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no, i didnt buy it, no one pm´d me about it sorry
Hello, anyone interested ina split of tom ford´s bois marocain? 250ml = 390$ which makes 50ml = 77$ + 3$ decant + 8$ shipping +6,5% paypal which leads us to: 77+3+8 *6,5 = 93$ for a 50ml portion 4 portions would be avaible 1. 2. 3. 4. pm me if you want t join
Up for sale is this white leather jacket from dolce & gabbana this is a very clean jacket, no extras or 1000´s of pockets etc. it has 2 side pockets and 2 inner pockets and a plate logo on the chest that´s all bought for 3900$ 2 years ago hasnt been worn that much 650$ shipped
Hello, i have this brand new Mona Di Orio Oud i would like to sell 470$ shipped pm me
yes and it´s awsome
that would be the standard aqua universalis forte this here is an elixir / extrait of aqua universalis forte, so even more concentrated
i posted a maison francis aqua universalis forte extrait split... the newest thing mr. kurkdjian presented i tested it, who likes sillage will be very pleased
Hello, i´d like to "split" the new happy thing from Maison Mrancis Kurdjian they released an Elixir Set each set contains 4 5ml Extrait Roll-On´s I tested one today, and wow, if you like sillage, this is a must have 1 Set costs 105,- Eur i´d "split" the Aqua Universalis Forte Elixir set 3 roll on´s would be for "splitting" 5ml Extrait Roll On = 26,- Eur Shipping = 5,50 Eur (registered airmail) Paypal = 6,5% (Fee + exchangerate difference) total = 26+5,5 * 6,5 =...
The split will be for 10ml - First come first serve! Hello, i´ll do a little split of Tom Ford - Tobacco Vanille The 8.4oz (250ml) bottle costs 420 Euro (583$) 10ml = 16,8 Euro (23,4$) Decant supplies + Shipping = 8 Eur (11$) Paypal 6,5% Total for 10ml = 16,8 + 8 * 6,5% = 26,5 Eur = 36,8 $ 80ml Avaible PM me to sign up closed a friend of mine took it all
i´ll do a "little" Tom Ford - Tobacco Vanille Split 80ml would be avaible (i´ll buy the 8.4 oz bottle) 10ml = 25$ shipping + decant: 11$ total for 10ml = 36$ pm me who wants some
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