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Also, this is probably the nicest piece from any of our collections so far: http://shopsydneys.com/all-designers/united-stock-dry-goods/united-stock-dry-goods-plaid-shirt-navy-red.html I grabbed one as soon as we got stock. So did a few others. The fabric is insanely nice and comfortable (a little warm for right now, but will be perfect in the fall).
And I'll try to find the time later this week to put together a sizing chart for the slight and narrow fits in all sizes for everyone.
Navy denim at Roden Gray: http://rodengray.com/shop/Narrow-Tonal-Stitch-Denim-UNM0334-men.html?variantid=10752&designer=trueWe have it at Sydney's too, but somehow missed it when shooting our FW12 stock for the website. I'll try to get it posted soon, but worst case you can just email the store because we do have stock.FW12 deliveries are hitting stores right now. Sydney's, Uncle Otis, Roden Gray, and Need Supply all received stock last week.We're also excited to bring...
As a huge coffee geek, this post was extremely well done.
We can't really advertise it on the site, but we have a couple of extras of this m.a+ bag that we can discount to $999. If anyone is interested, PM me and I'll give you a coupon code to use at checkout.
It's a bit of a stretch for your budget, but we can discount this bag to $999 for you. It's beautiful, hand made, and one of only a few produced. The price isn't advertised on the site, but you can PM me for a coupon code that will reduce the price at checkout for you.
Coming from a digital marketing background and working on the retail/brand side now, this continues to amaze me.
Also, the retail side is all very new to me...and seeing it from this side is pretty fascinating.
Ok, I was just making assumptions about NYC and the cost of doing business there...but not thinking for a second about the exponentially larger market and competition putting downward pressure on prices as well. Point taken and bad example.Yeah, we're hit a few ways: we pay sales tax on goods bought from Canadian distributors, we pay higher import duties on goods brought in from abroad, we have higher MSRPs based on out of date exchange rate assumptions, we don't charge...
How would you guys suggest B&M stores compete in the online market? Prices are generally set based not only on the cost of goods, but other considerations like local rent, utilities, staff salaries, maintenance, etc... all of which varies widely based on where the store is located...but a store that has to set their prices higher to operate in, say, NYC has to compete against other retailers online, whether they're in smaller cities that helps keep costs down or just...
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