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While all good suggestions, those are the kinds of details that push up production and material costs. Our primary goal for our core denim is to maintain an aggressive price point.
Yeah, the photos don't really do it (or any of the other double-face fabrics) justice. And not to be a tease, but our FW13 collection is coming together and looks absolutely killer.
One of the primary differentiators of our collection, and of the 12.5 oz selvedge denim in particular, is its price point. Sydney's years of experience as a bespoke tailor have gone into the development of the fits; we offer quality Japanese selvedge denims and fabrics, domestic construction (everything in the collection is made in the US or Canada), and details such as chain stitching on the denim...but all at an aggressive price point. While a market certainly exists...
We would rather not disclose the specific mill we source our 12.5 oz selvedge denim from. We're a very young company just gaining traction in the market, so anything that may compromise any competitive advantage we have is a risk we can't yet afford to take. I really hope you understand. What I can tell you though, is that this denim is custom made for United in a Japanese facility that we're proud to say is on the forefront of environmental standards, often far...
The guys at Rawr Denim posted a review of our 12.5 oz indigo jeans today: http://www.rawrdenim.com/2012/09/review-united-stock-dry-goods-narrow-fit/
We recommend Studio Kim at King W and Tecumseth.
The classic fit was discontinued, but some stores will still have some stock: http://shopsydneys.com/all-designers/united-stock-dry-goods.html
Thanks for the kind words! The dark indigo denim is on sale because it's a discontinued style. We bought a lot of the denim for SS12 so we still have quite a few pairs, but the mill isn't producing it any more. And the classic fit was discontinued altogether. All FW12 denims (12.5 oz indigo, 14 oz navy, 14 oz grey, 9 oz grey chambray, and 9 oz black) are available in both the slight and narrow fits.
Sydney is retiring his pair of 14 oz deep indigo jeans to start working on a new navy pair after a year of almost daily wear ([probably about 200-250 days, he figures) and no washes. I took some quick photos today: I'll see if I can get some more close-ups in better lighting soon.
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