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Not to say that they won't have a sale at the time, but Black Friday -- the day after American Thanksgiving -- doesn't exist in Canada. Thanksgiving was last month.
Photo taken from Barney's site. Actual photos can be provided on request. Shirt has been worn 3-4 times, washed cold, and hung to dry. It's still in perfect condition, I'm just realizing that I need a 41 instead of a 40. I love this shirt and will be replacing it if/when this one sells. It has a nice slim cut, well-structured collar, and fits beautifully. Details on Barney's site here:...
^ Yeah, what I should have said is that it's a bolder piece, which isn't something I'd normally wear...not that it's hard to match. And it's one you should jump on when you have the basics (black, charcoal, navy) covered...and I needed a basic one first.
Most KIN pieces have a very ergonomic cut. Looking at it, it may seem a little odd...but when you wear it you appreciate it.
The crimson one is probably the nicest, it just wouldn't go with much (or anything) else that I own so I erred on the side of versatile and classic.
KIN has a killer peacoat this season -- the photos don't do the fabric justice, the texture and subtlety is gorgeous. Slim fitting too.
Sydney's marked down the N&F stainless steel selvedge Weird Guys to $210, down from $420 if anyone is still looking for a pair.
Not sure. Email the shop at customerservice@shopsydneys.com and they'll let you know.
Weird Guy stainless steel are on sale at Sydney's for 50% off -- so, $210 CAD. They're not listed on their web store, but you can just email them at customerservice@shopsydneys.com to inquire. http://www.nakedandfamousdenim.com/collection/men/weirdguy/stainless-steel-selvedge.html
Honestly, I couldn't tell you. It's this model though: http://www.nakedandfamousdenim.com/collection/men/slimguy/nep-selvedge.html
New Posts  All Forums: