomber and olive for the Fishtail. Both are also size Large, however they fit a little on the small side.....mostly due to the placement of the arm holes in my opinion. Retail was $890 for the Bomber and $960 for the Fishtail. Asking $600 for the...
As someone from Toronto, I can confirm the Canada Goose situation here is well beyond trendy and it's just in pure overkill mode now. I agree it's best not to concern one's self with what other people are wearing and if other people have the same things, but when you see these jackets literally EVERYWHERE it just gets a bit much. Go to a mall and it feels like every third person is wearing one. The worst part is that is being worn more as a fashion piece now than as a...
That's the Ombre. I'm looking for the Hunting sweater that's solid in color with the leather elbow patches. Appreciate your trying to help though for sure.When you click on the medium on the W+H site is says out of stock...I think it's been that way for a bit now. AmRag had it for 30% off a couple weeks ago and I rolled the dice it would go on deeper.As for the sweater itself, I love it. Quite thick, but the fit is great. Didn't think I'd like the zip, but ended up really...
Can anyone point me to somewhere that has the brown/oatmeal Hunting sweater in a Medium? Bought the charcoal and really like it and would love to grab the other colour. Feel like I've checked everywhere online though. Thx
Yeah I'm always wary too if I see enough neg reviews on Yelp, but I've learned to take reviews on there with a grain of salt as well. I've taken at least 3 pairs there now for crotch repairs and have always been happy.....no follow-up repairs needed on any. I know the guys from Nomad speak very highly of them as well.
Second recommendation for Studio Kim - have taken multiple pairs there for crotch blowouts and they do a great job mending and/or reinforcing the area.
Bad timing....sold my brand new medium on Ebay a few months ago. Still have my large, but not looking to sell. Will let you know if I ever decide to though. PM me your email if you'd like.
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