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What do the jeans measure now, thnx.Mark
I have some jeans and leather jackets and more on ebay...including almost new: Lee x Warehouse 34, soaked worn 3 times TCB 66, soaked once, worn twice Studio D'artisan SD-101 worn Atelier La Durance heavy thick belt. jackets, shirts, etc... the link is Thank you....
Could you give me the measurements....waist, inseam, rise, leg open? Thanks...Mark
I've put a number of good things up on ebay. A MINT Aero Leather Jean Jacket....I love it, but it's a tad short for me. Tried on for 10 seconds once. A midweight (rare) steerhide Aero Highwayman. This is a relist. Buyer never paid. Mint jeans, with tags, from BiG's Fullcount collab...
I have begun to list a portion of my jacket collection on ebay. Aero, Lost Worlds. Langlitz, Samurai, Reza Duro, North Beach, more... Sized 40--42-44-46, depending. I am 5'11 and 180 and these all fit me really well. Not worn much so selling.... Also listed are some jeans (IH) and other stuff. Thank you.... The ebay link is
I will buy this. 150 shipped (Pennsylvania). thank you..... Mark
Thanks. I think they are too narrow for me. Great looking boots.
Hi, do these have removable inserts or are they glued in? how are they lined? how wide do they measure acriss tge sole at widest? thank you, mark
Bump. Make offer.
Momos are sold, the kmw is mij, all else make offer, thnx
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